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80 Best Dating Conversation Starters

Starting a conversation is one of the most common problems in networking. How can you just walk up to someone you don’t know and start a conversation at an event? With a growing number of people looking for their special someone on the web, it’s getting vital to learn the best conversation starters for online dating. 

Everything is much simpler than it seems. If you go up to someone and say “Hi! Nice to meet you,” no one will run away from you. Moreover, that person may feel a lot of relief that he/she did not have to start the conversation! But, of course, the task is greatly simplified if you have a few phrases in stock to help “break the ice.” Let’s check them out and choose the best phrases to start a conversation. 

Online conversation starters

Obviously online conversation starters on a dating site and apps will be different from offline ones.

Online conversation starters
  1. What are you doing tonight after our date?
  2. Do you think I like you more than you like me?
  3. Hi, can I talk to you? And then all sorts of girls pester, try to get acquainted …
  4. Hello, can you tell me how to cook dumplings?
  5. Hey! Today is a great day, can I cheer you up?
  6. Hey! Are you also on [online platform name]? And I. Do you play the flute? Me neither. See how alike we are!
  7. Do you meet nice young people? Here I am!
  8. You probably won’t give me a chance to meet you … But send me a smile if I’m wrong!
  9. I am not the first person who wants to meet you. But I am the best! Do you want me to prove it?
  10. Hey! I sell happiness! Do you want me to give it to you for free?
  11. Can you tell me where to spend your salary?
  12. I’m tired of waiting for you to take the first step. Hey!
  13. I looked at your photos and forgot to meet you. Hey!
  14. Do you believe in love at forty-eighth sight? And then I look at your photos for so long that I fall in love!
  15. How did you know that I was online?
  16. Let’s exchange? You give me two hundred grams of sadness, and I give you a kilogram of my joy?
  17. Maybe we’ll talk already or will we like each other like that?
  18. Remember me? You dreamed about me!
  19. Hi, I just read an interesting story. The guy met the girl, and they lived happily ever after! By the way, do you know how he met her? Said: “Hi, I just read an interesting story!”
  20. You know, before I met you, I was sure that I was gay!
  21. How about flirting?
  22. Hey! I want to interview you. Tell me, what is it like to be the most beautiful girl?
  23. Can you help me learn how to talk to girls?
  24. You are very wrong if you think that I want to meet you. I want to ask you out on a date!
  25. So two damn attractive people met. Hey!
  26. No, well, if you keep silent all the time, no one will get to know you. I will help, hello!
  27. You know, I didn’t have a very pleasant day. I was upset, but then I saw your avatar.
  28. Can you forgive yourself if you don’t answer me?
  29. Have young people never crawled at your feet? And at the hands?!
  30. And if I were such a beautiful girl like you, I would get to know myself!
  31. Who are you dating? Come with me!
  32. Hey! I’m writing a book about what girls want. Can you tell?
  33. A gorgeous girl like you should have a pretty font!
  34. Hey! I got lost in life and barely found you, will you lead me out of the dull world of loneliness?
  35. Can I flirt with you?
  36. You know, some things are easy to imagine together – black and white, day and night, butter and porridge, you and me …
  37. Do you want to talk to a person who really liked you?
  38. What questions do you think guys get slapped for?
  39. You have a boyfriend? Or maybe you need a better one?
  40. I love dogs very much. Can you tell me which breed is better to start?
  41. Are you a professional stylist?
  42. You are beautiful! Can we go to “you”?
  43. You spend a lot of time online, can we go to unwind?
  44. You’re so beautiful! Or do you know a professional photographer?
  45. Imagine, I wrote you a huge text, and then they turned off the light. So just hello!
  46. Wow, I like this band too! What’s your favorite song?
  47. You have a very cute face!
  48. It was difficult, but I was able to write to you! Will you reward me with an answer?
  49. Have you ever ridden an escalator? Do you want to pump it?
  50. I think I have amnesia, otherwise, I would have written to you!
  51. Your beauty struck me so much that I forgot what I wanted to tell you.
  52. Have you ever been offered a hand and a heart? I am a surgeon, I have a lot of them!
  53. Didn’t you just accidentally click “I like” on my photo? Not? It’s a pity…
  54. I wonder if your inner world matches your photos?
  55. It must be bad to be your friend because you have overshadowed everyone with your beauty!
  56. I miss two things in life – you and hair.
  57. You know, your hair matches the color of my pillow perfectly.
  58. Does it hurt to fall from heaven?
  59. We bet ten thousand that I will ask you out on a date, and you refuse?

Offline conversations starters

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Offline conversations starters
  1. I was told you were looking for me …
  2. I think I fell in love with the piercing on your belly.
  3. You have an amazing smile!
  4. Girl, can you help me find my pulse?
  5. I don’t usually meet girls this way …
  6. May I order you a drink?
  7. I’m sorry to interrupt, but I urgently need to inform you that you are awfully cute.
  8. It’s good that it’s so noisy here and you still won’t hear the nonsense that I’m going to tell you now.
  9. May I invite you to dance?
  10. You know, the Constitution says that you cannot deprive a person of the right to happiness …
  11. Girl, do you have delicious lipstick? You can also try?
  12. For an hour I have been thinking of a reason to meet you, but so far I haven’t come up with anything.
  13. Congratulations! You are the 100th visitor to the club this week. You are given the right to choose any item from the menu for free!
  14. I lost the bet, and in order to pay for the loss, I must kiss the most beautiful girl in this restaurant.
  15. You have a very happy nose!
  16. And I bet you can’t guess what your name is?
  17. You have amazing eyes, I just can’t tear myself away from them.
  18. Now I look at you and understand that we definitely need to get to know each other!
  19. Nice dress! You know, the purse doesn’t fit very well.
  20. Sorry, can I tweak your plans for the evening?
  21. When I see you, I understand how good it is that I am single!

Enjoyed any of these? Don’t miss a chance to try how these conversation-starters work in practice!

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