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Russian babes looking for men older than 30

If someone says “Russia”, what are the associations, arising in your mind? Let me guess, you have thought about Russian winter, bears, vodka and Russian beauty girls. Indeed, there are many pretty ladies in Russia. They know how to look their best, how to behave, they are caring and hot. It is true – a wife from Russia seems a great option for many single foreigners.

They use all possible means to get a dream babe from Russia. Girls, in their turn, are ready to relocate and build a family abroad.

Russian babes looking for men older than 30

Why are international marriages so popular among Russians?

The reason of it roots deep into social processes of Russia. A Russian woman always wants a family, security, and peace. Young girls, having looked at experience of their mothers in Soviet times when it was necessary to work as a workhorse both at work, and at home and, at the same time, to try to look good, and all this in any way wasn’t appreciated because the husband was a couch potato or a drunkard.

So, these girls want to consider extra options. They want a family, children and some of them also want a luxurious life. They dream about going to a rich country. For them, it is identical to the fact that tomorrow you will be all in expensive furs, rich jewelry, driving a posh car. Foreigners, knowing the peculiarity of the first Russians, who went abroad (namely, they formed such an image of a nasty woman that will deprive you of your money), write in their profiles in marriage agencies that the girl should not dream of an expensive car, a big house, and if she expects that she will be showered with jewelry, then this is also not his option.

But it is wrong to think that all Russian women are gold-diggers or marriage migrants. No, it is not true. There are many genuine girls who dream about true love with their Prince Charming from abroad.

The surprising fact is that even young hot ladies prefer mature men over 30 years old. Surely, if a woman is over 30, she should not be looking for a boy of the same age as her son. But what moved young girls to look for older men?

Russian babes looking for men older than 30

Why do sexy Russian babes looking for men older than 30?

It is believed that Love knows no age or bounds. And many sexy Russian babes made this saying their life motto. They believe that age is just a number in the passport and see nothing wrong in building relations with men who is 15 or 20 years older.

You cannot be calling them fortune-huntresses because they just have another way of seeing things.

Let’s try to look from their perspective. Here are 5 reasons to choose an older man

  1. Men over 30 are mentally mature. It is true, when a young girls starts dating with someone of her age, she feels like a kindergarten teacher. Psychologists proved that girls become mature earlier than men. She can be dreaming about family and kids, while he still wants to hang out in a club and have only one-night stands.

A mature man knows what he wants from his life and how to get it. He is not like a monkey jumping from one tree to another. He has his goals, his faith, and a vision of his perfect match. This quality is very attractive for young Russian ladies.

  1. Foreign men over 30 do not manipulate and do not understand manipulative behavior. This is really a plus, because Russian men think one thing, say another, and do the third. Many foreigners are not familiar with such “a method of seduction”, so they do and say what they think. They do not play games. In this sense it is easy for Russians to communicate with them. But it is not easy for them to understand Russian girls. Due to this fact, foreigners keep talking about a mysterious “Russian soul”. But a girl should be a mystery for her man, shouldn’t she?
  2. Men over 30 can offer stability. As it has been said before, Russian ladies are very family-oriented. And they need someone who can be a head of the family. Young girls understand that a boy, who is a college student, has different life priorities at the moment. He needs to establish himself – to finish study, to build a career. A man over 30 is already established. He has his position in the society; he realized some of his ambitions. Also, he can provide a family with all necessary things, he is already dreaming of kids. Girls need such a man.

What Do Russians Really Want?

But some critics say that Russians just want a good life without efforts. Well, they are not right. Most of the girls are well-educated. They know how to work and earn money. They can take care of the family and household. In return, they want a man who can protect them. It is a patriarchal model of the family, nothing else.

Russian babes looking for men older than 30

To respond to the critics, sexy Russian babes say “ I want to have a good life with a man. I can live a bad life on my own.” I suppose, you can’t argue with that.

  1. Men over 30 are skillful lovers. Many Russian girls state that young men are egoists in bed who think only about their own pleasure and do not care about orgasms of his partner. Practice makes perfect – this regards to sex as well. A mature man knows that a woman’s body is an instrument, which he can play well.
  2. Men over 30 are leaders. Due to his life experience, he can guide and protect his woman. Such man is a head of the family, taking responsibilities. In a couple with a sufficient age difference, a man is like a stone wall, giving shelter to his younger unexperienced wife. It is a good family model for a certain type of ladies.

Hot Russian babes are pretty right in their search for mature men. These men offer support, stability and comfort both in emotional and physical aspects. After all, so many men, so many minds. Let your choice be the best one for you!

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