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10 Green Flags in a Relationship: Do You Know Any of Them?

So often, love experts talk about the so-called red and green flags in a relationship, disturbing or, conversely, positive signals and patterns. They directly hint that something is going wrong in your relationship or everything is fine and you are on the right love track.

”Everyone warns you about the red flags in a relationship but I want to hear about the green flags…” More and more people are learning to recognize abusers and check if they are in a toxic relationship – which is great. However, it is important not to forget about the good “green flags”. Do you know what green flags are? Let’s figure it out together. Green flags are signs that the relationship you are in is healthy and functional.

Green flags and red flags appear not only in a romantic relationship, but also in any other relationships: parent-child relationships, friends, relatives, workers, and so on. Unfortunately, according to Forbes statistics, 80 percent of people have been experienced toxic influence. The term “green flags” is used precisely in the relationship of a man and a woman. Green flags can only be seen in healthy relationships, otherwise, toxic ones will have red ones in most.

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Are You In a Healthy Relationship?

Before we tell you the most important green flags to look for in a relationship, we suggest first figure out what relationships can be called healthy and harmonious.

A healthy relationship is a relationship where you feel good, where you can be yourself and accept your partner for who he or she is. Here is useful material on the topic “10 keys to a happy relationship”. A healthy relationship is not the communication of two angels only in gentle voices, but the normal interaction of quite ordinary men and women. Your relationship is healthy if you and your partner:

  1. Respect and listen to each other.
  2. Trust each other and try to justify the trust.
  3. Take care of each other and take into account the wishes of a partner.
  4. Accept your soulmate for who they are.
  5. Don’t aim to change each other.
  6. Always try to find a compromise.
  7. Find a balance between addiction and individualism.
  8. Be tolerant of yourself and your partner if something suddenly doesn’t work out.

But at the same time:

  • They are ready to defend their position, even if it will lead to conflict.
  • They think about their own needs and know how to love themselves.
  • They have their interests.

We have prepared for you a list of 10 green flags in a relationship that you should pay attention to. Our checklist has criterias to help you make sure you’re in a perfectly healthy relationship, or wonder if it’s time to make a change. Read on.

You Feel Like You are Being Heard By Your Partner

What are green flags in a relationship? One of these is to understand and hear your partner. This applies to everything – from everyday little things like requests to put milk in the refrigerator, to some deeper things, such as psychological needs and key values.

It is clear that a carton of milk not always left on the table indicates the partner’s indifference and should be regarded as a “red flag”, but it’s good if, in a relationship you have the feeling that you are heard, and your requests and beliefs are treated with care and respect.

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You Can Engage in Healthy Conflicts

Green flags in a new relationship: You learn how to resolve conflicts the right way. Conflicts and disagreements are a normal and inevitable part of any relationship, especially if you’re just starting. You don’t yet know each other’s reactions to disagreements. However, it is not only the existence of conflicts that is important here, but also how they pass. If in your relationship you are not afraid of conflict and you know that disagreeing with your partner will not spoil your relationship and will not become a threat to your security, this can be safely considered a “green flag”. People argue, have different views on things, clash, and even fight – and this should not become a traumatic or destructive experience.

You Can Be Yourself

Green flags in a relationship are funny because these are signs that you can be yourself and that’s cool. Often we have to adjust to feel comfortable in some kind of relationship. Someone hides tattoos under their clothes when they go to visit their mother, someone wakes up an hour before their husband to comb their hair and make-up, someone falsely admires art-house cinema so as not to lose their place in the company of friends.

The more such metamorphoses we endure for the sake of relationships, the harder it becomes for us – it is very difficult to play a certain role in the name of maintaining intimacy.

Green flags in a relationship meaning: “green flag” is when you can sincerely and shamelessly be yourself, knowing that in return you will not receive judgment and negativity and that your relationship will not suffer if you show in them yourself the way you are used to.

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You Can Talk Openly About Your Feelings Without Fear of Being Judged

We continue to list funny green flags in a relationship. This point partly overlaps with the previous ones – in a healthy relationship there is a place for a huge range of emotions and feelings that you are not ashamed to admit. You can be sad, doubtful, afraid, nervous, angry – and no one will shame you for it.

You Can Solve Problems Together

If we talk about partnerships, then there are always some problematic issues that are waiting to be resolved: repairs, buying a car, preparing for a wedding, having a child, changing jobs – there can be a million problems, and they all require some collective effort. You are doing everything right if your union does not break into a routine.

You Are Ready to Accept Views Different From Yours

What are some green flags in a relationship? The ability to accept the opinion of a partner. Not all conflicts and disagreements can be resolved in favor of any one option or a compromise can be found. People in healthy relationships can accept and respect a point of view that is different from their own, even if they don’t share it. This is not possible in all cases – there are fundamental points that people are not ready to accept, however, as a rule, there are not very many such situations, and they mainly concern the deepest beliefs.

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You Feel Good Both Togather and Separately

This one of the green flags in a relationship on reddit just flows from the previous one. That is, you can safely spend a lot of time nearby, do household chores, go on trips, close everyone for the weekend, and watch TV shows. At the same time, you both understand that rest is sometimes necessary. Therefore, by spending time apart, trusting and feeling trusted, you fully relax and prepare for the next marathon of events that will lead your shoulder to shoulder.

This allows you to get bored and approach each other with new emotions.

You Know What to Expect

What are some green flags in a relationship on reddit? One of these flags is also predictability. Predictable relationships are good and comfortable for all involved. This is not about boredom and everyday life, in which there is no place for surprises, but about stability, balance, and clear boundaries.

You know that you can rely on your partner or friend, you know how they can prove themselves in a crisis, and you know how they will behave in a conflict. All following things create a sense of security in a relationship, thanks to which this bond can continue to develop and become deeper, warmer, and more trusting.

Maintaining Social Networks Doesn’t Cause Jealousy

Some couples build their relationships over the Internet. By the way, here are 20 romantic first date ideas for you and your Internet partner’s first meeting. For these Internet couples, one of the green flags in a long-distance relationship is trust in a partner and not being afraid that they can correspond not only with you. There are many examples in which relationships collapsed due to a huge activity on the social network, because of the constant demonstration of personal life, and the constant desire to post your photos in a format disapproving of your partner. There may be mistrust due to the ease of starting communication with the opposite sex. 

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You Respect the Desire of One Another in Development

It is known that finding a balance between professional activity and personal life is quite difficult. You may be too passionate about your work/hobby and spend too much time on the bottom, which is not to the liking of your partners. You can communicate closely with the opposite sex, risk your health, or your activity is simply not to the liking of those who are nearby. This could cause a serious collision. Green flags in a healthy relationship – trust in your soulmate, support, and acceptance of what is important for a partner.

Final Word

There is no perfect relationship, but you can always improve them together. It is important that the “green flags” work in both directions and that all participants in the relationship receive the same attitude towards each other. If only one of the parties seeks to behave respectfully and environmentally friendly, then this is more likely a “red flag”, which indicates an imbalance.

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