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How to Organize a Speed Dating?

The speed of life is increasing constantly. People work a lot and lack a real human communication. Social media give only the illusion of relations as they cannot carry the warmth of touch and the happiness of presence. It is impossible to share a drink with your virtual friend. For these reasons young people have difficulties in finding their match. But there is a way out! Speed dating will come to the assistance.

Mini-dating parties (speed dating) were invented in 1998 by Rabbi Yaakov Deyo. Jacob and his wife Sue, living in the United States, became worried that Jewish girls had nowhere to meet young Jewish men to create a family. Rabbi was sure that the big city separates people, leaving no time for simple acquaintances, talks about anything, during which mutual sympathy usually arises. The old national Jewish tradition suggest, if not pimping itself, then some assistance in the creation of families.

And here, in the millionaire district of Beverly Hills, in a place called “Peter’s Café” the first express-date was organized. Late the combination of the theory and practice has led to an improvement in the speed dating format: each blitz date lasts 7 minutes, after which the interlocutors change. The popularity of these dating was increased after the release of the movie” Hitch”.

speed dating set up

The rules of the event are as follows: girls sit down at tables, and young people move from table to table after each warning sound. Thus, by the end of the event everyone will get acquainted with each other. Such a phenomenon as fast dating meets the request: the right time and the right place. It means that those, who are interested in relationships, will definitely come.

How does speed dating work

Participating in speed dating, you can make friends with 10-15 representatives of the opposite sex in a short time. For example, in Russia and Ukraine, express-dates appeared relatively recently, but many people have already liked them. Not always dating at such parties result in a marriage, but lots of fun and interesting time-passing is guaranteed for everybody. Let’s first take a look at speed dating rules and guidelines. The rules of speed dating are very simple.

A certain number of men and women meet in a certain place. Armed with nameplates, cards for notes and their own charm, the participants are divided into pairs and start the game. On each mini-date, participants are free to discuss everything except their career or place of residence (other taboo topics can be set by the organizers of the event). When the date time expires, the people, hosting a speed dating event, give a signal, and the men move to another table for a meeting with the next woman.

planning a speed dating event

Within a few minutes after each meeting, the speed dating participant makes notes about the impressions of the acquaintance in his card. If in the process of speed dating the participants liked someone, they inform the organizers about it after the end of speed dating. In case the feelings are mutual, the organizers of a speed date tell the phone number to both participants.

With all the simplicity of speed date, someone has to take care of their organization, so why don’t you do this noble deed – the connection of lonely hearts? You provide people with the opportunity to meet at a coffee table and chat, and they will pay you a small reward for your assistance. Start-up capital is not required to establish such a business, only organizational skills are needed.

    1. Here are two options for business development:
  1. You have your own restaurant or café for speed dating.
  2. You can conduct speed dating in a rented place. This option is considered to be a business from the ground up.

Planning a speed dating event

With the first option, everything is clear – organizational issues are reduced to the hosting and attraction visitors. In the second case, you must first find a suitable place. One of the best options will be a recently opened café, which hasn’t had time to get regular customers yet. Such cooperation will be beneficial for you and for the owner of the café, as he will increase the flow of visitors.

You should choose a café in the central part of the city or near the business center.

In such places, the café is filled only on working days during the lunch break, while in the evenings and on weekends there are almost no visitors. Express-meetings are better to be organized just at the weekend, so the owner of the café will be glad to cooperate. The atmosphere in the café should be cozy and comfortable, so that participants do not feel tensed.

    • If you want to know how to conduct speed dating, you should use our tips:
  • Currently, more and more people use the help of the Internet to obtain information. Your own website or blog for advertising will be a great help in the introductory campaign. Also, do not forget about advertising in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If you do not want to open your website, use specialized advertising platforms;
  • Surely you have met on the streets of your town some people dressed in funny costumes of cartoon characters, or students, earning money by distribution of advertising leaflets. Of course, this method is quite expensive; however, PR experts consider it to be one of the most effective. For it you will need people who can organize advertising in Internet resources, and through flyers and ads on the street. Naturally, their work must be paid. Don’t see it as unimportant expenses. Let it be your first investment into speed dating set up. You must know that the effect of direct contact with a PR agent often exceeds expectations and makes a person move from the dead point and take advantage of an attractive offer;
  • After your budged is increased, it will be good to encourage participants with small memorable souvenirs. It will make your company prestigious in the eyes of visitors and also work as advertisements.

Ideas how to host speed dating

The task of the organizer is to provide the participants with a pleasant atmosphere, order light drinks, sandwiches, fruits, etc. It is necessary to prepare the scenario of the event. For example, some owners of such agencies prefer to use the conversation in a romantic environment with the light music. As a rule, single ladies sit at cozy tables and gentlemen, who dream to meet their love, come to them. Often the conversation takes on maximum 10 minutes.

Surely, it is too short a time to appreciate strengths and weaknesses of the interlocutor, but it is sufficient to make up the first opinion. You can arrange dancing as well. Among the speed dating tips the issue of payment should be singled out. Collection of payment from participants should be organized in a tactful manner. It is not necessary to require the participant to give a certain amount of money after each evening. It is more convenient to organize a monthly subscription or just an entrance fee.

speed dating rules and guidelines

You can set up a monthly fee in the form of a subscription for your services. Let it be a club for lonely hearts. Also you can offer specific services, for example, an additional fee for attending a theme evening or for the selection of candidates with certain characteristics. There can be bonuses for a participant who brings new member as well. You can encourage visitors with a drink. It is advisable to offer light drinks.

Excessive amount of alcohol can significantly diminish the dignity of the candidate in the eyes of the opposite sex. The main point in this business is to make your meetings interesting and popular. You may be in need of extra fresh ideas.

Speed dating party ideas

  1. You can organize a theme party. It will be especially nice before Christmas and New Year holidays. Participants are asked to wear a special outfit, a mask or maybe just a small decoration. The place of meeting also should be decorated with the special ornaments and symbols of the holiday.
  2. If your budget allows, hire a good animator. This person can warm up the audience and help everyone to relax. Different contests or dances will bring people closer.
  3. Avoid too loud places. After all, people will come to talk. The tables should not be too close to each other. There must be some kind of privacy.
  4. Don’t change the place of your meetings too often! Let people know the exact place. Word of mouth will be of great help for your company’s popularity. It would be nice if the owner of café allows you to keep some ads of your evenings or photos of parties. New clients will definitely come to you.
  5. If you have the website of your company or at least a page in social networks, you have to collect happy love-stories and positive feedbacks from your clients. People tend to trust reviews. You can ask your ex-clients to post their photos with a soulmate whom they found at one of your meetings. Also you can make a vote for the next theme of the party. Let your communication with clients be regular.
  6. It will be good to offer your clients a questionnaire before the meeting. It can be made through your website, email or page of your company. You may wonder how it can help in planning a speed date event. The answer is really simple. Having collected questionnaires of your clients, you can organize party according to it. It can be a party for sport-lovers or for intellectual people.

Don’t worry if now you have no idea about how people match, as you develop your business, you will become a date and marriage expert.
Speed dating is a great idea for business. There will always be shy, busy and lonely people who need your assistance in finding true love. Be creative! You are going to do a great thing – help people to be happy.

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