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How to find out if a girl has a boyfriend? 5 Signs that reveal that

The first thing you need to do when seeing a pretty girl that you would love to spend time with – is to figure out if she’s single. But this conversation is not for every guy as not everyone feels secure enough to reveal his feelings to a new crush. For those guys that want to avoid an awkward conversation with a girl, we recommend doing research. There are lots of ways to find out if a girl has a boyfriend or not without even asking her. 

We don’t want you to waste your time trying to win the heart of a girl who isn’t available. Check out the list if a girl has a boyfriend. 

Her social media profiles can help you a lot. Most modern citizens of this World tend to share a huge part of their lives via social networks so you should check her profile on the most popular social networks paying attention to some aspects of it. 

Signs She Definitely Has a Boyfriend

How to find out if a girl has a boyfriend? 5 Signs

1. She has certain types of photos

When a girl is happy and participates in successful relationships she wants to scream it from the roof. The most obvious sign of your crash being in relationships is photos of her with a guy where he: 

– hugs her, grabs her waist, has a hand on her butt, kisses her, etc.;

– is signed as “my baby/man/love”;

– exists, but you can see his face. Photos of her hand in someone else’s hand are a portion of food for thoughts. 

Even though these signs seem obvious you can go further without checking photos in her social media profiles first.

2. There are relationship-revealing comments

When checking her photos do not forget to go through comments as well. Her friends can give you a good hint. Comments like: “aw, I’m so happy for you having this romantic trip” or “you are such a lovely couple” make it clear for you that she is taken. 

3. More photos – more chances for you

People in relationships try to spend every spare minute together. If your crush doesn’t bother with uploading new photos regularly, she might have more interesting things to do or a person to spend more time with. While a single girl always tries to create a portfolio of hers, shares photos of her taken from the most alluring perspective, gives preferences to sexy revealing clothes for photoshoots, so keep that in mind.  

4. She has a certain relationship’s status

Check out her Facebook to get more info about her life. On that media, you can find her sharing the relationship status and events calendar. Single girls go to clubs, bars, arrange girls’ nights way much more often than taken ones. 

5. You have shared friends on social media

That doesn’t reveal her relationship status but gives you the benefit. You can go directly to your shared friend and ask him/her if your new crush has a boyfriend. That method is quite a tricky one as your friend can tell your crush about your feelings in 2 seconds. So, if you want to ask your friend to provide you with info regarding your mutual contact, make sure you go to a loyal buddy that exposes your interest in a girl until you are ready to show it. Also, you can simply install a dating app and see if she is registered there.

Signals That the Girl Has No Boyfriend

Those were the top five signs to find out if a girlfriend has a boyfriend using social media. 

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Signals That the Girl Has No Boyfriend

In real life, it becomes difficult to determine if a girl has a boyfriend as there are lots of aspects of her attitude that can confuse you. For instance, she is a flirty girl that tries to charm any guy, still, it doesn’t mean she has no boyfriend at the moment but it can be a peculiarity of her personality. 

Not every girl tends to speak of her boyfriend and relationships. Some ladies find it disrespectful and annoying to talk about relationships in front of friends and family. 

You might think she has no boyfriend because she doesn’t spend time with guys. But, in some cases, it means she has a long-distance relationship and doesn’t want to challenge his trust by hanging out with other guys. Or she simply had a fight with her boyfriend and cannot forgive him.

Watch her appearance

The way she uses her phone matters. Girls in relationships tend to be online for a boyfriend so they answer calls and messages immediately. A nice or horny message from her boyfriend can make her smile and change her mood, which is not hard to detect. 

beautiful girl

Single girls tend to go for more provocative clothes choices not only for photos. They prefer dresses to jeans, wear tops with no bra underneath, or choose blouses that reveal gorgeous laced lingerie which makes an outfit spicy. A happy girl in a relationship won’t care that much about her level of sexiness but choose the more comfortable clothes for every day. 

Our advice to a guy that has a crush on a girl is to keep it cool. Even if she is taken it is not the end of the world. There are lots of lovely gorgeous girls out there that you can fall in love with if you give them a chance.

However, before giving up starting relationships with your new crush make sure you did your best to win her heart. Don’t waste an opportunity of a feat to be rejected by someone. It is better to regret something you do than to regret something you don’t do. Even the shyest guy can find the courage to ask a girl out even if there is a great chance to get no for an answer.

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