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Adventurous Date Ideas:  Make Trip with Partner More Interesting

The key to a happy marriage is understanding and recognizing your own “emotional calls” as well as those of your partner. It often happens that these calls are not about binge-watching new Netflix series or playing computer games together but about doing something more thrilling. 

If you want to spice up your relationship or marriage, we know quite a few ways you can do it. Check out the list of the craziest adventurous date ideas and try to pick the ones you like the most. Or simply try out all of them!

How to Ask Your Partner About Adventure Dates?

If you have something really crazy and adventurous on your mind, it may be quite hard to talk about it with your partner. So, how do you do it? What are the best “have an insane date with me” conversation starters? We know and want to tell you about it!

  • Make them curious. Start by casually bringing up the topic of adventure activities. For instance, say something like, “I have recently watched this show about paragliding. Omg, it looked so cool! Would you ever like to try it?” 
  • Share the excitement. You should go on adventurous dates only if that’s what you really want and not because you’ve read that it’s healthy for your relationship. Show your partner how you are looking forward to trying snorkeling or surfing together. 
  • Share your plans. If you are sure you know your partner perfectly and they will be happy to have a crazy surprise date, that’s fine. But if you are not, it’s better if you do the planning together to avoid any misunderstandings at the end. 
  • Stay flexible. Say you have read about these amazing adventure date ideas to go off-road traveling or snorkeling together and share them with your partner. But instead of being as excited, they said they would rather go scuba diving. Stay flexible and be ready to change your plans in order to have a great date. 

8 Adventure Ideas for Couples: Make Your Love Trip Crazier

adventure for couples

Imagine the two of you lying on a blanket in your backyard, looking at the night sky, and trying to recognize famous constellations. Stargazing. Is there anything more romantic than that? Yes! Many believe that there’s nothing like being united by the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Try out these crazy adventure ideas and check whether what they say is true!

  1. Go off-road

You will not find this on a list of super romantic date ideas but this is one of the top adventures for couples. Rent a 4×4 or something similar that is able to handle harsh road conditions and find some off-road trails. Ready? Go drive through mud, splash through small streams, and tackle rocky paths with the love of your life sitting next to you. If you both can drive, it is even better. 

All in all, this is an action-packed way to explore the outdoors and get your adrenaline pumping. If you have already tried off-roading together, do it in different settings now, like sandy beaches or desert dunes. Each location offers its own challenges and views. 

  1. Try skydiving

Nothing says “I like you” or even “I love you” like jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. Skydiving is the ultimate thrill on our list of adventure dates for couples. Experiencing it together will create an unforgettable bond. Plus, you’ll have plenty to talk about on the ground! 

As an alternative, you could give bungee jumping a try. Not only is this often cheaper, but it also offers the option to jump in tandem with your partner. Holding each other while being in a free fall for a few seconds is an absolutely incredible experience you’ll always remember. 

If you plan to travel somewhere far away to try skydiving, have your whole family join you! According to relevant data, in 2023, bookings for family adventure travel grew by 15%, with more grandparents joining trips alongside their grandchildren.

  1. Enjoy ziplining

Looking for cool couples adventures? Ziplining through the treetops might be just the right choice. It even feels like flying at certain moments. You and your date move from platform to platform, taking in the spectacular views below. This will definitely be a thrilling ride that will get your hearts racing and your spirits soaring. 

By the way, some zipline courses offer night tours, certainly adding an extra layer of excitement. Just google it, and maybe you will find something near the area where you live. This could be even more amazing! Imagine zipping through the dark with only the moon and stars lighting your way. 

  1. Are you up for an air balloon flight?

This is quite a special adventure for couples. When your second half does not expect it, suggest starting your day by hopping into a hot air balloon and taking off into the sky. You’ll get a unique view of the landscape below and the excitement of being up high. The combination is awesome! It’s a peaceful yet thrilling way to spend a couple of hours.

But we’re not done with creativity yet. Let’s add an extra touch of romance. Book a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset. The light is just right for photos. According to a study by in 2022, 87% of travelers believe that high-quality photos are the most influential factor when deciding on an adventure travel destination. 

Another special thing about an air balloon flight is that this is something not many people can say they’ve done. For example, you could surprise your partner by planning a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley. After landing, you can enjoy a romantic picnic breakfast among the vineyards, toasting with a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the experience.

  1. Scuba diving is waiting for you

It’s time for travel date ideas! What do you think of having an underwater adventure with the person you are attracted to? Our relationship experts consider scuba diving an excellent opportunity for a couple to explore colorful reefs, swim with marine life, and take great pictures. Discover a whole new world together. 

To make your second half absolutely astonished by the date idea, book a night dive. This is usually done with underwater flashlights, which allow you to see the ocean come alive in a different way. It’s a bit eerie, but it’s super cool and definitely unforgettable.  

  1. Go hiking or rock climbing together

The first date between Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa was a hike. A lot of other love stories started with two people who went together on a long walk. So what’s the magic there? Honestly, it’s pretty simple. When you go on a date to a restaurant or cafe, you might feel awkward because there are not enough topics to discuss. Hiking, or, to make it even crazier, rock climbing, on the other hand, takes this pressure off as you are not expected to chat all the time. 

If you have just started dating the other person, you can start it by exchanging some simple phrases like “Wow, look at that view; it’s magnificent.” At some point, one of you will probably find a way to keep the conversation going by saying something like, “Last year I was in Madeira, Portugal, and I’m telling you, it was even more amazing there.” Here you go. Now you can talk about that trip, share your coolest travel stories, and easily jump from one subject to another, like you’ve known each other for years. 

  1. How about rafting?

Paddling together, smiling at each other, and enjoying the craziness around you will bring you a lot of positive romantic experiences. As you both have to work in perfect sync to keep the boat upright, this will help you learn how to do teamwork — something crucial for maintaining a fulfilling relationship.

Rafting will also let you enjoy stunning surroundings. Your route will likely pass through some marvelous places full of nature and wildlife. By the way, according to The Wall Street Journal, adventure travel isn’t just for the young anymore. The average age of those looking to add some new emotions to their journeys has increased over the past few years. 

  1. Sing your worries away

Looking for simple weekend adventure ideas? Something unusual but not requiring much preparation? Try karaoke. We promise it can be as thrilling as skydiving if neither of you has tried it before. If your partner says they are not into singing, remember to mention that this is not a voice contest but just an exciting activity to do together. 

You will not be the first couple to start dating this way. Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara’s first romantic outing involved a night of bowling and karaoke with friends, culminating in a truly unforgettable kiss. So get some inspiration from this lovely story and book an hour or two at a karaoke bar!

Adrenaline Activities for Couples: Is it Good for Relationship?

According to research, there are around 70 ways boredom can kill a marriage. It’s a sad truth, but many couples break up when they realize that each day starts looking just like the one before, and so on. Having crazy dates full of excitement and adrenaline is one way to prevent such an issue in your romantic unit. 

adventures for couples

In general, there are many more reasons why you should try thrilling dates: 

  • You understand each other better

When you are having off-road adventures or rock climbing together, you need to know how to express some information in a way that your partner will surely understand. Navigating high-stress situations forces you to communicate clearly, a skill that’s super useful in everyday life. 

  • More fulfilling relationships 

The thrill of adrenaline activities for couples releases endorphins. As you know, those are happiness hormones, which means they will make you both feel more satisfied with your relationship. Overall, trying something new and exciting keeps things fresh and fun between you. So choose your own adventure date and start having fun!

  • Personal goal achievement 

Perhaps your second half has always dreamed of skydiving or rock climbing but never found someone to do it together. Show your support and organize the activity all by yourself to make it an amazing surprise. This way, you will definitely make your partner extra happy. 


There is more to dating than having dinners in restaurants or bars. Make your relationship stronger by offering the person you love to try some crazy activities together. You can even show your partner this list of fun adventurous date ideas we have crafted for you and pick one or a few together.

In any case, remember that this kind of date should be fun and not too scary for either of you. Make sure you’re both comfortable with the final choice of adventurous date ideas, and go get some adrenaline pumping through your veins!

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