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Volgograd women

Volgograd (from 1925 to 1961 the city was called Stalingrad) is a city located in the south-east of the European part of the Russian Federation, on the west bank of the Volga river. The city is the administrative center of the Volgograd region. It is one of the biggest Russian cities. The total area of the city with a population of 1, 018, 790 people is 859, 353 sq. km. The city is known as “Hero City” due to the fact that the bloodiest battle of WWII took place here.

Volgograd statistics

In the Volgograd region, there are 1,159 women per 1,000 men. Such data, as reported by the News Agency “Vysota 102” was published by Volgograd city statistics. Thus, at the beginning of 2018, the number of men in the region amounted to 1167.6 thousand, and women – 1353.7 thousand.

It is noteworthy that in the younger and middle ages the number of men prevails over the number of women due to the greater number of male infants born. But the equalization of the sex structure and the subsequent excess of the number of women comes after 38 years, which is associated with higher mortality of men. This is caused by the fact that men have weaker health, abandoning regular physical exercises and consuming a great amount of alcohol.

Naturally, young Volgograd girls face the problem of finding a boyfriend. Shortage of men, eligible for creation a family, pushes ladies to find their matches in other cities or abroad. That’s why Volgograd girls gladly consider dating with foreign men.

Why are the girls from Volgograd the most beautiful?

These girls are kind and sensitive. And kindness makes people even more beautiful than nature. In Volgograd there are representatives, probably, of all nationalities and nations of the former USSR. So, this fact contributes a lot to the special beauty and uniqueness of the girls of Volgograd. Even those girls who come to Volgograd from other countries, become more beautiful here. The fact is that Russian women try to look stylish, attractive and charming because it is very important for them. Maybe that’s why they are popular with foreign men. Foreigners who come to Volgograd say that local girls dress here as if they are going to a disco. These women are neat, so they look elegant.

Also these ladies enjoy doing various kinds of physical activity. You can find lots of fitness clubs, yoga and dance classes, gyms and so on. One of the popular new activities is cheerleading.

This year, national competitions of the Russian Cheerleading Federation took place in Kazan. The Volgograd team participated in the tournament. Girls from Volgograd became the first in the discipline of Cheer-freestyle groups. 12 teams from different cities fought in this category. As you see, Volgograd girls are not only beautiful; they are also sportive and full of energy.

Character of Volgograd women

Volgograd women in Russia are thought to be very sociable. They usually have a lot of friends, which is why it is so difficult for them to do without a phone. Sometimes in Russia it is called “to sit on the line”. That means spending hours chatting on the phone. These women often see each other: discuss their life problems, recent events, tell secrets, and consult. In case anything bad happens, American women run to the psychologist, while Russian ladies just buy a bottle of alcohol, a cake, fruits and go to see their best friends. This is a kind of a psychological therapy for them.

Where to go in Volgograd?

Volgograd has long attracted lovers of fishing, environmental and sports tourism, and with the development of entertainment infrastructure, the city has become popular with ordinary travelers who are in search of new experiences. Also many foreigners, captivated by the charms of Volgograd girls, come to the city with the hope to find a true love.

Speaking of popular entertainments, it is worth mentioning Volgograd high-speed tram. It is an important symbol of the city and is truly unique. The reason is that part of the tram line runs underground, so the trip on it will always remain one of the most favorite attractions for the guests of the city.

But where should you go to see dressed up girls in all their glory? Surely, you have to experience the night life of the city.

Volgograd at night is no less attractive for those who want to have fun and meet young ladies who like active social life. The most popular with the local youth and tourists is the bar “Druzia” (“Friends”) with its relaxed atmosphere and a wide selection of alcoholic drinks.

Bar “Gorchitsa” (“Mustard”) will be interesting to visit for those who want to enjoy some of the best cocktails in the city. But the pub “Beergeek” (as you can guess from the name) will be the best place for lovers of beer. However, the beer pub “LOFT1890”, located on the territory of the historic building, will be no less attractive for beer fans. In the same building you can find a big art-space used for concerts, workshops, master-classes, art galleries, and performances. This is a great place to go if you want to have a good-quality time.

For lovers of spacious and cozy bars, where you can enjoy a private atmosphere, it is useful to mention such place as “Bukowsky Bar”. For those who want to show up themselves in all their glory (and, in particular, their vocals), it is worth mentioning the karaoke bar “Selfie”.
Volgograd is a nice city to visit and to try your luck in meeting the most beautiful ladies in Russia. These girls are sweet and sociable, being open to new acquaintances. Plan your trip right now and be lucky in your search!

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