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20 Romantic First Date Ideas

When thinking of the first date, it is sometimes difficult to get out of the comfort zone and come up with something really unusual. Dinner, movies, bars – romantic first date ideas are repeated from year to year, from one to another. There is nothing wrong with this pastime, but it is very predictable. After all, agree, when you are waiting for an invitation to the first date, you probably know where you are going to be invited. We believe that first date determines the development of relationships.

It is known that the first impression of us is the most important, and you probably want to produce a good one. Nowadays girls don’t have to wait for an invitation from guys, they are free to offer a man going on a date. We have prepared tips useful for both men and women. If next time you are looking for ideas for a first date, just open our list and try each of our best first date ideas.

1. Be a tourist in your hometown

Where to go on a first date? You don’t have to go far! Arrange a mini-trip around your hometown. If you are going to invite a girl on a first date, then make a route through your hometown in advance. Imagine that you are tourists and see these streets for the first time. Learn some historical facts to make a real tour! You can bring a map, a camera to feel like a real tourist.

Have lunch at a café serving traditional dishes and take a picture near a local monument. And at the end of the first date, make a traditional gift — a magnet to remind your adventures. This first date will be remembered by both of you. But note one thing – warn your girl beforehand that you are going to walk a lot. If she wears high-heeled shoes, this idea will be a big disappointment.

2. Visit evening readings

If girls are looking for truly unique date ideas, this one is for them. As you know, there are public readings in many cities. Modern authors recite their own poems, and some read classics. If you don’t fancy listening to new authors, why not to recite yourself? Find a cozy place and arrange your own readings for a single listener. You may recite your own poems or choose some best pieces of classics.

Prepare well for such a performance: pick up an elegant evening dress and do a light makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. Make-up on a first date should not be catchy and bright. Show your natural beauty, because the real makeup for a first date is your smile and sparkling eyes.

3. Start learning a foreign language

Maybe you have always wanted to learn French, but did not have the determination to go to courses. Arrange a first date there! Besides, French, as well as Italian and Spanish sound very romantic. These things to do on a first date can be your favorite pastime in the future. And after such an unusual first date, you will be able to practice your knowledge over a cup of coffee in the nearest café. In addition, this is the first and very romantic date will be the basis for your leisure time for a long time, as people need something that unites them. Let it be the first brick in your happy relations!

unique date ideas

4. Master class

Have you ever been to a pottery painting or a cooking class? If not – believe us, it’s really interesting. You can try yourself as a chocolatier or an artist. The creation of something new brings together and gives sweet memories. During this date you can be close to each other and see your partner in an informal setting.

5. Amusement park

Oh, this is a leader of the fun first date ideas! Impressions will be unforgettable. Try a cotton candy, ride a roller coaster. Challenge your boyfriend in archery or compete in dances. If you want to spice it up a bit, the main prize can be a kiss (or even a French kiss).

6. Picnic

Simplicity has its own uniqueness. When was the last time you ate in the nature, sitting on a checkered blanket? If the weather is good, and you know a beautiful park, make a few sandwiches and go on a date. It is possible to bring some good takeaway food and thermos with hot tea or coffee. Alternatively you can arrange a bottle of wine (don’t forget an opener). For more fun, bring a kite, or cards to play.

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7. First date for intellectuals

It is known that birds of feather flock together! Finally you have found someone who prefers intellectual entertainments, but how to surprise this person? Smart people may also need good first date ideas. So, here is a great one! With the help of friends organize a quest game in town for the two of you. Look for something interesting: for example, a disc with a film, which you can watch together, or tickets to a fashion show.

Team game always brings very close. In addition, you will see each other’s true self: if your partner is emotional or not, the way he or she thinks, whether he or she is able to give up. At the end you will be much closer to each other than after a standard meeting in the café.

8. Look at the sky

Nothing is equal to the starry sky. Take a walk under the night sky full of stars in the park or just sit on a bench, enjoying the heavenly beauty. Just lean back and try to count the stars together. It’s unforgettable. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Charity work

Speaking about great first date ideas, we cannot but mention the charity work. It globally teaches us to be better, to share, to think about others and to change the world for the better, but also it’s a great way to show what’s important to you. Try to do it together, help homeless animals, spend a day with children or help elderly people. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to see how your partner behaves with others.

10. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so take the opportunity! A Breakfast date is a non-binding meeting, not burdened with alcohol, and a fun start to the day. In addition, you will have a great reason to get up and leave if expectations failed.

11. Bowling

Among cute first date ideas, bowling is in the top of the list. It is a great way to test how competitive his spirit is. Whether you can play or not, this activity will give you an opportunity to have fun and relax. In addition, it opens wonderful horizons for flirting, as your boyfriend will be able to show you how to play bowling.

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12. Ice-rink

Going to the rink is a good way to melt the ice… better in a figurative sense, of course! Both an open and closed rink can be very romantic, and then it’s always so nice to warm up in someone’s arms! This idea is the best for a cold time of the year, especially during Christmas holidays. The romantic spirit is in the air! Don’t lose it!

13. Theatre

Most people don’t consider the theater as a perfect place for creative date night ideas, because they do not realize what amazing emotions it brings. Definitely, it is better than any movie! You can see live acting with true emotions. And going to the cinema requires nice looks. It is a great chance to show how elegant you are.

14. Wine-tasting

This date gives you a legitimate excuse to calm your nerves with a couple of wine sips. To study something new together is a great way to establish communication on the basis of common interests.

15. Chinese tea ceremony.

If a tea ceremony for you means something bigger than a glass of “Lipton” on the way to the office, then we recommend starting with a visit to the tea room. Soothing exotic atmosphere, fragrant herbal selections, and calm conversation will certainly leave a pleasant impression about the date. Also you will learn something new about the culture of another country. Isn’t it great?

16. Classic of the genre: a restaurant

If you have a romantic mood, then don’t neglect a dinner in a quiet cozy restaurant as one of the most romantic date ideas. Pleasant conversation, beautiful interior, delicious food and light wine – most of the girls will appreciate this. And after dinner, be sure to take a little walk around the evening city. Surely, you will be rewarded with a kiss.

17. Dinner of on the roof

Romantic dinner on the roof of the house is an unusual date, but interesting. Your girl will be pleased to see how hard you tried to impress her. You should lay the table in advance, put candles, and prepare music. Bring a blanket on the roof, there may be wind, and make sure that your chose one is not going to catch cold later.

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18. Food festival

If a romantic date coincided with a grand festival of street food, then the idea suggests itself! Gastronomic events will allow you to get acquainted not only with the tastes, but also with the manners of the chosen one. The most important advantage over the restaurant is informal, relaxed atmosphere and complete freedom of choice.

19. Boat or steam-ship

These are definitely romantic date ideas for him. You can hire a small boat and row yourself or buy tickets for a river trip on a steam-ship. Both variants are nice and have their advantages. In the first option nobody will disturb you; in the second one you can relax and enjoy the view, while drinking tea with your chosen one.

20. Board games

Visit the café with board games and play a lot. In larger cities, shops selling board games host weekly events where you can come and play for free. That will be fun!
But even the best romantic date night ideas can be spoiled with a bad conversation. The key to success on a first date is a relaxed conversation. You should prepare for it, as well as questions for the first date.

Remember a few simple rules of pleasant conversation:

  • Talk as much as you listen. You’ll probably want to share a lot with your partner, but save some topics for future dates. But the key to a good conversation lies in the equal ability to listen and speak.
  • Don’t ask about too personal things. On a first date, partners sometimes go too far and ask too intimate questions. If you have a relationship, there will be plenty of time to get to know each other better, but for now enjoy the talk.
  • Be interested in your partner. A good conversation starts only when you are genuinely interested in the person with whom you are communicating with. Ask him questions and listen carefully to the answers.

Use our best first date ideas, add some creativity and enjoy being with a person you like. Good luck in building your perfect love!

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