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Why American Men Love Russian Girls?

It has long been noted that American men prefer Russian girls, rather than their compatriots. Let’s look closer to the leading causes.

What American men think of Russian women

Model appearance

Many Russians can boast of excellent appearance – a beautiful figure and expressive facial features arouse admiration and envy of others.

Natural femininity

It is one of the main causes why American men dating Russian women. In comparison with strong, self-sufficient American women who zealously preach the laws of feminism, femininity and gentleness are inherent in Russian girls.

Although sometimes it annoys men when their girlfriend gathers for a very long time before going out, at the sight of the final result, the irritation from a long wait removes like a hand. Russian girls even at home look like before going out.

Sense of style

Most Russians love to dress beautifully. Moreover, they always strive to look awesome. This happens even during a trip to the supermarket. Such a desire for beauty gives an undoubted advantage over American girls, but it requires a lot of time and financial costs.

Love and friendship

Russian girls can be not only a good part of relationships but also a reliable close friend. They know how to listen, always give good advice, encourage and share your experiences. Russians will still provide the necessary support to their man.

Know how to make a man happy

Russian girls show wisdom in the relationship. They know that the happier their man is, the better and stronger their relationship will become. Russian women do not quarrel in public, are not demanding and do not try to re-educate men.

Russian girl for Americans

Culinary Talents

The ability to cook vaccinate every Russian girl since childhood and the saying that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach has already become the unspoken law of happy family life. But they do not accept critics about their dishes, so it’s best to refrain from commenting if you don’t want to eat only semi-finished products.

The need to comply

This characteristic forces American men meeting Russian women. Being in a relationship with a beautiful, intelligent and talented girl, you need to match her. If a man is not successful, does not want to pamper his beloved and carry on her hands, then the girl may think about whether she needs such a relationship at all. It is a strong motivation for many American men, prompting them to get better and improve themselves.

Language barrier

The poor knowledge of the language could jeopardize the nascent romance. After all, with a weak understanding of English, the girl will not be able to express her thoughts accurately, and some jokes of the American spouse may seriously offend her (although, due to ignorance of the language, American humor may just be misinterpreted). If the feelings of men are so strong, then he can think about the prospect of learning Russian.

Strong character

Girls from Russia are usually open and friendly. But if you make her angry, then something terrible may happen. Instead of noisy scandals, they choose the tactics of ignoring, which can last for weeks. It is better not to anger your Russian chosen one. These character is also a cause why American men love Russian girls.

Russian jealousy

Even if an American thinks about another woman, the Russian beauty instantly finds out about this and arranges such an interrogation with a bias that even the Gestapo people didn’t dream of. Russian girls are very carefully watching to ensure that a woman does not appear among their men who can make up at least minimal competition.

Male competitors

The beauty of Russian women blinds all the men in their surroundings, so the American boyfriend should be wary of competition for her heart. But you should not indulge in excessive suspicion, because it can lead to the fact that your harmonious relationship will gradually deteriorate due to baseless jealousy.

The right priorities

For a Russian girl, her man is in the first place in everything. Of course, this is commendable, but some moments can still be annoying. As, for example, the fact that for the attention of her beloved she is ready to compete with his friends and relatives. Therefore, more often than not, the relationship between a girl and friends of her chosen one is not the best.

Family Ties

Russian relatives will be very suspicious of the beauty’s different choice at first, but if an American likes the family of Russians, then the whole breadth of the Russian soul will be revealed to him. A man faces a challenging task – to drink with all the relatives of his darling because you cannot offend her with the refusal of a future father-in-law or brother-in-law.

Finds a compromise

If relations with a girl from Russia have moved to a dangerous level, then it is worth thinking about in which country you will have to live. After all, the Russian woman, most likely, will miss her relatives and friends who stayed at home.

On the other hand, an American who is accustomed to the standard of living and comfort of the United States will find it extremely difficult to adapt in Russia. This situation will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to find compromises. This skill will be useful in many aspects of life with a Russian wife.

The best choice

Definitely, Russian girls have a lot of virtues; relations with them can become bright and happy. But do not forget that everything is individual, and it is not correct to look for a life partner basing only on her nationality.

Reviews of American men who have dated Russian woman

Javier Cepeda, Researcher, California

At that time, when we met with Natasha at VictoriyaClub, she was 22 years old. American women at this age are still like teenagers, but Russian girls seem to be intellectually more mature at their twenties. Russian girls are more attached to the family. For example, if the question of moving somewhere far from a family arises, a Russian girl will think 100 times. But for an American, the location of the family is not necessary, and everything is continually moving somewhere.

Russian girls have a more developed outlook; they know more about the world. They will never go out in their pajamas, without bringing the face and hair in order, and the American women do it all the time. I was attracted In Natasha by a sense of humor and a passion for travel. She is very easy to climb and is always burning with the desire to learn and discover something new. And, of course, my wife is very beautiful!

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