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Russian girl dating. Quick Test if she fits you

There are legends of Russian girls’ beauty, kindness, and hospitality. So no wonder men from all around the world are trying to meet a Russian girl. However, despite the fact there are dozens of cool platforms that are designed to narrow your search, it isn’t that easy to start forward-looking relationships as the mentality difference is insane. Let’s dive into a Russian girl dating.

When hesitating to meet a Russian woman bare in mind that any relationships require lots of work and effort. It is all about compromises, acceptance, and appreciation. There are some peculiarities of Russian girls that you need to study before dating one and check if she fits you. 

1. They are stunning

Russian girls appreciate the attention and do know how to remain in the central focus. They invest lots of time in money to make sure they keep their level of attractiveness on a decent level. Russian girls try to highlight their natural beauty and enhance it. 

stunning Russian girl dating

It sounds extremely tempting to date such an attractive woman. Still, it can become challenging for a man if you have a lack of self-confidence and make you feel jealous since Russian girls drag lots of attention. So, before committing to date a Russian woman, take care of your insecurities and make sure you can handle such a beauty being by your side. 

2. They love to give

Girls in Russia and other Slavic countries know how to love and appreciate their partners. For a Russian girl, it is not about getting a benefit but about giving love, care, understanding. For most Russian women, it is one of the greatest dreams and the goal is to meet the right guy that will treat them right so they can use all their loving capacity towards him. 


There is another aspect of such a generous woman is she will wait for some kind of return. You should be ready to invest most of your time in your relationships as for her love and family is way more important than career and other aspects of living that you consider as important as your personal life. 

3. They are bright 

Apart from being attractive to a man, Russian girls want to be interesting. Most Russian girls are very intelligent as they find it crucial to get a great education so they have better career potential and are able to carry a compelling conversation. 

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Some guys find it too difficult to deal with smart women as it is much easier to manage your life when you have a partner that is ready to be driven by you. Well, it is not about Russian girls as they have their opinion on every subject and want a man to treat their point of view with respect. 

4. They are honest

Are you tired of playing games and trying to decode the implication of women? Then it is time for you to date a Russian woman as they are pretty straightforward we should say. That is an amazing feature that allows them to realize their life goals and find the best way to achieve them in the shortest time. 

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That means you should be ready to face some critic from a Russian woman if there are any issues when dating one and she won’t just move on but try to talk through the problem and find the solution that would make you both happy, or at least satisfied. 

5. They are hot

Russian girls are known for their attractiveness and sexiness. It is okay that you want to build relationships with a hottie, we all do. Still, you should remember that being a passionate lover means being an impatient person sometimes. What we mean is her desire to get all your attention focused on her or to switch your relationship from an online mode to the offline one.

hot Russian girl dating

So, if you are a passionate person that can be spontaneous then you should definitely consider a Russian girl dating. 

6. They are trustworthy

Most Russian girls are looking for a mate in life meaning they are ready to be loyal and looking for the same treatment from a man. That is an incredible feature of Slavic women that becomes so difficult to find when dating western women. 

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When dating a Russian girl, be ready to delete phone numbers of all your exes. Focus on your mutual future with your new girlfriend as that is the way they build relationships. A Russian girl won’t appreciate your friendship with your ex-girlfriend. Furthermore she will make you choose between friendship and relationship with her. So, decide if you are ready to leave your past in the past before trying Russian women dating. 

7. They appreciate traditions

Despite being very up-to-date in terms of women’s appearance Russian girls stay quite conservative when it comes to traditions. They believe in the importance of marriage, especially those over 30. You should keep in mind that a wedding is an indicator of a successful relationship for a Russian girl.

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So, if you feel like you are not ready for a serious relationship then you might skip the idea to date a Russian girl and waste her time. 

8. They are the best housewives

This one sounds controversial as lots of western women will consider you a total sexist when looking for a girl that is a great cook and keeps a house neat and tidy, but not a Russian one.

best housewives

It is one of the greatest compliments for a Russian girl to hear that you are stunned with a dinner she has made for you or note how incredibly white her towels are. They appreciate their home and believe it is important to keep their place of living in order. 

Sum Up about Russian girl dating

As you can see, there are some interesting facts about Russian girls. It makes them so unique and interesting for all men around the world. Yes, they are different from western women that means you should find a different approach to make your relationships work.

There were 8 facts about Russian girl dating. If you are ok with at least 6 of them, you are fine to date Slavic women.

It is challenging to deal with a different mindset. So if you don’t find yourself flexible enough then you shouldn’t try a Russian girl dating. Only go for a Russian girl dating when ready to accept and respect a completely different point of view.

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