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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Girl

Interethnic marriages have always existed. It considered  prestigious to be married with a foreigner. Nowadays, hundreds of foreign men want to build relationships with Slavic women, as they are distinguished by extraordinary beauty and good inner qualities. However, not always a meeting with a Russian beauty can have a happy ending. In this article we will tell you all about The Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Girl.

 Advantages of Russian girls dating

Interethnic unions teach a society of tolerance and respect for the cultures of different countries. For the young ladies, there is the prospect of moving to another country, where she will be able to find reliable support, assistance in learning the language and cultural characteristics. For a man, this union will also bring a lot of advantages. Meet russian women means finding out what true love and care looks like. Ladies from Russia always care about those they love.

They are ready to make every effort to ensure their partners comfort and coziness. Besides the fact that they are beautiful, they are also faithful. These undeniable merits allowed them to win a lot of men’s hearts. Dating a slavic woman will allow you to get a good and reliable friend. Russian girls are always loyal to theirsoulmates. First of all, they want to find a common language with their partner in order to properly build relationships. Therefore, you can be sure that your life will always work like a clock.

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Russian dating is an exciting adventure.  Russian ladies are cheerful companions with whom you will never be bored. Most girls are very active. So get ready to ride bikes, go dancing, and long walks with them. Dating Russian woman will allow you to find not only a reliable friend, but also a personal chef. Slavic girls are real mistresses. Your home will always be clean, and there will be a delicious dinner on the table. Many women are ready to give  everything that they love, in order to preserve the home.

Such dedication is due to the cultural aspect, because for a Slavic girl, the family and children are always in the first place. These ladies can make miracles happen. Most Russian beauties are well educated. They know several languages ​​and are always open to something new. You can always talk to them about work and you will not be misunderstood.  f Western ladies are fighting for gender equality, then Russian women consider their husband a leader in the family and are ready to obey him.

They are always faithful to their traditions and family.  Women will do everything possible to save a happy family. They will go for any compromise, because the preservation of marriage is their main priority. For separation from their husbands, they will need a very good reason. Ladies from Russia are very modest. You may not see it right away (especially if you look at the photos on dating sites), but you can immediately make sure of it when you communicate in real life.

 Cons of slavic dating

Despite a lot of advantages, russian dating girls still have certain disadvantages:

  1. Different cultures. The inconsistency of traditions and customs can cause all sorts of differences, which subsequently lead to conflicts. Very often this is due to various aspects of life: culinary traditions, religious rites, daily observance of rituals.
  1. The language barrier. If your partner does not know your language well, this will cause certain difficulties in the process of communication. Sometimes it is very annoying. However, in our time, this problem does not occur very often, because the majority of Slavic women study different languages. If you communicate through a dating site, you can completely forget about the language barrier. Many sites have translators, thanks to which you can easily understand each other.
  1. The mass of censures from the inner circle. Very often, relatives and acquaintances begin to doubt the sincerity of these kinds of unions, and seek material gain in them. Behavior of relatives and friends can bring out of balance in life. This may lead to the fact that you will be faced with some kind of choice, or rejected altogether.
  1. Jealousy.  Dating russian ladies will make you always be on the alert. Russian women are beautiful and gorgeous. You must be prepared for the fact that other men will constantly pay attention to them. At first, this will not seem like a problem to you, but later it can be annoying (especially if a girl allows herself to flirt with members of the opposite sex).
  1. The distance. Thanks to modern technology, we can communicate with a person anywhere in the world. However, nothing will replace live chat. Too long correspondence may push a girl to the idea that you do not have serious intentions, and you are not going to take her to your homeland.

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Some nations consider it right to instill a sense of national pride in children from childhood. A lot of people consider that the family should be created exclusively within their own nation. Therefore, the fear of assimilation can interfere with your relationship. If you have serious intentions, nothing should spoil your romantic mood.

 How to be interesting for a Russian girl?

You need to understand, that a man for a Slavic lady is not a person in front of whom she will demonstrate her success and independence. This is, first of all, a reliable shoulder, a person with whom she will feel confident and protected. You have to show your courage. Be indulgent to her little weaknesses.  You need to be prepared for the fact that the girl will pay great attention to her appearance.  A woman wants to see near her a solid, and consistent man who knows how to take responsibility for the whole family.

Being good housewives, Slavic girls still will not refuse, if you want to participate in household affairs. Russian ladies carefully look for appearance. They always manage to look amazing, so they do not tolerate negligence. Another feature of the Slavic ladies is romanticism. That is the thing they would like to see in their partner. It will be useful to add a bit of improvisation and a touch of romance to your relationship. Slavic women are always waiting for their indifferent attitude from their men.

russian women dating

It is important for them that their partner is ready to come to the rescue at any time and, if necessary, be able to sacrifice something for the sake of the family. To conquer the heart of the ladies, you have to make a lasting impression on her. Stay a man, you need to be kind, loyal, honest and reliable. The representatives of the weaker sex always need to have a defender next to them, behind which they can hide from all life problems. Russian women dating is a rather complicated process.

You can independently find a lady of the heart through a dating site or go to a marriage agency where you will meet a lot of good girls who will be selected according to your requirements. This will greatly increase the chances of starting a serious relationship. You can also use social networks. You can find a lady in any thematic group or write her personal messages. Make a text in advance that you will send.  Let it be a few, but catchy phrases. Do not forget that Slavic women adhere to certain principles and values.

They prefer decent men. Do not talk too much, try to listen to the interlocutor and be aware of all her feelings. Do not forget to take care in the details. Ask the young lady how she is doing, how was her day, ask her opinion on different topics. This will make her understand that you are a good person who can become her life partner. Russian girlfriend dating is not such an easy task as it may seem at first glance.

But, if you are aiming for a serious relationship and want to get a Russian bride, you must be prepared for various difficulties. Slavic ladies also have their own prejudices, consider this while meeting and communicating. Russian culture is significantly different from the culture of other Western countries, so many moments may seem strange to you. Before you get to know girls, learn a little about their culture and other features.

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