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Russian girls are beautiful, needless to say. But a foreigner will be surprised to know that some of the Russian cities can be called the places of beauty concentration. Samara is definitely one of them.

Samara is the ninth largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Samara region. According to the latest statistics, Samara ranks sixth among the cities of Russia in terms of population because it is home to 1 million 172 thousand inhabitants. The ethnic composition of Samara is very diverse. Here, as anywhere in Russia, the representatives of different religions and nationalities peacefully coexist. But according to the latest Russian population census, the most numerous is still the population of the Russian ethnic group which is 88, 1% of the city’s population. The Tatars are in the second place as the city is home to 3, 4% people. Also Ukrainians, Mordvins, Chuvash and representatives of other nationalities live in the city. So, in Samara you are likely to meet one of the canonic “Russian beauties” – snow white skin, fair hair and beautiful green or blue eyes.

Why are girls of Samara beautiful?

Here are a couple of theories why girls from Samara are so beautiful.

girls of Samara

  1. In Samara, as in any big city, most of the girls since ancient times have loved to dress in a very fashionable way, emphasizing their exclusivity in order to attract the most attention. Samara, being a modern and commercial-cultural city, has always been a fashion capital of the country with the biggest number of fashion lovers.
  2. In Samara, there is a large Volga beach, which is located right within the boundaries of the city, which allows all people to spend time there, wearing a bathing suit, of course. At the beach you can relax, look around, show off and sunbathe. Girls usually prepare for a new summer season in advance. They go to the gym, work out, choose the best bikini and so on. After all, many people go to the beach not only to sunbathe, but also for recreation, sports, communication and to look at others or show themselves, which is very good for self-presentation and courage, developing a lack of embarrassment.
  3. Cultural, industrial cinema enterprises from all the country were moved to Samara during the WWII (1941-45), as it was the second capital of the state. Among the people of culture there were many photographers who in 50-60s sufficiently raised photographic culture in the city. Photographers wandered around with cameras, which allowed them to shoot a lot of material, including people, thus accustoming them not to be afraid of photos and movie cameras. And as a result, many girls fell in love with photography as an art and enjoyed the opportunity to receive pictures from grateful photographers, just posing for photo projects. Professional photographers, taking pictures of Samara girls, replicated photos more than in other cities of the USSR, promoting the identity of the city as a photographic paradise. Samara is the only city in Russia where people really love to be photographed, without being afraid to pose for cameras even of passing photographers on the streets.

Where to go in Samara?

A foreigner, willing to meet girls in Samara, should experience the social life of the city. In Samara there are many restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs. It is easy to get acquainted with girls in such places. If you want you can always find where to have fun or an atmospheric dinner. Here are some interesting places to visit:

  • Churchill’s Bar on Lenin Avenue, 14, is a piece of England with the authentic cuisine and style.

  • Frau Müller on Novo-Sadovaya Street, 184. German restaurant Frau Müller, though located in Samara, supports all the traditions of the good old Germany. The main thing in Frau Müller is its atmosphere. You can see waiters in national costumes and listen to various German songs.

  • For beer lovers there are great pubs in the city, such as the real Irish pub, Shannon on Krasnoarmeyskaya, 1A. You do not come to a simple beer restaurant, but to a real part of Ireland with a national charm in the design of the pub, a friendly atmosphere, an attentive bartender, a good menu and darts competitions. Live music is available on weekends.

Where to go for a date in winter and summer?

  1. In summer on the banks of the Volga you can visit its wonderful beaches. People come here not only to swim or sunbathe. In the evenings you can enjoy the sunset. It is one of the best places to meet single Russian girls from Samara. From the river port tourists ships depart to the other side of the river or to the isles.
  2. In winter, several ice rinks are opened in Samara. For tourists, the most interesting skating rinks are at the waterfront. At the waterfront the rink is free. You can rent equipment here.
  3. A horse ride is the most peaceful kind of rest. It is useful for any age, helps to relieve stress and get rid of bad mood. And horse riding, I must say, is the most ancient pleasure of man. Therefore, for example, horseback riding in a Zagorodnyi Park is very attractive for couples.
  4. Chocolate museum in Samara on Sadovaya Sreet, 256 is a newly-opened place. Excursions are held on schedule or by agreement for groups. All of them are practical, which means that after an interesting theoretical part of the participants will have a master class, where they can make chocolates themselves!

Samara is a wonderful place to visit in any season as there are different entertainments for any time of the year. But the main reason to come to Samara is to see the real Russian beauty!

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