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Russian Women vs American Women

Looking for a soulmate?  Want to find the perfect wife? Then the topic of our article “Russian women vs American women” is for you. We will tell you about the main differences of the representatives of these two nations. We will talk about cultural values, how they behave in everyday life and in society. In general, we will reveal all the secrets! So, let’s get ready to rumble Russian girls vs American girls.


Many foreigners, including Americans, coming to Russia are amazed at how long Russian girls devote to their appearance. Many people apply careful makeup and beautifully styled hair even when they go to the nearest supermarket for shopping.  But a date or meeting with the parents of the groom is perceived as an event of the century.

Appearance russian girl vs american

And you need to be fully armed. However, many men are annoyed by the fact that a Russian girl can spin for three hours in front of a mirror. Also, in the pursuit of fashion, many women may overdo it in a foreign country. For example, in the United States its “brilliant” outfit can pass for the image of a night priestess.

But in most cases, girls demonstrate good taste and amaze overseas grooms with their well-groomed appearance. Also, they have an ability to look great even in a dressing-gown and cozy slippers. Americans more easily relate to their appearance.

Some women think that there are many other more important things than standing in front of the mirror for hours.  They cannot find such a huge arsenal of cosmetics and clothes.  But do not think that all Americans look slovenly.

Many people support their figure with sports, make fashionable hairstyles and buy beautiful things. But they are less obsessed with questions of appearance and may well go shopping in a home sports suit.

Family values

In family matters in the confrontation of Russian girls vs American girls win Russian women. The Russian almost from the cradle is preparing to become a good mother and caring wife. Most girls in Russia are married at the age of 25 years. After all, they are inspired since childhood that the most important thing in life is a happy and strong family.

Family values

Career for the Russian woman fades into the background, unlike American women, who very often become careerists and real business sharks. The girl in the United States first graduated from college, moving up the career ladder, and only then gets married and becomes a mother.

This happens around the age of 30-35, and the 45-year-old brides, who get engaged for the first time, do not surprise anyone in America. American women do not see anything terrible in entrusting the child’s upbringing to a nanny, if financial resources permit.  After all, many of them do not want to quit their job or training for the baby. 

In Russia, mothers and grandmothers are engaged in raising the younger generation. Most Russian women do not trust the babysitters, because they believe that the baby first of all needs motherly warmth and care.

Russian girl vs American girl

The question of home comfort among the Russians is in the first place.  Most girls who become wives are happy to become housewives and devote their free time to the family. American women are less scrupulous in this, because for them financial independence from men is most important. Russian girls are very attached to their family. Therefore, if you choose a wife from Russia, then you will have to maintain relationships with her relatives. In the USA, women are more independent and can get by with a simple postcard or a phone call for the holidays, instead of a feast in the family circle.


American women are more free in sexual morals. Some women do not see anything wrong with a “one-night date”, unlike Russian women. The girls from the United States are more relaxed in communication, they flirt, but without the bitterness that is inherent in women from Russia. They are happy to joke on “salty” topics and discuss issues of sexual preferences with their partner.

beautiful russian girls

Plenty of American men find Russian women online on dating sites. Many of them admire that Russian girls are shy in a bed. They will not openly discuss with a partner what attracts them in intimate relationships. They have a lot of taboos in terms of sex, so their partner is often difficult to understand what his soulmate really wants.

Attitude towards feminism

America is almost the cradle of all famous feminists who are fighting for the rights of women around the world. Nowadays, many situations have been brought to the point of absurdity. And men are sometimes afraid to pay a compliment so that tomorrow they will not get sued for sexual harassment.

But at the same time, American women are ready to defend their rights to the end. So many anonymous hot lines against domestic violence, crisis centers, and so on have been created. Gender equality in the United States comes first for most girls. The image of a confident and independent woman is firmly rooted in their minds. Hence, they do not want to sacrifice a career for the sake of family and marriage.


Often, this approach becomes the cause of divorce, because the man no longer feels like a getter or the head of the family against the background of a successful wife.

In Russia, the situation is quite the opposite. In some families reigns “traditional” patriarchy.  Many girls can tolerate a bad attitude to themselves for years and consider it absolutely normal.  But there is also a positive side for many men who live in the United States – Russian women look favorably on compliments and attempts to meet. They are softer in conflicts and more often the last word stands for the husband.

Behavior in society

In Russia, girls try to make a good impression on others. “What will people say?” Is the main fear of many women, so they try their best to emphasize their positive qualities. Especially, if partners are talking about meeting the parents of the potential groom, she will be ready “in full”.

Some girls specially bake cakes or pies to hit the future mother-in-law when they meet. Russians are well brought up in most cases. They know the rules of etiquette and know how to behave in society.


They are not ashamed to appear at a social or a corporate event. Be sure, that she will put on the best outfit, visit a hairdresser and make-up artist to make an indelible impression not only on her companion, but also on his surroundings. That is why Russian women in the USA are so popular.

Americans more simply relate to the opinions of others. They do not seek to show only their positive qualities, as they consider this hypocritical.  Often this approach is more honest, because a man will immediately be able to appreciate the character of the partner and understand how compatible they are in family life.

How to charm on a date a girl from Russia and the United States?

So, if you want to spend a romantic evening in the company of a Russian girl, then you should give her a surprise. In most cases, Russian women retain their naivety and childlike spontaneity to a very old age. Even if your darling is far from 18, she will surely enjoy a romantic walk on a yacht or a table booked on top of a skyscraper.

Russian girls “love” by ears, so you need to make her compliments. Especially pay special attention to her appearance, say that she looks good.  Be sure, she really was preparing for a date. Prepare a few funny stories, because if this is your first meeting, then be prepared that she will be shy and listen more. Be gallant and courteous all evening, ask her opinion and questions more often.

Russian Flirting. 100% Working Phrases to Flirt with Russian Girls

Americans love their partner to listen and show interest in her personality and achievements. If your soulmate is a career woman, then you should respect her work. From the compliments, even the most severe business woman will melt, but make sure that they are appropriate and without sexual connotations, otherwise you risk bringing on yourself a negative. A safe place to invite an American is an expensive restaurant. The partner will appreciate your broad gesture. If she wants to pay for herself, then do not mind, and then take an unexpected step, for example, give her a bouquet of flowers, send it to her work or home. A young girl can be invited to an amusement park to ride the rides or have a romantic picnic in the park or by the lake in a picturesque place.

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