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How to Have a Perfect Date with a Russian Girl?

Nowadays, the situation with dating has changed dramatically. If earlier it was possible to go only to the cinema or cafe, today there are many places where you can have a great time with your partner. Today we will talk about how to have a perfect first date with a Russian girl? It is important to know how to behave at the first meeting, what to say, if you do not want your date to become the last.

Best dating ideas

There are many places where you can invite a Russian girl on the romantic date. However, choosing a place, you should consider several factors:
• her lifestyle;
• the time she is willing to give you;
• your financial capabilities.

For 1st date russian girl there are suitable places where you have an opportunity to talk. At the first meeting you want to know more about each other in order to understand whether this person is suitable for you. Do not go to the club, because it violates the atmosphere of the sacrament of the first date together. It is necessary to give preference to a restaurant, a cozy cafe, a park and so on. The first meeting should be not only romantic, but also fun. Make every effort to get to know each other better and to get a lot of positive emotions from communication.

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    • Below are the best first date ideas that will help you make an impression on a Russian girl:
  • Camping. It can be a picnic by the river or even in the park. As a snack, you can bring fruit. It will not be superfluous to decorate the place with various attributes that will create a romantic atmosphere.
  • The rink. If your darling supports this idea, going to the skating rink may be the best place where you can get close. Joint skating can be very romantic.
  • Attending a humorous show. Many women appreciate the sense of humor in men, so why not go to some humorous concert and laugh together? This will help to relax, talk and defuse the atmosphere.
  • Riding a bicycle. Cycling is an ideal choice for those who prefer active rest. This type of 1st date russian girl will help you to bring your darling into a frank conversation and get to know her better. The main thing is to take your favorite food to have a rest with a picnic.
  • Amusement park. This place is ideal for fans of extreme sports. First date russian girl in an amusement park is guaranteed to cheer up both of you. Funny merry-go-rounds and slides will take you back to your childhood and allow you to enjoy this moment. Do not forget to show your care and support soulmate at scary moments.
  • Karaoke bar. First date russian girl in karaoke will definitely cheer you up and allow you to have fun. You can sing a duet best songs. The main thing is to agree in advance on this option with your companion. She might not like this idea. Do not forget to take a bouquet with you on a date, this will help to arrange the girl to yourself.
  • Cooking dinner together. If you want russian girls to date in a restaurant, perhaps it will be a bit trite. It is better to cook together your favorite dish that will help you open up to each other and speak freely on any topic. Joint cooking is very close, because during the process you will be able to learn the taste preferences of each other.
  • Wine tasting. Learn her attitude to alcohol. If she agrees to this idea, you can safely carry out the necessary training. Tasting will allow you not only to taste the the drink, but also to learn its history. Surely you will be wondering which way the wine went before getting into your glass.

What to say on russian date?

Before you thinking how to date a russian girl, you need to think about what topics you will offer to talk, and what questions you will ask your companion. We are ready to provide you with several first date tips that will help you to easily communicate with the girl. The first rule is to speak and listen. Surely you will want to tell a lot about yourself, but you shouldn’t open up right away, it’s better to save some topics for the next meetings.

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Do not forget that the date is organized for two, so you should not only speak, but also you should listen to your companion. The conversation should be like a tennis match, where the ball flies away and comes back. Do not ask straight away about the most secret. This will lead to the fact that the girl will immediately begin to close. Do not overdo with questions not to knock the companion out of a rut.

If your relationship develops, then you will have enough time to ask your question. Do not disclose personal secrets and charge a person all your problems. This may indicate that you made an appointment to simply speak out. Be sure to be interested in your partner. Mental conversation begins when you are really interested in the person you are talking to. However, do not turn the meeting into an interrogation.

Be original. If you continue to be with this girl in the future, you will always be able to discuss everyday topics in a weather-work-study format. Think of some interesting topic of conversation that will attract your darling. Do not forget that women are more emotional. If a man, while leading a conversation, relies more on facts, then girls pay a lot of attention to feelings, sensations and experiences.

If you decide to talk about a trip, tell her what unusual places you have seen and what thoughts came to your mind at this time. Pay attention to detail. Ask questions that require a detailed answer, which, in turn, will push to the conversation.

How to make a good impression?

    1. If you want your first date not to be the last, you should stick to a certain strategy:
  1. Interest your soulmate. Tell some interesting stories from your life. But do not open all the cards, it is better if there will be some intrigue;
  2. Build trust in yourself. Trust plays a very important role in rapprochement. A girl should see how you behave in different situations;
  3. Show your value. Your darling should see your relevance in society, even among other girls. This creates competition in some way.

Do not forget to give your partner small romantic gifts. These can be flowers, soft toys and so on. Thus, you will be able to position your companion to yourself and show her that you are not indifferent to her. Before you go to a meeting with a Russian girl, plan in advance the whole script of the meeting, not to create awkward situations.

The main thing is not to worry and always behave confidently. This will show your lady that she will always be safe with you. We sincerely hope that all the listed 1st date tips will help you to conquer the heart of Russian beauty.

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