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Do Russian girls know English in Russia?

Every year thousands of foreigners attracted by the beauty of Russian girls come to visit Russia. They fancy how they would come and enjoy their time in a new country, get acquainted with the culture and national character of the people.

But the problems start exactly at the moment they leave the airport. Any foreigner will get puzzled to see that the tourist infrastructure is not well-developed in Russia. Surely, big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg can boast signboards and reference information in English, but the smaller cities are like a complete disaster. You can hardly find any helpful information in English. The same can be said about the service in cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Do Russians know English?

A surprising fact is that almost all schoolchildren are taught English starting from the junior school. But a foreigner will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that most of the adults cannot say a word in English.

“My name is Vasya”,“How do you do?”, “I love you”, “London is the capital of Great Britain” that is an approximate word stock of a common person from Russia. That doesn’t sound very promising for foreigners, does it?
Though, the curious fact is that the modern Russian language has a great number of English borrowings that substitute even existing Russian equivalents. “Meeting”, “speech”, “manager”, “dentist”, “forum”, “blogger” are the examples of this language phenomenon. These English words were simply transliterated with the help of Russian letters, retaining their original meaning. The funny thing is that young people may use these words in their everyday life, but they cannot speak even Basic English. Alas!

We cannot tell the reasons of such low level of education in foreigner languages. This matter is better to be left to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. But the fact remains as follows: the vast majority of Russians do not speak English. At the same time, there is almost a hundred per cent probability that any Russian person will try his or her best to help an English-speaking foreigner if he asks for the directions in the street. Gestures, winks, Google translate, all known foreign words from other languages – all these tools will be used to help you. Most of Russians are really friendly people.

Do Russian women know English in Russia?

Well, a common girl from Russia has such skills of foreign languages as it was mentioned above. But young students and citizens of big cities can boast having a more decent level of English. English is in fashion now, and many young specialists strive to study it because this knowledge will add extra points to their CV.

If you communicate with a Russian girl from the dating site, she may know some Basic English. Then the matter is left totally on both of you. If you want to develop your relations, then you must find a common language. You may keep fooling yourself and tell that when you meet your True Love, there will be no need for words. The Language of Love is understandable by everyone. Well, that is an illusion. During the first dates, looks and hugs, exchange of simple phrases in Google translate may be enough. But when your relations develop and there will be a necessity to discuss some serious questions, you will need to understand each other. It would be better if your girlfriend studies English. In case, she agrees to relocate, she will need good English. So, it is better for her to study the language right now.

Surely, you may be lucky to get a girl who is a professional translator from Russian to English or who is a teacher of English. There are quite a lot of such girls at the dating sites. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that most of Russian girls do not speak English well, in spite of the fact that they studied it at school or university.

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