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How Many Russian Brides Stay With Their American Husbands?

How many Russian brides stay with their American husbands? This question worries every foreign man who is considering the potential opportunity to link his life with a Russian bride. The phenomenon of marriages with overseas princes has become popular and widespread since the mid-90s.

In the recent past, girls dreamed of seeing the world and change their place of residence. Statistical information from the US Department of Justice suggests that in recent years at least 75,000 Russian women have moved to the states. They crossed the border of the country as brides of American citizens.

Why do Slavic girls dream of marrying Americans?

In order to understand why women want to create an alliance with foreigners, it is necessary to find out their main motivation.

Among the main reasons that attract beautiful women and make them want to connect their life with an overseas guy, we can highlight:

  • their ability to beautifully care;
  • respect for the weaker sex;
  • openness and ability to express own feelings.

It is not surprising that Russian-speaking women are looking for their happiness out their homeland. Grooms from the United States are able to tremble with representatives of the weaker half of humanity, cherish the brides and they are convinced that Slav women are the most beautiful on the planet. Of course, there are girls who pursue the goal of emigration.  After all, America is considered to be one of the most civilized and richest countries.

Since you are with a potential companion at a decent distance from each other, your communication is likely to start in virtual mode. You may have an absolutely logical question: how many Russian women are using American men to gain citizenship to this country? After all, no one wants to be just a tool to achieve the goals. Let’s try to figure out how not to become a victim and learn the true goals of a new acquaintance.

How many Russian brides stay with their American husbands

There are many lonely girls in Russia who are disappointed in the behavior of their compatriots, their views on life and attitudes towards women. If she had several unsuccessful attempts to create a happy union in the territory of her country, she could despair and seek her destiny abroad.  Every girl dreams of beautiful courtship, going to the cinema and romantic dates, of course, the woman will make serious plans for the prospect of a happy life together.

Starting a relationship with a Russian woman, you get an excellent keeper of the hearth, a good hostess who knows how to manage the household and at the same time always looks well-groomed.  For these girls in the foreground are always family values, comfort, dedication and trust with the satellite. They are well educated and can support any dialogue. With it, you will not be bored, and you will always find an occupation that will be to the taste of both.

Static data confirms the low number of divorce proceedings among mixed couples, so you can not worry about what you want to use to obtain USA citizenship.Each representative of the weaker sex is looking for stability, wants to see next to her a reliable person who is ready to give support, listen to her with understanding.  It is important for her to feel a genuine interest and sincerity.

Are you capable of actions that can surprise and delight?  Then you need to take action. If you decide to make an online acquaintance, try to clearly mark the purpose of your searches in your profile.  Among the representatives of various nationalities there are open and honest people, like those who seek to improve their position in society at the expense of the potential groom.

Your goal is not only to tell about yourself, but also to get to know your partner in correspondence as good as you can.  A banal exchange of short messages can be the beginning of romance you have always dreamed of. Try to analyze and correctly interpret the information received.  It should be borne in mind that the girl may not know English well. Therefore, ask her simple and understandable questions until you are convinced of the level of her language knowledge.

A woman who is in search of happiness, just like you, will be wary of deception.  After all, she will have to move to a foreign country, where she does not know anyone.  She will experience real stress, and she also wants to make sure that you are serious.

In the process of correspondence, listen to your own intuition, it will help you to reveal slyness from the new acquaintance.  We recommend you to use another simple method in order to make sure of the frankness of the interlocutor. Try to ask the same question, which will be formulated in different words at short intervals. If a girl lied to you for the first time, she will surely forget about her first answer and may get lost in her statements.

How to create an interesting profile for potential brides?

If you are sure that you want to meet an interesting person in the network, you need to take care of your attractiveness for possible brides. If you are determined to get acquainted with the purpose of a long and serious relationship, approach responsibly to specifying information in your profile.  A serious approach and filling in all the necessary columns will emphasize your seriousness.

Russian brides stay with American husbands

In order for self-serving persons not to waste their time on vain attempts to deceive, you can indicate that you are looking for a long-term relationship with the purpose of entering into marriage. Add that do not want to be a sponsor. Such a phrase will make it clear that to deceive you is not so easy.

So, in order for your profile to be popular and to make women want to start communication, you need to:

  • choose a suitable nickname that will be characterized by you on the positive side;
  • do not list too many requirements for girls, it is better not to specify specific parameters for height, weight, hair color and so on.
  • select the appropriate photo that you consider successful. Post photos without friends and girlfriends, ideal card where you can clearly see your face;
  • do not seem too romantic, of course, any girl loves beautiful words, but it should not be forgotten that lies and imagination easily betray themselves.

Your main task is to be attentive and behave as naturally as possible.  Ask a lot of suggestive questions that will help you create a portrait of the interlocutor.  Learn about her life priorities, goals and aspirations, attitudes towards marriage and so on.

How to recognize fraud on the network?

In the modern world of online dating every year are gaining more and more popularity.  This is due to the increased employment of people, sometimes a business person simply does not have enough time to meet in a cafe or on the street. Tight schedule and excessive modesty leaves no choice and forces to register on dating sites. It is not surprisingly, that in addition to people who really want to find a soulmate, there you can meet with fraudsters.

In order not to get caught in the network of dishonest visitors to sites, it is enough to be attentive and listen to the following tips:

1) Visually assess the plausibility and reality of the questionnaire of the lady you are interested in.

2) Demonstrate your interest with caution until you are convinced of the veracity.

3) Ask your friend to send her photo in real time or contact via video connection, the real-time dialogue will exclude the possibility to think over and prepare answers in advance.

Virtual communication will help you get closer and draw conclusions about the possibility and necessity of personal acquaintance.  If you feel that your communication should move to a new higher level, start planning a personal meeting. A one-on-one meeting allows you to set the necessary accents and priorities, and also to clarify how close you are to each other. During a real meeting you will be able to understand whether this lady is ready to stay with you and move to your country.

Your good attitude, ability to care for a woman and make compliments will help you to convince the partner of the seriousness of your intentions and help her to decide on the possibility and necessity to associate life with you.  For a woman, this is not an easy step; you must help each other draw the right conclusions. We hope that these tips will help you in striving to link your fate with an honest and find person who will share your views.

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