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10 Unique Hen Party Ideas

Wedding is such an exciting event that in the constant hassle the bride just does not have time to pay attention to their own hen party. So, she cannot do it without her friends. The bridesmaids have to organize the party to be remembered by the bride for her life. This requires thorough preparation and a creative mood. To help you in this responsible matter we have chosen for you the best hen party ideas.

1. Smart hen party

Smart is new sexy! Despite all the stereotypes, intelligent girls also get married. And they want to get all the fun on the hen party including the intellectual fun. If you have such a misfortune as a smart friend, and by some miracle she’s getting married, respect her IQ, and give her a hen party right in the cinema.

You will need some special hen party decorations. Buy champagne and oysters, put on beautiful dresses, pearls and feathers, and watch a couple of old or art-house movies – isn’t that a standard of intellectual evening for the creative elite? There will be a gramophone instead of DJ.

You can prepare a collection of your favorite photos of your friendship and trip down the memory lane. The same trick can be done with a book. If the future bride has a favorite book or a writer, it is quite a party theme.

hen night party ideas

Note! You can rent a whole hall in almost any cinema, but if you need to save money, just find a cozy room in the anti-café with a projector and a good screen. You can also arrange some games to play, e.g. charades or monopoly.

2. Hen party with dressing up

Instead of a “girls holiday” you can organize a kind of a “men’s bachelor party”, to which friends will come in male costumes. There will be necessary all hen party accessorieswhich are normally used by the real gentlemen: smart tuxedos, snow-white shirts with bow ties, hats, suspenders, pipes and cigars.

From women’s life, take only high-heeled shoes and a black cosmetic pencil: it is good to draw mustaches and a beard with the help of it. The bride’s outfit can be slightly different, for example a black dress and a veil. Unique photos are guaranteed.

3. Feast for the body

Among hen party packageswe want to single out a Spa hen party. After all,what can cope with pre-wedding excitement better than Spa? Perhaps, only a cosmetic procedure!Go together to a Spa salon and enjoy the truly girls atmosphere.

If you do not want to go anywhere or you are in need of the economy option, the beauty salon and Spa can be arranged at home. It is possible to apply nourishing masks on your faces, do nail polish and or whatever you like.

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In addition, this hen party will have the maximum benefit for hair, skin and body. As we all want to be the most beautiful at the wedding! It will be good to prepare some snacks as well. Beauty needs lots of efforts, so you will definitely be hungry!

4. Quest

If you are searching for cool hen party games, this is the best option for creative people. For example, you can arrange an interesting quest. Also this hen party is a great idea for those who love different surprises.

During the quest, the main character travels around the city or one of its districts and finds different clues and notes, solves puzzles, each of which helps her get to the place where the main part of the hen party will take place.

There must be some prize for the bride for having solved all puzzles. It may be a cake or a little gift that will remind her about this funny adventure.

5. Travelling

If you want to hang out loud, why don’t you go to the other city together or maybe even to the other country? Of course, this trip is more difficult to organize than going to the bar, but this experience will never be forgotten. If you decide on such a format, you will be provided with unforgettable stories like in a movie.

Choose a city that is known for its clubs or some special bars. This format of hen parties girls’ nightis also good because the trip always allows you to really escape from an everyday life and its routine. You need to think about all sorts of things to make it really cool.

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Plan how to get to the other city, what to do on the road, what games to play, what movie to watch, what to drink and eat, and what music to listen to. Note! Take care of accommodation in advance: book an apartment, better not a hotel because you are going to produce lots of noise.

It is good rent anappartment in the very heart of the city and make sure that there is a place nearby to go in the morning for breakfast. Maybe you will want to go to a strip-bar and have many cocktails. It is okay, but still be reasonable. Don’t let the bride do things she may feel sorry for in the morning.

6. Outdoor games

A cool hen party will succeed if you spend it, playing paint-ball in a shooting club. Alternatively you can choose a laser club if you are scared ofbruises on your body (paint-ball shots are really painful!). Thesehen party themesare suitable for sportive brides and their girlfriends who share similar hobbies.

Two hours of “shooters” will not only cheer you up, but also will charge you with energy, which is so necessary for everyone on the wedding day. But, this party is for emotional girls and those who are fond of sports, or just for those who are tired of all the wedding fuss.

Psychologists say that there is nothing better than to let off the steam by “shooting down” your problems. A visit to a shooting range can cope with it easily!

7. Going to a master class

A good topic for a hen party is a master class. This is the case when you are able to have some really interesting and useful time, as well as learn something new. Mostlythis party idea is for calm girls, who don’t fancy getting drunk in the company of a stripper or similar hens night ideas.

You can choose a cooking class or a lesson of photography. There are lots of options. The main thing is that it must be interesting for the bride and her friends. After the master class you can have a dinner together and share your impressions.

8.Hen party ideas at home: pajamas-party

Bachelorette party in the style of “pajama party” is especially suitable for home birds. In addition, surrounded by the closest girlfriends, relatives and sisters you will certainly be able to relax as much as possible before such an important event as the wedding. Make a delicious menu: cupcakes, favorite drinks, various fruits – the things you need for a fun and warm hen party at home.

hen party ideas at home

Don’t forget about hen party invites because the guest must follow the pajamas “dress-code”. That’s why everyone should be warned in advance. It is also possible to share responsibilities among friends. Someone must prepare food, while another person arranges hen party accommodationand its decorations.

Of course, to avoid being bored, you should include special contests, games and other small entertainments into your plan. Creative idea: you will need lots of balloons. Then, the bride will write her fears and worries of the future family life on some of the balloons. These can be jealousy, family routine, misunderstanding and so on.

On the rest of the balloons she must write her best expectations. After that the bride has to burst the balloons with her fears and keep only pleasant ones. This is both a game and a great psychological technique to get rid of the inner discomfort.

9. Oriental hen party

Oriental topic has become popular quite recently. Moreover, for a hen party in the Eastern format you do not need much effort.It is a perfect variant for cheap hen weekends.If you spend an evening at home – decorate the room in the style of fairy tales “1000 and 1 night”, choose the appropriate music, outfits and fragrances.

You can watch some Eastern movie. For this occasion aroma candles or sticks with the smell of cinnamon, sandalwood, or roses will be perfect. It is also possible to buy some special Eastern sweets. And don’t forget about good tea. Additionally, you can invite a belly-dance for a master class at your party.

Arrange some kind of belly dance costumes in advance. Then every girl will feel like she is a seductive dancer. By the way, what a man can refuse a private belly-dance performed by his beloved woman? This skill will be always appreciated.

If you don’t want to stay at home, visit a restaurant or café with an Oriental cuisine. Don’t forget to make a lot of photos. Bring a good camera or hire a professional photographer.

10. Retro theme party

If you had an idea to organize a theme party, remember: in this situation, everything should correspond to the chosen style, beginning from the design and decorations to outfits and treats.For retro hen party, the whole style, even photos from the holiday, should be done according to this mood.

hen party themes

By the way, the style of 60-70s of the last century is now quite popular amonghen night party ideas. Arrangingsuch an event is not difficult.

For outfits you can ask your mother or even grandmother (probably they have something left from the time of their youth), hairstyles and make-up girls can make themselves, it is not a big deal. And then you should just go to a favorite café or a cozy restaurant and enjoy the conversations and the company of each other.

What can I give the bride as hen party favours?

It’s a mandatory part of the party. The gift should be definitely useful and pleasant. But it also must be a remarkable one. You can give something for their family that will be useful in their future life, but it can also be a gift only for the bride.

Give her what you think is right. You know your friend well. If she is a shy girl, don’t shock her with a gift from a sex-shop. Suitable gifts can be good bath towels, books, gift certificates, Spa certificates, expensive alcohol, things for a bride’s hobby, wedding garter, handmade jewelry, a master class related to what the bride is fond of.

In short, there are lots of options to please her. It will be nice to prepare some small memorable souvenirs for all guest of the party – a hand-made bracelet, a photo in a photo-frame, a funny magnet etc.

    • The rules of the hen party
  • Arrange a hen party a week before the wedding. If it takes place in a stormy fun and in the company of alcohol, then you will need time to recover strength and emotions.
  • Be sure to consider all the details. You can hope that everything will be fun and joyful, but we should not compare a hen party to an ordinary Friday night party.
  • In any case, never try to get to the bachelor party to the future spouse. Trust is the key to a good relationship. Let the beloved man spend time as he wants.
  • Do not chase the scandalous scenario of a hen party, if you prefer to walk through your favorite park in the company of friends and have a modest tea party. Perhaps this is the day when you want quiet conversations on intimate topics.

In short, be creative, sensible and do your best to please your friend. Wedding is the thing that makes everyone nervous. A good hen party will help your friend to meet this memorable day with a smile on her face and great memories of her last days of the single life!

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