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Russian Dating: 9 Easy Tips to Get Russian Girl

We have all heard of Russian women’s beauty. Those ladies are particularly good at looking like a goddess against all odds. Therefore, Russian dating is absolutely special.

If you want to commit Russian women dating, you got to dig dipper into the peculiarities of girls from Russia and Siberia and find out the top practical pickup tricks to narrow your path to her heart. 

We have prepared 9 easy tips to get a Russian girl. Certain advice will be useful for both, hook-uppers and serious guys that are looking for marriage. 

Also, we will provide you with the best Russian dating websites that are proven with lots of happy people that already enjoy international dating. 

Be purposeful in your Russian Dating

Russian Dating be purposeful

If you see a gorgeous girl and think you are not too good for her simply stop thinking and begin acting. When it is a matter of Russian girls dating, your appearance is not the most important aspect of yours that you should worry about. Their basic tenet is your attitude and the way you treat a woman you are interested in.

Be honest

First of all, you should be honest with yourself and clarify if it is a one-time date you want or something more serious. Once you figured that out, pick the most appropriate phrases to represent your intentions without making it sound rude or too dreamy. Don’t raise false expectations and be clear with your speech. You should not sound like a Shakespeare character and turn your first meet in a romantic movie scenario. It is okay to say that you find the girl attractive and want to know her closer. Tell her about your interest honestly to avoid miscommunications in the future.

Be ready to hear – NO!

When Russian girls treat your attempts to go out them with rejection don’t give up! They like to play games and enjoy the men’s attention. So, sometimes, they can say no even to the most attractive guy in the entire world to make things spicier. Try to find another approach and grab her attention using gifts and surprises, which they adore. Even if you don’t believe in success in the efficiency of your commitment go for it, otherwise you regret wasting a good chance to commence a connection with a stunning girl from Russia. 

Be in the range

Create ideas on russian dating

If it is only online dating we continue talking of, then you should do something more than simply send Russian women winks or smiles. Also, if you show some gestures of affection and then hesitate for days it is even worth it. You should text your potential date as soon as possible and do your best to find common ground. Failure to do so would provide more enterprising competitors of yours to steal your dream girl. 

Be focused on your mission

Russian women dating can become a fascinating experience. However, when you use Russian dating sites you should keep in mind that casual chats are not the purpose you resort to using that resource. Don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to find a life partner so you shouldn’t be stuck on the online dating step for a long time. There are real Russian women on that website, chats and conversations are also real. The only difference is that you meet online but not in the restaurant. It gets obvious if the person is right for you after several online appointments. So, the next step is to make a plan for meeting offline. 

Be specific

Speaking of making plans, you can make a plan to fly to the moon one day, however, it is unlikely to happen, at least you are a spaceman. If you really want to switch your communication with a Russian girl from the WEB mode to the offline one, make her involved in the planning process. Figure out her work schedule in order to find a better solution for both of us. If you feel like it is too soon to fly Russia arrange a meeting on the neutral ground. You can spend a lovely vacation together to figure out if there is any chemistry between you. This could be a great romantic beginning for your love story.

Be a man

Real man on a russian dating site

Well, this one is crucial when dealing with Russian girls. They are looking for a Prince Charming that will take them to a beautiful castle made of love and tenderness. Now, that’s a joke, but Russian women believe men should take the initiative in dating. If you both want to meet offline then it is your time to take care of all the organizational arrangements. You can find lots of gorgeous Russian women that are ready for meetings on such websites as TenderBride or VictoriyaClub. On the VictoriyaClub website, the team is ready to make all the meeting preparations for you. They will help with the transfer, take care of your accommodation, and will help you to feel as comfortable as possible during your romantic travel. 

Be close

Finally, it is your first meeting with your online date and what you ready should do for a start is to touch her. We don’t mean any harm but a long warm hug would be great for the beginning. First of all, it will help you both to realize things become real. Also, it is necessary to feel the sparkle. Don’t be too shy during your first meeting. Even though you already know each other by online communication it is still kind of a change to make a lovely first impression. 

Be there for her

We know it is YOU seeking love and happiness, however, you should put your desires on the back burner. Focus on what your girl wants. Discover her dreams, fears, food preferences, travel goals, etc. Let her talk and show your interest. As a result of this,  she will relax and let you walk the alleys of her mind. Naturally, you need to appease her curiosity and tell you some details of your biography. However, make sure you speak too much about yourself to avoid looking self-centered. Try to share your life experience if she asks your opinion on some topics and make sure you sound polite. Anyway, you should tell some funny stories that will make her laugh as most Russian women are looking for a hilarious American guy.

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