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10 Keys to a Happy Relationship. How to Be Happy in Your Relationship?

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. If you want to be happy in a relationship, you should be ready to take the ups and downs to handle everything together and live happily forever.

The sad statistics of recent years show that more than 50% of married couples have broken up. One of the reasons for these shocking statistics is the coronavirus pandemic and the conditions in which millions of people got stuck. And these are just the official statistics. How many people do not file for divorce, continue to live together, but at the same time do not communicate or constantly sort things out. A large number of couples break up even before marriage.

Each of us is personally responsible for taking care of his happiness. It’s also important to ensure that your relationship is a source of positive emotions for both partners. How can you achieve that? Here are ten working tips to help you be happy in relationships and enjoy every minute you spend with your partner. 

1. Respect Each Other 

You cannot build a happy relationship unless you respect each other. Being respectful means taking care of each other, mind each other’s needs and desires before making any decisions or doing something.

10 Keys to a Happy Relationship

Once your partner feels your respect, he will treat you the same way. There is a good happy relationship quote: “Respect means putting the comfort, well-being, and happiness of the person you’re with at an equal level to your own.”

2. Express Loyalty to Build a Happy Relationship

A happy relationship has the biggest success when both partners are focused on supporting each other all the time. It means that you will support your partner when someone antagonizes him. If your partner does something that you do not appreciate, you will tell him about it in person when no one else is around. 

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3. Give Priority

If you want to be happy in a relationship, you should let your partner know and feel that he is your biggest priority in life. You should commit some time to talk about each other’s wants and needs. Even though you are very busy at work and children take much time, your relationship shouldn’t be neglected. 

4. Pick Your Battles

Sooner or later, every couple faces it … the battle. When it happens, let it go if you can. If you cannot, then bring it up.

Happy Relationship fights

It’s important to stay calm and discuss what has happened in a good manner. Otherwise, there won’t be any positive outcome out of your talk. Obviously there are some things you should never forgive in relationships

5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You may tell your partner a hundred times a day how much you love him. However, it is not enough only to keep telling him about this, it’s vital to let him feel it. A simple hug or a kiss can speak louder than words. 

6. Put in the Work

Sometimes you need to do the things you don’t like only because it matters to your partner. In some cases, you need to calm down and hear out your partner’s concerns even if it’s not the most convenient thing to do at a particular moment. 

7. Be Positive

There are spots in the sun. Even the happiest couples have less-than-stellar moments. In tough moments, try to combat negative thoughts and emotions with something positive.


If you have found a negative trait in your partner’s character, try to focus on things that he is the best at. He can be the best parent, a great listener, a good cook, etc.

8. Share Emotions

Just because we have put all our efforts into learning how to “think,” we have completely forgotten how to feel. People are afraid of their emotions, so we stopped sharing them. It’s easier to talk about the weather, problems at work, everyday issues because this is “much more important” than what is happening inside us. Just joking. 

Think back to the moments when you felt the most intimacy with your partner. Remember the time when you did not understand each other after a quarrel and started talking about your feelings. And how everything became immediately clear and easy. It let us better understand why the second half was angry or upset. 

This is the first and one of the most important secrets of a happy relationship – understanding and sharing emotions give freedom to both partners. When we understand our feelings, we can explain them to our partner and make a clear statement about our needs and desires. 

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When we allow ourselves to share, we feel the most real closeness, because we begin to speak in a completely different language. The language of feelings is the main language of a happy relationship.

9. Meet Your’s and Your Partner’s Needs

What do we need relationships for? Everyone determines goals and expectations by himself. But, in general, we need them to get more pleasure and joy, to be happier in a couple than alone. The simplest and, at the same time, the most difficult question: “What do I want?” The answer to this question determines our needs – what we need to be content and happy.

Can you talk to your partner about your wants and needs? Can you ask him to help you fulfill them? And what are you ready to do in return?

When a partner does not know what he wants and what he needs, he cannot ask another person about it. As a result, there are expectations that the other person should learn by himself. But, he cannot do this, and as a result, the relationship is full of disappointment, unfulfilled expectations and discontent.

When a person knows about his needs and desires, but does not talk about them, because he is afraid. She is afraid to be uncomfortable, to “strain” the person once again, and so on. As a result, he is silent, and only does what he meets the needs of his partner, and “scores” on his own.

10. Have Common Goals 

Lack of common goals in a relationship is a very common reason for breakups. Children may become a common goal for a while, but what to do when they start to grow or are not there yet? Therefore, it is worth thinking, discussing, forming and moving towards common goals!

Goals give energy. Common goals bring us closer together than common problems. Do you know the saying: “The best friend is known in trouble?” And you may have noticed that you can rally when a threat arises and become a “combat unit” if you really need to. That’s just a survival strategy where there is no pleasure or satisfaction from the relationship.

Wrapping up

Thus, the answer to the question “How to build a happy relationship?” is to understand and share your emotions, understand and talk about your needs in both directions and go together towards common goals! It seems that this is unrealistic. But, we assure you this is more than real. These are all skills that are trained throughout life.

The main thing is just to want and allow yourself to be happy next to your loved one, everything else is exercising! Start trying today, you will be amazed at the results that openness and sincerity can bring!

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