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Why Would Russian Girls Want to Marry an American?

Every Russian woman has seen so many American films that sometimes this country may seem as familiar as Russia. Many dream of moving to live in the United States, and girls want to marry an American. But films are one thing, and real life is another. Let’s see closer why Russian women want American men to marry.

Do Russian women really want to marry American men?

Americans seem to Russian mostly as rational and practical people, aspiring to be masters of their own lives, and in general, this seems to be true. For American men, it is very important to have a fully equipped home and a prosperous family, so they work hard and strive to increase their income levels constantly.

The big plus for Russian woman is that their past has absolutely no value for American men. An American will be interested in him not out of jealousy, but to better understand her today. In fact, he doesn’t care how many novels she had before him, so she can safely tell how many husbands she had, whether there are children and other similar moments without fear of a negative assessment.

What is interesting, despite a somewhat rational and calm attitude towards a woman and life in general, there are many Romantics among Americans who believe in a happy family and true love, with which they will be together until old age.

Why do Russian women want to marry American men?

Another feature and the significant advantage of Americans is complete freedom in relations. But not in the sense that they are allowed to change, but in the absence of control and trust. He will never study her SMS or try to hack an account on a social network, and also check whether she was really where she said.

Love relationships for them are not only romantic feelings with sex but also friendship. But true friendship is impossible without trust. Jealousy in the United States is not only peculiar to most men but is also considered a sign of inadequate education. After all, if you or you are jealous, then there is no trust, and if there is no trust, then there is no relationship.

Why do Russian women want to marry men from the USA?

Americans value women freedom, not seeking to be a housewife and able to combine life and profession. Directness, honesty, and openness are highly respected here and are characteristic of almost all Americans, women and men, even in sensitive matters. If you want to use the toilet or become sick with your stomach, then you can say so directly, without fear of a negative assessment, even if this is the first date.

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In the matter of money, American men are rational, but not stingy. That is why Russian women want American husbands. Emancipation is voluntary, so they can quickly pay for a woman in a restaurant and give her gifts. But they do it not from gentlemanly and patriarchal motives, but from liberal ones. A woman is entirely perceived as an equal person so that he can pay. As well as a woman, because first of all, you are friends.

The disadvantage is that at first, it will be difficult to understand how your American friend does something or speaks out of politeness, and when it is sincere. But it is a matter of time, and gradually you will learn to understand such shades of communication well.

A woman should also not be surprised if he does not offer to pay for her flight to the United States for dating – this is not from greed. Simply, US citizens are accustomed to a high standard of living, and the cost of air tickets is not a severe waste to them, and any working person can afford it. If this is a problem for her, it is better to say it directly, and not try to bring it to a solution by hints, as is often done by Russian couples.

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Often, the expectations of Russian brides are not met. Being a housewife, fully living at the expense of her husband in the United States will not work. And again, this is not about greed. In the USA, self-realization is of great importance for every person, which they call the famous expression “American Dream.” Therefore, if a woman stays at home and does not work, it means that she has psychological problems or she cannot do anything, that is a failure.

Yes, this term is used equally in the United States concerning both men and women. And Russian women that want American husbands start liking this. Russian women who do not have an American education find it harder to find a job, so most likely she will be employed in the services or trade sector, or help her husband in his business. Moreover, the posts and salary, with formal employment, as Americans are very respectful of the very concept of the law and strive to do everything “according to the rules.”

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Even if her husband is rich, she will still not be able to sit without work, but she will have to do business that he gives her. The most important thing, in this case, is to make a marriage contract correctly, which is considered the norm in the USA, otherwise, after a divorce, she can be left with nothing, and even in a foreign country.

But, despite this significance of personal and professional realization, Americans find time for the family. They are excellent fathers who will never go to drink beer with friends instead of spending time with children and family, which is very important to them.

At the same time, they are entirely independent in everyday matters – if the wife is unwell or is delayed after work, he will prepare dinner for himself and the children, not considering this to be an individual act. The same applies to cleaning and all household chores as a whole – in the USA they are not supposed to be a typically female responsibility, therefore, those who have time for this at the moment prepare, wash and clean.

Since childhood, little Americans are taught to be independent and responsible, so men do not tend to see his wife as a “mommy” who will look after him. Therefore, Russian women who are independent and goal-oriented, and do not dream of sitting on her husband’s neck, but have their own goals in life, want to have an American husband.

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