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Russian Brides in the USA

Recently, marriages with Russian women in the USA are becoming increasingly popular. Many men from the USA are looking for Russian women to marry. Let’s recognize together why these girls are so attractive. Men in the USA want the same thing. They want youth, sexuality, beauty, education, femininity, and tolerance of Russian women.

Some of them saw the example (from a relative, friend, colleague or neighbor) of a wife from Russia. Some of them read a lot, saw enough photos on numerous dating sites, and understood that Russian women in the USA are perfect. Someone visited Russia on business and cannot forget the thrill of sensations from a considerable number of attractive women who walk the streets of Russian cities.

They are more beautiful and feminine

It has long been no secret that girls of Slavic nationalities are considered among the most attractive in the world. Two things most often surprise tourists from other countries who come to Russia: the beauty of Russian women and the absence of bears on the streets. Besides, girls from Russia are more feminine, and they have a clear understanding of what is “male” and “female.” It is more pleasant to look after such girls because they have good manners and gentle nature.

They are “sharpened” for family

In recent decades, the latter tendency has become firmly established in the USA among women. They think that first, they career and only then a family. Women often get married and get children only when they 35 years old. It happens just after they have climbed the career ladder. This is the norm for them. Russian girls, on the contrary, tend to get married as soon as possible. Not all of them are psychologically ready for marriage and children at an early age, but almost everyone wants to have a husband who loves them.

They are faithful and devoted wives

It is widely known that in the USA women look at polygamous relations and betrayals differently. For example, it is considered to be normal when a wife introduces a husband to her lover, and vice versa. Russian girls are afraid to imagine something like that. If their r compatriot marries, then she is confident in herself and her chosen one. She does not need to seek to satisfy her needs “on the side.” When she marries, she consciously takes responsibility for her choices. Since childhood, they teach how to be good wives. A girl should get married as soon as possible. A single woman after 30 is a loser.

They are good homemakers

Practically every Russian girl, still in her childhood, learns about the importance of being able to cook and keep the house clean to get married successfully. Russian women in the US absorbed this truth “with mother’s milk,” and for many men from the USA their ability to cook and be worth keeping the house is a significant advantage.

They are not spoiled and capricious

According to some information for other men, Russian girls have a significant advantage. They are not pretentious and do not torture their spouse with their eternal tricks. They gratefully appreciate what they have, and instead of a scandal over another stupid reason, they think about what else good can be done for their man. Men say: “picky – this is not about Russian women!”

They support patriarchy

Every year, women are becoming more emancipated, independent and feminist. However, we cannot say so about Russian women. They are more dependent on men psychologically and financially, and they still have strong patriarchal foundations. Russian girls in the US, unlike native girls, clearly distinguish between roles in the family and do not compete with their husband for a leader.

Some men look for unique, often artistic natures in Russia:

  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Chess players
  • Other talented personalities

And they fall in love with a woman and her work madly. They are ready to support her all her life, to make her able to keep creating. Others like Russian openness, emotionality, sincerity, and warmth of character. They want beautiful, well-groomed, self-conscious, well-educated women in the role of wife.

They like that Slavic women are quite intelligent and educated. They give shine and significance to a man just by being near. Almost everyone loves that Russian wives need husbands — not only their money or sex but also initially a man by himself. Some men just want a young body and incendiary sex. And they do not care about her inner world.

If sex suits then they marry. Others only want sex, but they do not think of getting married, because often they are firmly married. This category, unfortunately, is widespread. These come up with beautiful and sentimental stories (mostly about the wife’s complete sexual failure and her inattention and ignoring him).

And they take women on vacation a couple of times secretly from their wife. Someone can no longer have full-fledged sex with his wife or a permanent partner and is trying to “revive” himself by a short affair with a Russian beauty. These, as a rule, are quite wealthy and can afford to spend money on a woman.

They seem to buy a tour at some exotic resort and “a woman is included in the price.” Someone needs a nanny for children if his wife threw him and left his children. And some people need a nanny for himself. They need it to clean, wash the dishes and to take care of his elderly mother or beloved dogs.

Someone is looking at single Russian women in America as a potential money earner in the future when he will be retired, and his wife will still work and earn money. What is bad? First, he will pull her up to the level, then – she will pull him. Russian women are loving and hardworking. They both work and maintain a home and raise children.

It is beneficial for a man to offer a woman a hand and a heart and a place of residence, and in return to get a wife, mistress, house worker, cook and nanny to her children. Also, she can receive benefits. If a woman in marriage gives birth to a child, in the event of a divorce, it will be his child. No one will leave a child to a foreigner who does not have a job and her own home.

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