Top 10 Popular Russian Girl Names. Sounding & Meaning

Russian women are well known by their natural beauty and exceptional intelligence. However, Russian girl names is also an extremely intriguing topic. We all know Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova (both tennis players), Irina Shayk (top model), Olga Kurylenko (actress). They are all insanely attractive. But they also have stunning names.

Let’s find out what are the most beautiful and popular female names in Russia and how they sound correctly?

Top 10 Russian Girl Names

1. Anastasia.

Prononciation: [ah – n ah – s t ah – S EE – y ah] /ˌænəˈsteɪʒə/ .

Meaning: Anastasia – is a Greek name made from the Greek word “anastasis”. It means “Resurrection”. Originally this name was used among early Christians quite often. They give it to their daughters born around Easter.

Variations: Anastasia, Anastasiya, Anastasya, Anastassia, Annastasia, Nastya.

As of 2020 it’s the most popular Russian name for girls (around 7%). Both long and short form sound incredibly beautiful: Anastasia & Nastya. Even though it is originally Greek name, it became truly national name.


Famous MMA fighter Anastasia Yankova.

Anastasia Yankova Top 10 Popular Russian Girl Names. Sounding & Meaning

Popular actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya

Famous TV presenter Anastasia Ivleeva.

Anastasia Ivleeva

2. Anna.

Prononciation: [AHNna] /ˈ .

Meaning: Anna – is also originally Latin / Greek name. It was created from the Greek word “Hannah” that means “grace” or “beautiful”.

Variations: Anna, Hannah, Anya, Aniya, Ann.

This name has its options literally in every country or culture. No wonder it found a response among the Slavic peoples as well (around 3%). It’s quite simple but it is still unbelievably beautiful.


Popular singer Anna Semenovich.

Anna Semenovich

Famous Russian actress Anna Khilkevich.

Anna Khilkevich

Famous tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Anna Kournikova

3. Daria.

Prononciation: [d-ae-r-ee-ah] / ˈdɑːɹɪə /.

Meaning: Initially Daria was a female variant of old Persian name “Darius” which means “one who holds good”. Also, it was used among Catholics and meant “prosperous”. Nowadays it is extensively used in Russia and Slavic countries and less in the rest of the world. 

Variations: Daria, Dariya, Darya, Dasha.

Daria (or Dasha) is rather popular name in modern Russia. As we can see it is the 3rd popular name. And it is again not of Russian origin. Although the official name “Daria” sounds a bit robustly, but the nickname “Dasha” is certainly pleasant for your ears.


Popular Russian TV actress Daria Egorova.

Popular Russian TV actress Daria Egorova:

Successful athlete Daria Klishina.

Successful athlete Daria Klishina:

Popular top model Daria Pershina.

Popular top model Daria Pershina:

4. Maria.

Prononciation: [mer-ee-uh] /məˈɹiːə/.

Meaning: This name is popular among most of the countries in different variations. It has its origin from the ancient Roman empire. Usually it was used to praise Maria (mother of Jesus). Also, it is a short version of Maryam (Syro-Aramaic). Above all, it has roots in New testament after New Testament: Maria Magdalena and Maria Salomé. So, this name has plenty of origins and was used simultaneously in different regions.

Variations: Maria, Mariya, Mary, Masha.

As we can see name Maria has quite old roots. However, since ancient times it was heavily used in Russia. You can see this name in literature, national folklore, music and of course contemporary girls. “Masha” sounds affectionately and gently.


Popular actress Maria Berseneva.

Popular actress Maria Berseneva Popular Russian Girl Names. Sounding & Meaning

Famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova:

Popular Russian Pop music singer Maria Koltsova.

Popular Russian Pop music singer Maria Koltsova:

5. Olga.

Prononciation: [OL’gah] /Ól’ga/.

Meaning: This Russian female given name derived from Northern Scandinavian countries. Original form was Helga. Then it was transformed into Olga and became quite popular in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Name “Olga” from Old Norse means “blessed” or “holy”. Russians believe that this name will protect the person from troubles and accidents. 

Variations: Olga, Helga, Olya, Olia.


Beautiful Russian Snowboarder Olga Smeshlivaya.

Beautiful Russian Snowboarder Olga Smeshlivaya:

Famous actress and one of the James Bond’s women Olga Kurilenko.

Famous actress and one of the James Bond’s women Olga Kurilenko:

Attractive Russian model Olga Korobitsina.

Attractive Russian model Olga Korobitsina:

6. Ekaterina.

Prononciation: [yeh-kah-ti-REE-nah] / (j)ɪkətʲɪˈrʲinə /.

Meaning: Ekaterina – is a classic Russian name that has its roots in ancient Greece. It means “pure” or “immaculate”. It was much more popular in 19th and 20th century, but now it is on the 6th place.

Variations: Ekaterina, Katerina, Yekaterina, Katya, Katia, Kate, Katherine. 


Attractive Russian Fitness model Ekaterina Usmanova.

Attractive Russian Fitness model Ekaterina Usmanova:

Russian news anchor Ekaterina Andreeva.

Russian news anchor Ekaterina Andreeva:

Beautiful Russian actress Ekaterina Klimova.

Beautiful Russian actress Ekaterina Klimova:

7. Yulia.

Prononciation: [YOOleeyah].

Meaning: Name Yulia comes from latin “Julia” and means “the one from the Julia family”. Most likely it refers us to Gaius Julius Caesar times. This name has plenty of variations in different countries. 

Variations: Yulia, Yuliya, Yulya, Julie, Julia.


Olympic Champion in Swimming Yulia Efimova.

Olympic Champion in Swimming Yulia Efimova:

Popular Russian singer Yulia Savicheva.

Popular Russian singer Yulia Savicheva:

Russian Top Model Yulia Polyachihina.

Russian Top Model Yulia Polyachihina:

8. Irina.

Prononciation: [eeREEnah] / ɪˈriːnə /.

Meaning: It’s another Russian name that came from Greece. It is from ancient Greek goddess Eirene. She was responsible for seasons of the year and soil fertility.

The name has been successfully adapted and widely used in Russia since the early Middle Ages.

Variations: Irina, Ira, Rina.


Beautiful Russian Top model Irina Shayk.

Beautiful Russian Top model Irina Shayk:

Popular Russian TV presenter Irina Shadrina.

Popular Russian TV presenter Irina Shadrina:

Famous Russian Singer Irina Nelson.

Famous Russian Singer Irina Nelson:

9. Marina.

Prononciation: [mahREEnah] / məˈriː.nə /.

Meaning: Name Marina goes from latin word “marinus” that means “marine” or “from the sea”. In ancient times people that lived not far from the sea called their daughters “Marina”.

Name came from Greek colonists and became quite popular in the coastal zone of the Black Sea. Later it was spread around the Russia.

Variations: Marina, Marinka, Musya, Mary, Masha.


Beautiful Russian actress Marina Aleksandrova.

Beautiful Russian actress Marina Aleksandrova:

Famous Russian writer and Journalist Marina Akhmedova.

Famous Russian writer and Journalist Marina Akhmedova:

Popular TV Presenter Marina Kim.

Popular TV Presenter Marina Kim:

10. Elizaveta.

Prononciation: [yehleezaVYEtHah] / ɪˈlɪzəbəθ /.

Meaning: Elizaveta is the Russian form of “Elizabeth”. The name means “my God is an oath”. The name became quite common among among Eastern European Christians.

Elizaveta in Russia is usually called “Liza”, which sounds short and softly.

Variations: Yelizavetha, Lisa, Liza, Lizaveta, Eliza, Elizabeth, Lizie.


Popular Russian actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

Popular Russian actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya:

Beautiful Russian singer and actress Elizaveta Arzamasova.

Beautiful Russian singer and actress Elizaveta Arzamasova:

Attractive Russian Model Elizaveta Golovanova.

Attractive Russian Model Elizaveta Golovanova:

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Wrap Up

Although Russian is a tough language but Russian women and their names are absolutely beautiful.

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