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Why Older American Men Marry Young Russian Women?

Many Western men prefer to marry Slavic women. And lonely people over 40 are more often interested in precisely young girls. Let’s see why older American men marry young Russian women?

Would a young Russian woman be interested in an older man from USA?

Do Russian women prefer older American men?  This question interests many western representatives of the stronger sex.  After all, Russian ladies are famous for their beauty, caring and docile nature, so almost everyone dreams of such a wife.  In turn, Slavic ladies also value foreign princes for a number of positive qualities that distinguish them from Russian compatriots. Women love stability. Many of them believe that they are getting married once and for all life. They believe that older men are much more serious about relationships and marriage than young guys.

After all, modern youth lives in times when the concept of love has been transformed significantly. Therefore, most Russian beauties are looking for older men who can provide strong partnerships.  An important role is played by the material side. Mature men, as a rule, are financially secure and able to realize themselves in life. Western men have an unusually high level of intelligence. There is always something to talk about with them. They are able to fill everyday life with absolutely new, bright colors. It is unlikely that among Americans you will meet a person who is counting on the help of parents or other relatives.

They succeed on their own. It is the single-mindedness of men that attracts Russian beauties. Americans are hardworking and very enterprising. They can make money even on the silly idea. An important advantage of foreign men is complete freedom in the relationship.  This does not mean that they allow treason, they simply do not control their partners in the same way as Russian men do. They will not secretly read messages on your phone or ask for passwords from social networks.  Americans are not jealous, this quality is considered a sign of bad education.  In financial terms, they are quite rational, but not stingy.

They can easily pay for a woman in a restaurant or please her with some gift. In the USA, men since childhood are taught to be independent. Therefore, they are not looking for wives who will be their “moms”.  Americans want to see next to them a reliable friend and equal partner. Such husbands will be the perfect choice for independent and motivated women who have their own goals in life. Slavic ladies prefer men to lead in relationships. Despite the fact that many ladies are interested in self-development, they still do not mind having a strong male shoulder next to it.

would a young Russian woman be interested in a older man from USA

These girls are always ready to sacrifice their ambitions for a strong family.  Age is one of the pledges of security. Mature men are able to find a way out of any situation, without showing unnecessary emotions.  Some ladies are looking for older enthusiasts to get paternal love, although they usually deny it. Russian women want not only to create a strong family, but always to be the center of attention. They love being treated like treasure. Western men always clearly prioritize. They are interested in the plans and opinions of their soulmate.  Foreigners are not whimsical in everyday life.

They will not take you to the kitchen to continuously cook food. Many men can serve themselves. If a girl expresses her desire for self-development, she can freely count on the support of her partner. In the USA, representatives of the stronger sex do not support the self-sacrifice of women for the sake of the family. They like when they are surrounded not only by beautiful, but also by strong ladies who are constantly developing and improving.

Russian girls through the eyes of Americans

Russian beauties attract the attention of many Americans. Some men dream not only to have an affair, but also to create a strong marriage with a Slavic lady. These girls stand out for their brightness, well-groomed and spectacular. They pay much attention to their appearance. Even the usual trip to the store turns into a walk down the runway. Impeccable makeup, beautiful hair, manicure – without this, the girls would not even go out.  Most Americans say that Russian wives are great hostesses. They cook tasty and are hospitable. Some representatives of the stronger sex claim that Slavic ladies are very unpredictable, and besides, they like to command men.

Ladies, as a rule, choose companions of life several years older.  This is explained not only by material security, but also by ordinary wisdom, which comes with years and life experience.  Americans who have had experience with Russian girls say that they are very interesting companions. They have something to talk about and they are always ready to support any conversation. These women are not just beautiful, but also smart. They know how to hide all their flaws and highlight the merits. Slavic ladies are strong in spirit and ready to do for a lot of things for relationships. Foreigners consider them the standard of femininity. Men to carry such girls and unquestioningly fulfill all their desires.

Russian woman be interested in a older man from USA

Women always try to become best friend, psychologist, beauty consultant, doctor and so on for their life partners. Do not think that these beauties are afraid of difficulties. You can always count on care and emotional support. Unlike restrained American women, Slavic ladies are quite liberated in relationships. They can take the first steps, absolutely not hesitate. They are easily offended, but they depart very quickly.  Slavic women are caring and generous. They are very insightful and always ready to support the council. It is very difficult not to fall in love with such girls.

How to conquer the heart of Russian beauty?

Russians, like any other people, have their own characteristics. To conquer the heart of the Slavic beauty, you need to put a lot of effort, because these girls love when they achieve.

There are a few tips to help you conquer your object of sighing:

  1. Compliments, and again compliments. All women love being praised. They are ready to listen forever about how beautiful and attractive they are. Girls like to be admired.
  2. Do not be too intrusive. Despite the fact that ladies love men’s attention, their excessive obsession is a bit annoying. You should not call your soulmate every 5 minutes, especially when she is busy. Instead of pestering her with your questions, find out how she feels and in what mood she has. Thus, it will look like interest and care, and not as control.
  3. Be a gentleman. Politeness and gallantry are guaranteed to bear fruit. Russian ladies appreciate courtesy very much when they open the door in front of them, help to remove outer clothing and so on. Do not forget to give them flowers, because this is a very important part of the process of courtship.
  4. Make an unforgettable date. If the girl is for the first time in your country – arrange a tour for her and show the most famous sights of your city. Talking about history or architecture can be easily change to more personal topics. A good idea would be a trip to any exhibition. Tell her some interesting stories about a particular exhibit. Women like multifaceted and educated men.
  5. Do not forget about romance. Romantic acts allow ladies to feel special. After all, Russian men rarely pamper their women with such amenities. Invite a girl to dinner in a place where there is a romantic atmosphere. Order her favorite dish and turn on her favorite tune. This will not leave anyone of the fair sex indifferent.  A good alternative would be a picnic. Camping with your favorite food and drink will open up to each other. Russian ladies are very naive and direct. They will definitely appreciate a romantic walk on a yacht or dinner by candlelight on the roof of a high-rise building.

Slavic ladies are quite shy, especially on first dates. If this is your first meeting, try to take more initiative. Discuss an interesting topic for conversation and be sure to be interested in the opinion of the girl. Prepare some funny stories or jokes, just don’t overdo it. In communication girls appreciate simplicity and sense of humor.

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