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Why Do American Men Want Russian Brides?

Russian women were considered the most beautiful at all times. They became queens, duchess, wives of sultans, great musicians, artists, writers. And when in the early 90s all the borders opened, the boom on Russian brides reached its apogee.

Foreigners came themselves or found intermediaries to grab a beautiful Russian wife. Today nothing has changed: foreigners crave a Russian bride. In this case, even a divorced mother has a chance to get married successfully.

Relationship with a foreigner

Why do American men prefer to marry Russian women? The thing is that Western girls massively plunged into the struggle for their rights and mired in feminism:

  • flowers and perfumes are not necessary;
  • compliments for them are equal to insult;
  • and courtship became a waste of time.

Of course, American men began to look for a way out and found it in the post-Soviet space. Now there are special agencies that are engaged in the selection of the bride for all requests. In general, brides for export. And the most exciting thing is that the language barrier, ignorance of laws and customs, an alien environment and the absence of friends do not become an obstacle to happiness.

A Russian woman is programmed to please the eye of her husband

She is well groomed and combed in the morning, well-dressed for shopping. She uses cosmetics and elegant clothes for walks and meetings with friends, whereas even French and Italian women wear spectacular dresses exclusively for social events. However, Americans choose Russian women not so much for beauty, as for housekeeping and the desire to have children. They want to meet a young woman who will love and appreciate him, and who will belong to him entirely, that is, will agree to marry him. It may sound naive, but these men want to be loved and needed.

American guy marry Russian girl

The most obvious factor: most foreigner men are looking for a bride much younger than themselves. The most sought-after age of women on different websites is 25-35 years old. They are already adult and independent, but still young and pretty. Guys under the age of 35 are not against getting acquainted with the same age or even an older woman. However, men who are forty years old or more prefer women 10-15 or even 20 years younger. Only a few mature grooms are open to the idea of ​​finding a foreign bride of their generation.

The realities of finding a partner abroad

In general, the reason why American men decide to look for a bride abroad is the same as the reason why Russian girls begin to communicate with foreign grooms: the balance of supply and demand. A person wants to find certain qualities in a partner, which he is not able to see at home country, so he begins to look at other options offered in the field of dating and discovers that what seems like an impossible dream at home is available to him abroad.

For Russian ladies, an ordinary American man is attractive. He has:

  • a house;
  • a car;
  • a stable job with earnings of several thousand dollars a month;
  • a desire to create a family.

Over the past few years, the number of marriages between Russian girls and Americans has dramatically increased, and this trend is not without reason. Obviously, for Slavic women, men from abroad are a kind of guarantee of stability and a better life.

Visual appeal

Foreign grooms are looking for brides among Slavic women because they seem to them more attractive than American ladies. Russian girls always look beautiful, feminine and elegant, and it doesn’t matter where they go – to the grocery store or social events. For many Russian ladies, it is just unacceptable to leave the house without makeup and neat clothes. As for American women, most of them think only about comfort. It is essential that they were comfortable in the chosen clothes and shoes, and whether they look beautiful at the same time is not such a significant thing. And since we know that men love by their eyes, it is not surprising at all that Americans are gazing at Russian brides.

Internal attractiveness

Of course, American men want to see not just a beautiful doll with a “cold” heart next to them. The ideal is a feminine and well-groomed lady who is kind, gentle and charming. Of course, many American women fit these criteria. However, they are often more demanding, materialistic and spoiled. They rarely compromise and try to be higher than men. American men need a woman who will keep an eye on the home, always support her man and do everything possible to avoid quarrels. This is precisely what foreign women see in Russian women. They are associated with warmth, care, friendliness, and they seem to be more kind and.

The desire to have a big family

Many American men dream of finding a wife from Russia because the local women dream of a big and happy family. These women cannot imagine their life without children. Therefore, when they marry, they get a child soon. And what about Western women? For them, a career is in the first place. And therefore, even after marriage, they do not stop working and get children only after 35-40 years. While American men want to become fathers as early as possible. They do not want to wait for 10-15 years to finally experience the joy of communicating with their child.

Thus, the interests of American men and Russian beauties in this matter are similar. That is why they find each other and create large families where happiness, love and mutual understanding reign. Do not be afraid of American men. They are just like Russian women and want to improve their lives and finally find family happiness. If you are confident in your foreign bridegroom and have genuine feelings for him, then you can quickly get married – you have every chance of becoming happy!

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