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The best way to find a faithful loving Russian woman

Every man dreams of a girl, who is one in a million. She must be charming, sexy, smart, caring, loving and…this list can include hundreds of descriptions. In fact, everyone has his own standards of beauty and attraction. There is an opinion that girls from Russia are gifted with a great number of all imaginable virtues.

Is that really so? Is a Russian woman a living embodiment of man’s dreams?

Well, the truth is that nobody is perfect and every life story is unique. If you make a short investigation you will be surprised to see how controversial opinions of Russian women are. Some of your acquaintances will tell that the best love or marriage experience in their life was with a girl from Russia. Others, on the contrary, think that all Russian ladies are prostitutes and gold –diggers.  Whom to believe?

Both opinions are accurate in a certain way. There are truly good women in Russia. They are underestimated and humiliated by their boyfriends or husbands. These ladies can manage the household, raise kids, support their elderly parents, and surround a husband with love and care.

But there are many young ladies who are not that good. They believe that they are princesses and goddesses whom everyone must admire. Such lady won’t cook for you and won’t turn a house into home. She prefers spending time at the beauty salons, fitness clubs, and shopping malls. A man is seen as a sponsor and a ticket to a better problem-free life. I am sure you do not need this kind of a woman.

So, here comes the problem: where to find a good woman for relations?

What is the best way to find a faithful loving Russian girl?

As a matter of fact, there is no universal advice that tells exact time and place. Your true love may run over you at the supermarket or in the parking lot. Fate is a curious thing.

Nevertheless, fortune favors the brave. You should use all possible methods to find a woman of your dreams.

  • Decide what exactly you want

Are you looking for serious relations and building a family or just want to have fun? If you simply want to visit Russia, experience hot passion of local girls, there is nothing wrong about that. But if you met a girl online, chatted with her and promised eternal love, willing only to have a couple of hot nights…then it is very cruel of you. Women fall in love easily, so do not break their hearts just for fun.  Russian women appreciate honesty. Tell her at once what you expect from relations, it would be better to both of you.

  • Be self-critical

Surely, you don’t want to be perceived like a money bag. That’s why you must soberly estimate your real chances. If your passport says that you turned 55 last year, but you feel young at heart, you are fooling yourself. Let’s be honest, do you really think that an innocent 20 years old girl has been dreaming of a middle-aged foreigner with 3 kids from the previous marriage? Of course, not!

What to do?

Pay attention to a woman who is close in your age, maybe a divorced woman with kids. Do not be concentrated on stunning beauties if you look like a potato.

  • Work on a search strategy

It is not only about whom to search for but also where to look for. There are two major ways of finding someone – online world and real life. Let’s talk about both of them.

  • Searching for a lady online is a really challenging task.

What site or social media to choose if you want to find a woman from Russia? Well, sites with paid membership provide high-quality services and offer strong anti-scam policy, but they are really expensive. Also your communication with the lady will be strongly controlled by the site administration. If you want to go further and move away from the site, you will have to buy out girl’s contact details.

Free sites and social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are free to use. But it will be pretty hard to find a serious Russian woman. Such places are always full of scams and cheaters.

  • Meeting in the real life

If you do not trust dating agencies and sites, you can try your luck in the reality. Come to Russia for some time. You can experience living in this unique country and try finding your True Love.  It would be great if you join some language courses at the university or language school because it will give you an opportunity to meet Russian girls in the real life. If you have good teaching skills, you can get a job of an English teacher as native speakers are always in demand.

  • Moving to the next stage

Let’s fancy that you have met a wonderful Russian girl. What to do next? You must develop your relations. But please, be sensible. It is foolish to offer marriage after a couple of meetings in the restaurant. Give some time to both of you.

It is better to spend some days together in unofficial surroundings to see if you are compatible in daily routine and in bed. If you cannot stay in Russia for that long time, try to invite your love to live with you in your country. If it is not possible, go on vacations together. It will be a great test of you relations.

To sum up, you should use all possible ways to find your girl. Sometimes you need more than one try to be successful. Think of who you want to see by your side and what you can really do to get this girl. And remember, dreams are not enough; you need to act in order to succeed.

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