Differences Between Russian and American Men

Differences between Russian and American men attract many Slavic women. Almost all the girls who have experience of communicating with foreigners say that they are gallant, know how to take care of and beautifully appreciate the fair sex. As a rule, these are independent young people who work hard and strive to be independent.  Among Americans it is difficult to meet a guy who is counting on the help of parents and is waiting for the inheritance left by his grandmother, which is often done by our compatriots. It is precisely single-mindedness that is one of the positive qualities of these men.

How do representatives of different cultures treat women?

Russian guys used to live surrounded by beautiful girls. Recently, they have become very spoiled by the attention of the opposite sex. They consider the beauty of the appearance, and the ability to take care of the beautiful ladies. Any weak and defenseless girl wants to see alongside a worthy companion who is ready to surround her with care and love. It is worth noting that Russian men and American men have completely different lines in rendering tokens and courtship for the lady they like.

One friend who has experience in relations with an American notes a number of positive qualities of her partner:

  • helpfulness and desire to please the half;
  • the ability to resolve issues in a loyal manner;
  • openness.

Let’s consider each quality separately, and conduct a comparative analysis of representatives of two nationalities. Foreigners are able to care for girls, in communication with them you can feel like a real princess. They always leave the right to choose and take into account your wishes. Before you plan a date, be sure to clarify what you would like this evening, perhaps you want to go to a Japanese restaurant, cinema or skating rink. You can feel free to share their own dreams and desires. Many Russians are accustomed to dominate relationships and drag the role of leader to themselves. Surely, every girl at least once had experience communicating with a young man who allowed himself too much, for example, decided which dress would suit her better, not listening to her opinion on this subject and so on.

American boyfriends can solve conflicts in a civilized way, they do not need to prove that it is his woman, a man who is confident in himself will not roll up scenes of jealousy. Temperament guys are very different from each other, sociability and emotionality are inherent in almost every foreigner.  Russians are used to being more modest; on the first date, none of them will indulge you with interesting and funny life stories, which cannot be said about new friends from America. They will be happy to discuss various topics, joke and tell funny stories that happened to him and his classmates in college.  Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules, but we consider bright representatives of both nationalities.

Russian men vs American men

The difference of views on women’s feminist moods

If you do not see anything wrong in the proposal to divide the cost of dinner in a restaurant in half, then you can safely start a romantic relationship with a foreigner.  At that time, as any man from Russia considers it his duty to buy movie tickets or treat a girl at his own expense, an American does not see anything wrong with everyone paying for himself.  If such a principle of building close relationships is unacceptable for you, it is worth seriously considering the possibility of such unions.  We do not claim that this situation will develop with your new acquaintance, at the first meeting you will be able to understand the position of the young man. At the same time, these guys remain kind, positive and caring.

Approach to the “conquest” of the object of praise

When it comes to the need to achieve the location of a girl who causes sympathy, Slavic guys are more persistent and determined.  They know all the subtleties of the mysterious maiden soul, and they realize that in some cases the answer to “no” means the need to try again.  They will not depart from the goal until they achieve the desired result.  In the event that the lady really made an extraordinary impression, they can continue courtship for a long time, sometimes more than one month. Foreigners are not so persistent, they can quickly retreat and switch to another beauty. If you are already in a relationship with a young man, then you are sure that you are more likely to make decisions about cohabitation and marriage together with a Russian.  While the overseas princes will not hurry to legitimize the relationship.

A foreigner will not expect from you actions that are familiar to your countryman:

  • compulsory daily cooking ritual;
  • household chores;
  • You will not be limited to the boring role of a modest housewife.

In the USA, men look at housekeeping somewhat differently.  If you decide not to do the dirty work of the house, people from special companies will take on this business.  If necessary, the young man will independently cope with the preparation of breakfast and the need to iron his shirt. There is no cult of self-sacrifice for women for the sake of the husband and children. In this country, husbands value the hobbies and interests of their wives and support them in their aspirations for self-development.

Much more important is your inner spiritual world than altruism and the desire to give up your own hobby, sacrificing your personal time and living space. But at the same time, family values ​​should remain in your priority. Representatives of the stronger sex want to see next to them a strong and successful girl who does not cease to develop, improve and look after herself. It is important for them to have a wonderful interlocutor, with whom they can share any questions and get practical advice.

Whoever you decide to tie your destiny to, do not forget that bad and good boys are found in any nationality.  Of course, among the views on life and mentality there are enormous differences, but if you meet someone close in spirit and temperament, then you can certainly build a gentle and harmonious union. Do not forget that any relationship should be built on the foundation of mutual respect, trust and sincere love. With all the components you will feel really happy with the partner. We hope that our advice will help you to find bright feelings.

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