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Many foreign men dream of getting a slavic beauty as a wife. Legends say that these women are docile and passionate housekeepers.  But, as you know, stereotypes may not be true.  Therefore, in the article “All about Russian wives” we will discuss the mentality of slavic women, learn the opinion of them by foreign men who were fortunated to get married with them and reveal secrets of how to be with a soulmate from cold Russia.

 Russian bride: mentality and character traits

Traditional russian women in many novels are selfless, courageous and loyal women for whom the family is always in the first place. However, in the modern world, the weaker sex has become more emancipated and independent, and Russia is not exception. According to many men, the most beautiful women are there.  And this is not surprising, because the country has a large number of nations.  Women pay a lot of attention to their appearance in Russia.

Most Russian beauties will not go outside without light makeup and neatly collected hair, even for bread, not to mention the secular boardwalk or romantic date. Therefore, if you invited a young lady from Russia to a date, you need to be prepared for a dazzling brilliance. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity may be slightly discouraged by the passion of Russian girls for buying clothes and jewelry.

slavic women for marriage

But you need to understand, that many of them earn excellent money, and thereby demonstrate their financial success.  Yes, besides, such a lady would not be ashamed to meet with your colleagues, friends and relatives.  She will be dressed in fashion and will make a lasting impression with her well-groomed. Russian housewives are very fond of comfort, they are economic and, often, cook well.

But they do not differ in big savings, especially if they have to lay the table for the holiday. Unlike American women, where equality has become almost the rank of religion, the Slavic lady is more docile and meek, she often consults with her husband and strives for compromise. A Russian bride can make you a spontaneous surprise, for example, get up at 5 am and make your favorite pancakes and aromatic coffee.

You have to try to understand russian women. Many foreign men do not like the hospitality of Slavic ladies. And, besides, you will have to celebrate a lot of “incomprehensible” holidays, for example, March 8th.  Russian women have a strong relationship with the family, so if you are not ready for constant communication with her relatives, then you should not start a relationship with a Russian lady. There is an opinion that in Russia, ladies are easily accessible, but this is a huge mistake.

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Such rumors are spread by those men who were looking for a “one night” girlfriend in a bar or club. If you decided to get a married russian girl, you need to be prepared for the fact that in intimate relationships, slavic beauties are somewhat shy. In this regard, American or French women are more relaxed and can immediately say what they expect from their lover. A Russian woman will play up, be embarrassed, and sometimes speak in riddles, so you will not immediately understand how to behave in bed.

Let’s sum up the small results. Wife in Russia is a well-groomed and beautiful woman who values ​herself and loves home comfort. She is very hospitable, loves various holidays, and also she is incredibly caring and attached to her family.  Such wives are wonderful moms. They love to tinker with the babies themselves and in rare cases give them to the care of a nanny. Rather, they will beg you to make a call to the mother-in-law, rather than entrust the raising of the child to a stranger. Wife Russian romance and very vulnerable. Although, at first glance, this woman has strong core. Her partner needs to protect her peace of mind and surround her with care.

 How to win the love of a Russian woman?

If you decide to meet wife from Russia, then be prepared that it will not be easy to win this person. She requires a lot of attention to herself. Be prepared for the fact that she does not call you first, or after a date may not respond to messages for a long time. She wants a man to show as much initiative as possible. In addition, Russian ladies know that they are very beautiful and want their partner to see not only the “beautiful wrapper”, but to appreciate her as a person.

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What Russian women want in marriage?

Mutual respect is very important for them. If you listen to her opinion and advice, as well as appreciate her personal qualities, she will respond to you in return. They do not tolerate total patriarchy, as they differ in a rather stormy temper and openly declare their complaints to you. Russian women looking for husbands who will be the fathers of their children.

If you frankly do not like babies, or do not plan to start a family in the future, then you are unlikely to be lucky enough to win the heart of a Slavic woman. She was almost inspired from the cradle that family comfort is the most important thing in life. She is a born keeper of the home. In addition, she is looking for a friend with whom she can share her joys and sorrows. Also, with all her inner strength, she is looking for someone who cares about her.

How to charm a Slavic girl on a date? We have prepared some simple rules for you:

  • show interest in her and ask questions about her family;
  • be a gentleman and do not let go of your hands on the first date, as you risk repulsing and losing her position forever;
  • prepare her a surprise. This can be a bouquet of flowers or a box with sweets. Russian girls adore various sweet gifts, so she will surely have a taste of a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart;
  • call her first after a date. Slavic beauties are very proud and will not “run” for a man, you need to take the initiative.

slavic women for marriage

Young Russian single ladies for marriage are also looking for entertainment. Most modern girls do not like to spend time in front of the TV. They are active and want to fill their free time with interesting leisure time: fitness, yoga, going to exhibitions and presentations, hot dances in the club and so on. If you are a homebody, you have to overcome yourself, if you want your relationship to develop.

For all its practicality and rationality, all russian ladies are looking for love and romance. Many of them, even at a rather mature age, do not take off their “rose-colored glasses” and are waiting for their prince. Therefore, they are very fond of melodramas with a good ending and ladie`s novels, where the characters live happily in the end of the story. Every Russian woman dreams of this fate.

Show her that you are the man of her dreams! Make her a couple of spontaneous surprises, bring coffee to bed. These little things will help you to conquer her heart.  They are very vulnerable, so the word spoken in the hearts can strongly offend her.  As a rule, Russian ladies are secretive and do not like scandals, so they will just hide the resentment in their hearts.

 My wife from Russia: stories of men

Mark. Germany: “Slavic women for marriage fit perfectly. They know how to keep house and create a cozy atmosphere. Home is the place where people wait for me, love and appreciate me, so I always want to return to my wife and child”.

Yunas. Finland: “Girls in Russia are very beautiful, they dress amazingly and it is impossible to pass by them. They are very sociable and witty and, despite their appearance, they are very intelligent and educated. I was pleasantly struck by the fact that Russian girls are incredibly well-read and that they can support a conversation on any topic. My wife has a pedagogical education and loves children very much. She is an ideal mistress and keeps the house clean, and at the same time she works full-time”.

Peter. USA: “I met my soulmate on a dating site with Slavic women. She was a very pleasant conversationalist and did not ask for gifts, like many other girls. At a personal meeting, she kept modestly and showed interest to me. In marriage, we are happy, she cooks very tasty and looks gorgeous”.

Juan  Spain: “I am incredibly happy that my life partner is from Russia. This is an amazing woman, she is kind and affectionate, she is a wonderful mother and excellent mistess. Although she has hot temper and she is very touchy. She supports me in all my endeavors”.

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