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How not to Feel Lonely. 7 Life-Changing Tips for Men in 2021

There are so many stereotypes about bachelors. Some people believe it is appropriate to discuss why men remain single in their 30s and later. It is common to say that by a certain age any half-decent guy should already settle in life and have a family. We are not talking about children and marriage here but serious relationships at least. What are the reasons why men remain lonely after crossing the 30 years old mark?

What is it like to be a single man?

Any man at any age can feel lonely. For some guys, loneliness is often followed by a bunch of complexes which makes the loneliness hit even harder. There are men that find it difficult to discuss their loneliness or any other mental issues with friends of specialists so they get stuck in their toxic thoughts and make it only worse. 

Tips for Men not to be lonely

Male loneliness is a common thing for those guys, who believe they can get any girl by only being handsome, rich, strong, etc. They get focused on reaching a certain status in the community and work hard to become a piece of the pie for any stunning lady. However, rich and reputable men often catch the attention of women that want to date them for monetary purposes. They lose belief in true love and become extremely selective when it comes to dating. Some guys start to change partners like a girl changes clothes in search of the only one that can make him happy. Even when marrying a half-decent woman a man can still feel lonely if there is no emotional connection between a husband and wife. 

Another aspect that affects male loneliness is the level of a guy’s sexual life satisfaction. It is not about just having regular sex but a quality one with a woman that bursts with a desire to make a guy happy and satisfied and enjoys spending time with him. Even those men who have their social status feel less masculine and lose self eastern when there is no loving female around. 

Male loneliness development process

There are lots of things in every man’s childhood that may provoke loneliness in the future. The way fathers act towards the family is highly important. It is natural for boys to take an example from a father. When a father is attentive to his wife, helps her, takes good care of her, respectfully discusses issues, etc. 

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Some parents try to lead their sons by talking only, they say that one should get educated very well to find a high-paying job so that will help him to become an eligible bachelor. Still, it is much more important for parents to set an example by acting respectfully and carefully towards each other. They must give a kid a proper sex education and show the importance of love and understanding when building relationships with women. 

As you can see, it often happens that a father becomes a perpetrator of his son’s future loneliness. Those dads pass the worst character traits to their sons. Any dad should focus on trying to pass the most important skills and experience in order to help a son to become a whole person that won’t go unnoticed by the opposite sex. 

As for mothers, they should praise a son for achievements and boost his self-esteem. It is also important to allow little boys to make decisions by themselves so they grow up into strong independent men. 

However, even the strongest man can still feel lonely. That means that parents did something wrong. It doesn’t mean one should blame parents for all the bad things in life but try to fix the loneliness and other issues on his own. 

Why do men feel lonely?

Why do men feel lonely?

Failed relationships

Heartbreaks always leave marks. A guy can suffer from one-sided love, adultery, or any other reason for a breakup with a beloved woman. That is a good reason for a man to feel lonely. 

The search for a perfect woman

Some guys have too many expectations and picture their perfect partner point by point. Such guys tend to push away womуn that have an interest in them but don’t fit their “perfect woman” idea.

Hate of marriage concept 

This is the case when a guy was a witness of his unhappily married parents. Those men believe it is the institution of marriage that ruins relationships but not people who prefer to remain in relationships with someone they don’t go very well with.

Zero family values

Some men try to improve their self-esteem by being a Casanova. They prefer to date lots of women simultaneously and lose all the connections eventually. 

Financial fragility

Lots of men believe that financial success is crucial for successful relationships so they delay dating and marrying until they are firmly established financially. 

How not to feel lonely?

For those who feel lonely at night, sad, or even depressed we recommend starting masculinity pupping. It has nothing to do with going to the gym or anything like that. Of course, you need to take care of your appearance and try to be the best version of yourself. However, you shouldn’t deny your loneliness and start visiting a specialist that will help you to figure out the true reasons for your sad feelings. 

Make sure you are satisfied with different aspects of your life, including career, relationships with parents and friends, escape toxic relationships, and focus on yourself. It doesn’t mean you should give up your social life but spend quality life with those who make you feel better and avoid interactions with those who make you feel down. 

You need to develop positive attributes of your personality that will attract a decent partner eventually.

If you feel lonely after a breakup and don’t feel ready to jump into serious relationships again then you should consider online dating. That is a great option for lonely guys that want to improve their self-esteem effectively. There are lots of stunningly attractive women from all over the world that enjoy spending time online and hanging out with foreign guys. Who knows, maybe an online date will lead you to your future beloved. But, you’ll never know unless you give it a shot. 

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