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Do Russian Women Cheat? Fact about Russian women cheating

What is the most unpleasant thing about relations between a man and a woman? I guess that is cheating of any kind. Indeed, good relations cannot be built on lies and deceit. But lies can be different either small or big, or even so-called white lies. The worst lie is the one which is meant to scam you and deprive you of your money or other material values. Such liar doesn’t see you as a person, but as a money bag. That is really awful! There is quite a popular questions considering how hot Russian girls are. It sounds like “Do Russian Women Cheat?”

There is an opinion that more than a half of internet dating profiles were created by scammers. And if speaking about the nationalities, the leading ones are representatives of the Slavic nations – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. Though, many foreigners still do not differentiate these nations, regarding to all of them as “Russians”. Due to this sad fact, many foreigners believe that Russian women are all scammers. Is that true? And if it is so, what scam schemes do they use? How to avoid scammers? Go on reading and see yourself! Do Russian women cheat?

Russian women cheating?

Are Russian women open to cheating affairs?

First of all, you cannot judge about the whole nation by one of its representatives. Yes, there are scams as well as genuine cute girls who really want to find love and marry a foreigner.


You may wonder why good girls come to the dating sites, looking for a foreign groom. Why are they single and why do they want a foreigner? Well, there are a number of answers. Some girls had negative love or marriage experience with local men. So, they want to try a man with a totally different mentality. The second reason is that in Russia there is a shortage of men eligible for marriage, and girls have to find a match elsewhere. That’s why you have to remember that not everyone is a scam dreaming to get your money. Even is you know some Russian girl cheating her man.

But Still

Still, some women are professional scammers, using perfect schemes for years. She will find all secret keys to your heart to make you fall for her.

Very often a man can become a victim of the cheater who uses a fake account. A man in love is unlikely to guess at once that instead of a beautiful girl Natasha from Russia, a pimply student Vasya corresponded with him. Usually scammer gets acquainted with dozens of victims and writes them almost the same letters, slightly edited. Scammer always has a tragic story to tell, one that can soften even the hardest heart. And after a couple of months a foreigner in love cannot imagine his life without his Russian babe. He wants to see her live and even willing to pay for her trip to him or to give money for her sudden and very serious illness. It is such a success for a scammer. The most talented scammers can be getting money from naive and loving foreigners for months.

What should make you feel suspicious in communication on dating sites? 

Reputable sites like VictoriyaClub or TenderBride have several levels of protection. However, here is the list of things to consider.

  • a small number of photos;
  • bad quality photos, but she is ignoring requests to send additional ones;
  • rejection of video messages on Skype (in our time!);
  • declaration of love in the first letters;
  • the abundance of common phrases about “love, dreams, future happiness” and a minimum of personal information in the letters;
  • constant “adventures” both good and bad. She will tell about accidents, broken arms, legs, illness, buying a new home, etc.
  • too intrusive communication of a virtual fan.

But even if your girlfriend does nothing of the above, and chats with you for hours, receives your video calls in Skype, you are not safe.

Very often Russian girls agree to meet with a man to get some expensive gifts from him. Surely, you can surprise your lady with a diamond ring or a cell phone, but I hope you won’t do that on the first meeting, do you?

Another scam scheme created by Russian girls is to ask a man for money for a ticket and visa. She will tell about some additional travel agency fees and so on. Don’t dream of meeting her in the airport. She won’t be coming because she has already spent your money on something else,

Scams on Dating Sites

Alas, there are more and more scams on dating sites, but at the same time there are not so many naive foreigners. And now, in parallel with the dating sites, there appear such sites as “Is she a scammer?” or “Stop scammer” for foreign men. There you can check the bride for a fee or free of charge. On the latter, by the way, you can find the addresses of marriage sites, which, in their opinion, are entirely created by scammer agencies. Such databases have already been accumulated in the network in a great amount.

dating site

It is interesting to know that some foreign sites even offer men meticulously calculate the percentage of probability that his lady from Eastern Europe is a banal scammer. Unfortunately, sometimes in such black lists you can see quite ordinary women from international dating sites, who in communication with a man simply complained about the lack of money, a disease or some large unexpected expenses.

To conclude everything, I would like to tell that international dating is a dirty business. It created lots of cheating schemes. Be very careful not to become one of their victims, But remember, everyone is not the same. Your dream girl from Russia maybe a real woman searching for love. In this case you’d better catch her and never let go!

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