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5 Things You Should Never Forgive in Relationships

It often happens that people try to make the best first impression at the very beginning of relationships which is fine. What is unacceptable is when showing off attitude takes place. At the first stages of relationships hormones and feelings of excitement cloud your judgment and you believe that it is fine to turn a blind eye to some things. However, you should bear in mind that it is almost impossible to change someone. And there are some things you should never forgive in relationships. These are some first callers that you shouldn’t miss to build a happy future with a decent person. 

For Men

A person in love is ready for everything to make her beloved happy. Some people can forgive reproaches, lack of help, or even cheating. But let us tell you that is not the way that leads to happy and successful relationships. Check out 5 things you shouldn’t forgive in relationships as a man. 

1. Public insults

Any man would agree there is nothing worse than to be humiliated. Public instant makes any guy insecure as he values his reputation and doesn’t want to lose the respect of friends and colleagues.


When a woman reproaches her man in front of outsiders there is a huge risk he simply leaves a place without any further clarification. When a woman acts like that she shows disrespect to her partner’s feelings. Any guy shouldn’t forgive that. 

2. Harsh comments on relatives

We wouldn’t recommend making discussions on a boyfriend/husband relatives, parents especially. Saying that they didn’t raise their son correctly is unacceptable. Every human being is programmed to love their parents so the only thing you can achieve by criticizing his partners is making him angry. Insults of parents or relatives won’t be forgotten and it shouldn’t be forgiven that’s for sure. 

3. Giving up sex

Most guys get offended when their girlfriends refuse to have sex. It makes them nervous and insecure. A lot of things happen in life and sometimes there are good reasons to skip the lovemaking session. Still, if a refusal to have sex becomes a regular thing there is a reason to think if your partner is interested enough in you. Some girls try to use sex as an instrument to achieve something which is completely inconceivable.  

4. Flirting

Some girls believe flirting with other guys is a nice idea to draw a boyfriend’s attention. They flirt with potential lovers, go to secret meetings.

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That is a destructive attitude that won’t make a guy more interested but only ruin his trust in a woman. Usually, men don’t forget such things as they believe it is extremely humiliating. 

5. Comparing

Girls shouldn’t talk a lot about their previous experience. They can define some things they didn’t like in the past. However, they should never compare an ex-boyfriend to a current one. No one wants to hear that he is worse at something than a guy that was before him. Even if a guy asks his girlfriend to tell about her ex, she should be very careful, skip details, and tell everything in general terms.  

For Women

Relationships have lots of stages and the end one is marriage. However, sometimes a man can hurt their women without any further remorse and regrets. One can think his woman can forgive everything but she should define boundaries. Here are 5 things you should never forgive in relationships as a woman. 

1. An affair 

There is no such thing as a one-time cheater. He will cheat on you again, trust us. There are girls that believe that it’s in men’s nature to chase skirts but it is not. Every woman deserves to be treated with sincere feelings, love, trust, honesty, and passion. A self-respecting woman won’t continue building relationships with a cheater. 

2. Violence against women

Violence is the most unacceptable thing not only for romantic relationships but for any interactions of human beings.

A woman shouldn’t forgive violence against her as that is the highest rate of disrespect. For some guys, relationships become a habitual thing and they can deeply hate a concubine. In that case, the danger level is quite high as a guy can cause harm to his girlfriend. Any woman should escape from such toxic relationships asap. 

3. Lack of respect

Compromise is the basis of relationships. In healthy relationships, people treat each other with respect and understanding. If a man doesn’t respect his woman, there is a chance for her to become his slave. It is 2021 outside and any lady shouldn’t forgive such a thing as lack of respect. It is impossible to create a family and live a happy life with someone who treats you as nothing. 

4. Irresponsibility

Even though modern girls are strong and independent they still believe a man should take on responsibilities and do everything possible so a family is safe and wealthy. Irresponsibility is not the best quality for a future husband. Women shouldn’t build relationships with someone they can not rely on. 

5. Lack of support

Relationships are not only about movie sessions, romantic dinners, and sex. Nice happy relationships are all about partnership. If a man doesn’t support his woman, there is no way to become equal partners. Such a guy won’t become a reliable husband or a good father, so there is no reason to continue dating that kind of man. 

There are some general things that both, men and women shouldn’t forgive, including yelling, consumer attitude, irritability, name-calling, excessive control, a complete divergence of views.

Those were 5 things you should never forgive in relationships for men and women. Hope this article was helpful and you won’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t deserve your love and attention. 

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