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What to talk about on the first date with a Russian girl?

The very first date is always of a great importance. The first impression lasts long. Surely, you may disagree and tell that the first impression is misleading, but let’s be honest, if you screw it up, you won’t have a second chance to produce a good impression.

If you are going for a date with a Russian girl, you are double tensed. You think about different mentality, language barrier, cultural background and millions of other things. You do not know how to beave and what to tell. Calm down! You have come to a right place!

What to talk about on the first date with a Russian woman?

  • Compliments

Women of all nations love compliments. So, you should start the conversation with a compliment, but it is important not to overreact. For example: “Your eyes are like an ocean. When I look into them, I am ready to drown”, will be too much because it sounds artificial as if you are a hero from the book. It is better to emphasize her beauty in simple words: “You look good!” or “In reality you are even more beautiful!” There are lots of options, depending on the situation and imagination of a man.

  • Sense of humor

Russian girls have good sense of humor, so they value witty jokes and guys who can make them laugh. Is this something you’re okay with? Then, go ahead! A man who makes a girl laugh will enter her circle of trust easily. That doesn’t mean that you have to memorize a few jokes and then retell them. Really funny stories are not written in the collection of jokes. A sense of humor is the ability to represent the situation in a comic way. Let it be two or three jokes, but told in a proper moment. It is important to understand that you should never mock your girl, especially if you do not know her well. At best she’ll leave, at worst she’ll tell you what she thinks of you.

After a good joke, you can proceed to more serious topics, such as: “Where do you work? / What do you study?” After receiving an answer about where she works, ask her professional advice. If she is a professional hairdresser, then you can ask: “And what hairstyle will suit me?”. A girl, who is a fashion designer, will tell you about the fashion of the season and so on.

  • Hobbies, interests

This is perhaps the most universal topic for a first date. You can ask what she enjoys doing in her spare time or what her hobbies are. All Russian girls have a hobby of some kind. They enjoy hand-made artwork, embroidery, knitting, scrapbooking and many other things. It is important to try finding common topics as it will bring you together a little and relieve tension. Also it will allow learning more about each other and planning further meetings taking into account common interests. Excellent topics for conversation on hobbies are: favorite music, movies, outdoor activity, sport, books.

  • Journeys

It is possible to discuss journeys for a long time. Discussing impressions of other cities and countries is easy and fun. You can talk about interesting places where you have been and about places you would like to see in the future. This is quite an emotional topic, and with the help of expressing your emotions, it will be easier to establish a contact between you. You can show her best photos from your trips. It will help you if the girl does not speak good English.

  • Favorite food

You may ask what cuisine is preferred by the girlfriend, what drinks and dishes she likes. With this information, you can learn a little more about each other and plan further dates: to go to a pizzeria or to a sushi-bar, or go to a coffee shop and drink hot chocolate with her favorite cakes. If she offers you to try some traditional Russian cuisine, you have to agree without hesitation. It means that she wants to you to get acquainted with her culture. It is a good sign for you.

If you know how to cook, do not hesitate to tell your interlocutor about it. Most of Russian women go crazy about men who can cook well. And in the future, invite her to your place and show the skills of a chef.

  • Prepare in advance

You can’t predict the outcome of a date. Think of a couple of stories you can tell if you need to. Maybe she is not a talkative or feels shy, but you should avoid awkward silence anyhow. Choose a funny story. If you managed to make her laugh during your date, it means that things are going well.

  • Use your fantasy

Don’t be boring and predictable. Ask “what if…” kind of questions.

“If tomorrow were the last day of her life, what would she do?”, “If she became a man for one day, what would he be like?”, “What if you were on an uninhabited island?”

But don’t turn your date into a job interview. First, tell about yourself, your passions, and then ask her opinion. There’s no need to dwell on it. If you constantly talk about how cool you are, the girl will soon lose her interest in your person. Russian girls do not like boastful men. They believe in actions rather than words. But at the same time, you should not talk about problems at work, conflicts with the boss or failures in personal life because you will create an impression of a loser and a whiner. The fact is that people like to communicate with positive, successful personalities rather than listen about the difficulties and misfortunes. You have to radiate energy.

In short, the first date with a Russian girlfriend is a nervous thing for both of you. Remember that for her you are a foreigner and she feels excited just like you. The best advice can be given is simply to enjoy your time with your dream girl and make her smile.

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