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Romantic First Kiss Ideas

Why are we kissing? Someone will say that kissing is a cultural stereotype. Everyone around kisses each other – on streets, in movies, in books – everywhere. And everyone knows that in a romantic setting it is necessary to kiss. And how many different types of kisses were invented by humanity! We kiss friends and relatives, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends, husband and wives.

A kiss is a language of love. A classic book of love Kamasutra, was the first literature source that thoroughly described different ways to kiss. Modern scientists also tried to classify kisses having created a long list of their types. But we want to single out just main ones.

Different ways to kiss

  1. Kisses of love. They express feelings of love, can be gentle or aimed to get a further sex. A person shows his or her feelings with this type of the kiss.
  2. Passionate kiss. Precisely, it starts from lips, typically, with a “French” kiss, and can last very long or lead to an intercourse. In this type of the kiss tongue is used as well. People who kiss investigate the mouth of the partner with their tongue. Sometimes this can include slight bite on the lip or the partner’s tongue.
  3. Gentle pleasure. It is very sensual and short. You just touch the lips of your partner gently and fast. That’s the way people in long-lasting relations kiss. They want to show “I am here for you, I love you”.
  4. Friendship. People often kiss on the cheek or briefly on the lips. In this way they express friendship, warm attitude to each other. It does not hint any intimate relations.
  5. Licking kiss. It is a true romantic kiss. You have to kiss your partner slowly and gently with the tip of your tongue, swipe your soul-mate’s lips, as if licking them.
    Though, it is not that easy to do your first kiss, even if you kissed before. This situation is more common for girls. Let’s fancy the situation when you liked a person for a long time. Maybe you work together or study. Then suddenly something happens, and he invites you for a date! Of course, you feel too much tensed. When you think about a future kiss with this person, your palms are sweating and you are shivering because of your nerves and anxiety.

How to prepare yourself for the first time kiss?

Psychologists (sexologists) recommend prepare before the first kiss to avoid panic. They advise to stay alone in the silence, sit down and feel more comfortable. Imagine your loved one. Then imagine how you touch his hair, look into his eyes.

first kiss tips

Note, first you can kiss him on the cheek, then kiss closer to his lips, and finally on the lips. Imagine how he responds to your kiss, his hands pressed against you, he kisses you passionately. Imagine it until the fear of a real first kiss disappears. After all, the magic of love so is natural, that everything will happen by itself. Don’t worry!

Still, to kiss is an art. You need to feel the proper place and time for it. If you rush, you are going to spoil everything. For this reason you may need our kissing tips for girls.

Kissing tips for girls are the following:

  • Be attractive! The main things are apleasant breath and perfectly clean teeth. And get rid of dry lips: apply a nourishing balm, and then use a lip gloss or lipstick. Your lips should tempt him so much that he could not resist you.
  • Do it yourself! That’s the main first kiss advice. If he does not know that you want him to kiss you, do not expect a miracle, take the initiative – come up and kiss him. His reaction will be the answer to all your questions about this. Sometimes men are even shyer than us. It is true that men feel awkward in the company of a beautiful girl. So, it is you who must break the ice.
  • Be closer to him. Touch his hand as if by accident, come as close as possible, but do not invade his personal space, as only a few people like it. In this case, try to use all possible tricks – stumble, grab hold of him, and so on, just to be as close as possible.
  • Make an accent on your lips! Boast of your new lipstick and demonstratively touch up your lips with it, lick your lips a couple of times. In short, do everything to attract his attention to your lips and mouth.
  • Play with your eyes! Constantly look into his eyes, give him glances. Thus, you will give him a signal that you do not mind to establish not only the eye contact, but also a “kiss” contact.
  • Kissing games! It is an interesting idea to play some game for a first kiss. It can be cards, associations, cities and so on. He will definitely lose to be kissed by you.
  • If you are already in relations you may want to spice up your kisses. Try then Strawberry kiss. Which kiss is best? Meaningful! Put secretly a strawberry into your mouth, get closer to the partner’s lips and while kissing pass the half of fragrant berry to him.

As we have already mentioned, men also need kissing tips. Not everyone can boast to be a Master of Kisses. But kissing is a skill that can be learned. Just have a little patience…and practice, of course!

Kissing tips for guys

So, here is the same situation, you are going to have a date with a pretty girl. How to impress her? Use our ideas!
– Compliments are the best foreplay before a kiss. There is no woman who would not be pleased to hear them in her address (admire not only her curves, figure, but also her human qualities).
– A kiss itself. You, of course, can be an Experienced Kissing Master.

first kiss advice

But then why do you need instructions on how to kiss a girl? Therefore, we consider it our duty to remind you (just in case) the basic rules of the first kiss with a girl:

  1. A kiss should be gentle. Move your face to the girl’s face, and to begin with, just touch her lips with yours. Give the girl time to respond you with the same. You touch her lips for a few seconds, and then you move a couple of centimeters away giving her the opportunity to return the kiss.
    Start slowly touching her upper and lower lips with your lips, without using your tongue. Tongue kiss is a very intimate thing. She may not like if you pushing your tongue into her mouth straight away. You just get used to each other, letting the kiss begin. So, do not immediately show the girl all your passion.
  2. While kissing do a soft pause. Gently pause the kiss, and whisper something very pleasant. For example: “I’ve been waiting for this so long.”
    The girl is guaranteed to feel goosebumps on her skin. She will be very pleased to hear how happy you are with your romantic kiss and how much you wanted it.
  3. Time for passion. Of course, to make the first kiss memorable for the girl, you will need to add passion. There must be just a few seconds of assertive and passionate kiss! Girls like to feel desired. But it is important not to cross the line where your kiss becomes annoying, vulgar and obliging.
    For example, when kissing, suddenly hold her stronger, allowing the kiss to become a little deeper and more intimate. Feel the girl’s reaction. If she continues to kiss you at the same pace as she was before – slow down.
  4. Diversify a kiss. You can bite her lip or tongue a little at the right time. Do it very slightly but playful. She will feel that you are relaxed and she will relax in her turn.
    Then, when the girl will describe to her friends how you kissed her, she will be full of admiration!

Don’t forget that there are girls who do not want to kiss on first date as they consider it indecent. Be patient, as you can easily destroy something which hasn’t started yet. Such girls can be compared to buds that need time for showing their true beauty. Remember that a man is like a gardener, the most patient gardener gets the most beautiful flower. Our first kiss tips would be incomplete without mentioning the place of the first kiss. It is very important.

first time kiss

If your relations develop into something bigger, you will always remember your first kiss. Not everyone is so lucky to have the first kiss on the top of the Eiffel tower or on the air balloon high above the ground. What are the most common options for a first kiss?

– You can kiss into a park
Pros: beautiful views are provided; not many people around, you won’t be disturbed with the curious looks. It may happen naturally in the isolated part of the park, on the bench where you sit for a short rest. If you are going to have a date in the cold time of the year, you will freeze fast and after a long kiss on the cold you are guaranteed to have cracked lips.

– In a café
In a café you will have a romantic atmosphere, especially if you choose a quiet café with jazz music for example. You may take a special private cabin, hidden from other visitors. Also you can order food and drinks. But you may be disturbed by the waiters who come to take your order.

– In the movies
It is the top place for a kiss for young people as the darkness is the best friend of them. Here are even special “places for kisses” in the last row. Though, the film may distract from kissing, yet, who cares about the movie?

– At home
If it is not your first date and the girl agrees to come to your place for “a cup of coffee”, it is one of the best places. You will have a complete privacy. And you can create the romantic atmosphere with the candles and rose petals. She will be totally impresses. Also arrange drinks and snacks, or fruits with vine. In such situation it is easy to move to a more serious step.
A guy can show him as a romantic one and take a girl for a ride in his car. It is possible to choose a beautiful place out of the city and then kiss under the starts. It is true, girls love romantic things.

– Unusual date
It is possible to organize a nice date on a boat at the riverside or go for a picnic. The atmosphere itself will push people to kiss.
Summarizing our first kiss tips, it is necessary to say that practice is the main thing. Maybe your first kiss will be clumsy, but with an every time you will become closer to each other, feeling needs of your partner. Discover new ways of kissing together, enjoying it. Practice makes perfect, that’s true for kisses as well.

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