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Are Russian girls faithful?

For many foreigners Russian women are very attractive. Foreign men dream of having an affair with Russian beauties, some of them admit later that a short holiday romance has become literary the most vivid adventure in their lives. Others, taught by bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of Russian like the plague. At the same time, dating sites are full of ads that a wealthy foreigner will marry a Russian girl and even with children. Russian ladies have become a kind of brand – a brand of a good wife.

But what are Russian ladies really like?

In Russia, most girls get married before they turn 30 years old. But, despite the marriage, they continue to receive education and work. The Russian woman is reserved, easygoing and patient. She forgives a lot to her man and in some cases is really ready to be a brave Russian girl, about whom a classic wrote, “She would stop a running horse, and rush in a burning house.”

Though, in the nature of the Russian woman there are strong traces of the patriarchal type of the family, so the habit of “playing the second fiddle” in the family for many Russians is quite natural. If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a Russian girl, you have to love her and her family: Russian families are very strong and united. If you manage to earn the trust of the girl’s family, they will accept you as their own blood. But if you cheat on your Russian girlfriend, you’re dead. They will hate you forever. Russian families can be vindictive and dangerous.

Are Russian women faithful?

A foreigner, willing to marry a girl from Russia is often afraid to be left behind, especially if the man is sufficiently older than his woman. They think that attractive Russian girls see them only as a source of money, foreign citizenship, and a ticket to a better life. Well, such fortune hunters really exist. But the vast majority of Russian ladies are loyal wives. Russian girls believe that in a family, a man and a woman merge into a single one.

So, after the wedding, the foreigner will have to accept the fact that now he is a friend, husband, doctor, partner and psychotherapist in one person. All in one! Russian women devote their lives to a man and expect the same from him. She will give her entire self to her man. Abroad, on the contrary, a lady is focused on her self-realization and career. Women go to the clinic to their psychologist, and meet with friends once a week in the bar. A foreigner, who is not ready for the complete union of two lives into one, will be unpleasantly surprised.

Russian women are good wives and mothers. They are concentrated on their children (sometimes they even love them too much), and many Russian women deserve better husbands than those with whom they eventually spend their lives. But anyone who is familiar with Russian history understands where the difference between the images of the desired man and the desired woman came from.

How faithful are Russian women?

Russian women are valued for their faithfulness. They could wait years for their husbands and loved ones while they were away, and it never occurred to them to have an affair with another man. Russian girl can follow you anywhere you go, even to a North Pole. It rooted deeply in their history and culture.

They appreciate women’s faithfulness. A man who had many affairs was seen as a heart-breaker and a hero, while a woman who dated with many guys was treated with disdain. Most of girls were virgins before marriage.

Of course, there were exceptions, but unfaithful wives in every way are still disgraced and hold in contempt. There were girls who did not marry, deciding to remain faithful to the deceased or missing lover. It shows that the girls from Russia are very loyal, and if they fall in love, that lasts for a really long time. The Russian beauty will attempt to keep any relations even destructive for her, just to avoid a divorce. Russian women are willing to sacrifice. To keep the family is their main priority. Their personal happiness is often relegated to second place. In case of divorce, lots of women prefer to stay single and devote their lives to raising children.

Are Russian girls faithful?

Another interesting fact is that a Russian woman does not leave her close people behind. She is able not to drown and even save others. Russian woman does not leave anyone behind, literary anyone: neither senile old grandpa nor dummy children (and grandchildren), nor husbands (even those who does not deserve good attitude), nor even miserable stray cats that came to her doorway. She will carry all of them to her last…and who said it is a bad quality?

 But do not abuse her tolerance: if she really decides to leave, she will leave for good. Russians say that everyone has a barrel of patience. It relates to women to a greater extent. She can bear bad attitude of a man for years – his rudeness, cheatings, laziness and so on. But one day, the last drop overwhelms her barrel and all the pain turns into a tsunami that destroys everything on its way. Be careful not to overwhelm her barrel!

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