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5 Reasons to Marry Russian Woman. Are they good Wives?

The modern world brings a lot of opportunities to meet a girlfriend from a different country. If you are dreaming about international marriage, then you will be surprised by a wide choice of opportunities to start a relationship that can lead to a happy marriage.

When looking for a wife from overseas, a lot of men prefer dating Russian girls. Why do men prefer Russian women instead of girls from Europe and other countries? Let’s find out what are the major reasons to start relationships with Russian girls, how to get ready for the marriage, as well as what sort of difficulties men can face when dating a girl from Russia. 

5 reasons to marry a Russian woman

Russian government is against sex with foreigners

There are many ways to start dating Russian women. One of the most popular and time-tested techniques is looking for a soulmate on dating sites. If your biggest dream is to find a woman from Russia, then Russian dating sites should be very useful to you.

There are a number of sites to meet Russian women and start relationships. One of the most popular web platforms is VictoriyaClub. The online dating site offers a wide choice of ladies looking for love overseas. The site administrators will even help you plan your trip to the city where a girl lives and organize an unforgettable date.  

So, what are the major reasons to start dating a Russian girl? 

Russian girls love looking beautiful

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Russian ladies enjoy being attractive and take care of themselves. They apply a lot of effort to look their best. In addition, Slavic girls have a certain type of face that fits the traditional European beauty standards. Russian ladies often wear dresses and high heels. They commonly have long hair and hazel eyes. Such girls take care of makeup every day and prefer to wear stylish clothes. 

They like men’s attention 

It’s absolutely OKAY to express your love and attraction to Russian girls. The truth is that getting the attention and admiration are the goals of ladies that were brought up in Russia. The situation is caused by the lack of males and partners since the middle of the twentieth century. One of the biggest goals that Slavic girls have in their life is getting married and starting a family. If a girl doesn’t do it before she gets 30, it’s considered to be a big failure because she is not interesting and attractive enough to keep a man. 

Russian women are very supportive 

It’s a well-known fact that Russian women are ready to give their men the needed support whatever happens. They are devoted wives that are brought up to support their men whatever happens. 

Slavic girls are not grown to compete with men

This is true that Russian girls want their men to be the leaders of the family. They rely on him like the winner, without trying to compete for the leadership. 

Russian girls do not support feminism

According to, more than 50% of Russian women do not support feminism, while only 31% do. The goal of Russian women is to get married, create a happy and healthy family, and support their husbands in good and bad. 

Steps that should be taken to marry a Russian girl

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Similar to any different nation and country in the world, there are certain rules and regulations on how a man from a foreign country can marry a Russian girl. The procedure is not very complicated, though it can be time-consuming. The Russians have an uneasy reputation in the West. However, when two people love each other, no bureaucracy can overshadow the romance.

Here’s an outline of the key steps and decisions that you need to take to marry a Russian girl.

  • Decide where you’d like to register your marriage. The following actions are fully based on your answer. If you decide to get married in the country where your girlfriend lives, then get ready that the marriage will be conducted under the laws and regulations of her country. 
  • Collect a set of documents. If your lady is a citizen of Russia and you want to marry there, a foreigner needs to have a visa first of all. But, if a foreigner was married previously and wants to get married in Russia, he needs to prove his single status with a divorce certificate of spouse’s death certificate. If a foreigner decides to live in Russia from the start, then he needs to stand in line at the Federal Migration Service’s office. Once registered, a foreigner needs to translate and notarize all the documents. 
  • When all this is done, you can fill in the marriage application and choose the wedding day. The minimum waiting period is 1 month. 

By the way, if you are looking to find a Russian girl online, consider the modern matchmaking resource VictoriyaClub. They focus on connecting men from the USA, Canada and Europe with Russian women.

When dating a Russian woman might end in disappointment

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Russian girls are great lovers and wives. However, there are always two sides to a coin. When you decide to start dating or marry a Russian girl, you need that sometimes you may face some sort of disappointment. 

  • She may be too beautiful for you. Russian and Slavic girls differ from women from Europe thanks to their natural beauty. Some may assume that it is a stereotype, but Russian girls really pay a lot of attention to their appearance. They do makeup every day, follow the latest fashion trends, and change hairstyles often. Putting on full makeup to go to the supermarket – this is exactly what characterizes Russian girls. And when you are a boyfriend, you need to wait until your girlfriend is ready to leave home and you will also have to pay for all this beauty.
  • If you have chosen a Russian girl, be ready that she will become your best friend. From now on, your time belongs to her. She will be next to you when you feel good and bad. When you seem to feel helpless, she will provide you with even more emotional care and support. 
  • Your lady will also expect to see the convincing proof of your loyalty and love. Russian girls love surprises, especially when these are unexpected. So, you should be ready to surprise your lady. The Russian girls are grown dreaming about a prince riding a white horse. You will need to become such a prince who can bring all the wishes and desires of his beloved woman to come to life. 


Dating and planning marriage with Russian spouses has become a sort of trend in the western world. There are so many reasons why Slavic girls are good wives and lovers. I described the focal points in this article.

But there are still a lot of other (more personal) reasons why a woman from Russia can become the best choice for you. Their stunning beauty is one of the key reasons why you might think about dating a Slavic girl. Here is also a great article about easy steps to get a Russian girl.

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