Moscow Clubs Capitalize on Lonely Women

Any foreigner walking along the streets of Russia will be astonished to see a great number of beautiful women. And he will be even more surprised to know that a lot of them are single. If you spot a group of girls in the café in Moscow or any other large Russian city, try to notice a same group but consisting of men, most likely you will fail.

As opposed to Oriental societies, which are traditionally ruled by men, Post-Soviet societies are overwhelmed with women. There are objective historical reasons for it. Men were killed in wars, repressed during the Soviet period, and if speaking about the present, lots of young men have become work migrants to European countries. These caused a certain misbalance between the number of men and women.

The sad truth of life is that in modern Russia there are not enough men for all women. If you hesitate a little, thinking about studying or career, then, looking back after 5 years, the woman realizes that all good men are already taken and now are watched by their wives. And the age range is even sadder. Bad habits, excessive consumption of alcohol, the lack of culture of physical fitness, poor nutrition lead to serious diseases, disability and high mortality among men of marriageable age.

Alcohol is another problem for this society. It is hard to imagine any kind of party without a consumption of some alcohol. Russians are well-known to drink a lot. Unfortunately, alcohol has destroyed a great number of families and lives. Young women experienced misbehavior of their father in the family. They saw domestic violence towards their dear mothers. Such women swear to themselves that they won’t repeat this family scenario in their own life.

As a result, a tenth of women remain single. Isn’t that a good reason to look for a foreign man to create a family? There will be different mentality, different values and better attitude. And where to live, either in Russia or at her husband’s homeland, is a secondary issue, which each couple decides individually. Many Russian men, spoiled by the abundance of women around, do not consider it their duty to care for her, love and cherish.

But women really want to be fragile and defenseless, cuddle up to a strong man’s shoulder, and sometimes get coffee and croissants in bed. Even a married woman often cares and feeds the whole family: in the morning she cooks breakfast, sends children to school, and then goes to work herself. In the evening she goes to the grocery store, cooks dinner, does the washing up. On weekends, she is busy with cleaning, washing, and even has to pay attention to her husband.

The similar situation occurs in other Post-Soviet countries – Ukraine, Belarus. In the West (and even more in the East) the situation when a man earns, and a woman provides family comfort and cares children is a normal thing. Society does not see anything bad in it, and men, in their turn, respect the work of his wife, helping her as much as possible. To take out the trash, vacuum the apartment, and to clean in the garden is considered to be a purely masculine duty.


Russian men are brought up differently. Yes, perhaps it is Russian mothers who took enormous care of their sons. And now girls reap the fruits of this care in completely different conditions of life. This causes the sad statistics of divorces in Russia. The culture of sex and intimacy is also not that great. An average 50-years-old Russian man in his years, to put it mildly, cannot boast being very strong in bed. Unlike a European man of the same age, who looks physically fit and mentally feels younger.

Considering this phenomenon from the point of view of the economics, one can say that the demand prevails over the offer. There appeared some special options, provided by the clubs. For example, one famous club called “Marusia” offers services for lonely women, longing for men’s attention. They arranged special entertainments for single prosperous ladies who are ready to pay a sufficient sum of money for spending private time with a handsome male employee of the club.

Such clubs give a chance for single ladies to feel loved and desired even for a short time. Also there are lots of private clubs “for ladies only”, that offer men strip, for example. Some clubs have stepped even further. They started the cooperation with dating sites and agencies.  How does it work? As it has already been mentioned, single Slavic ladies turned their attention to foreign grooms.


International dating companies make a treaty with local dating agencies for the organization of the speed dating parties, called “a social”. Clubs provide location, meals and entertainment, while agencies hold the party. It is profitable for both sides as the clubs get customers and popularity, agencies, in their turn, get paid from the clients for participation in a social. A social is a meeting between women interested in marriage and foreign men.

These meetings are carried out by specialized international dating agencies like A Foreign Affair, for example. The importance of a personal meeting cannot be underestimated because it is the only way to see the real appearance of a person, his manners, and understand whether he suits you or not, saving a lot of time and nerves. As a rule, meetings are held in countries where women live.

Firstly, this eliminates documents or visa issues, and secondly, not every woman can afford going even for a couple of days to Europe or the USA. Usually the work is done in two directions: a foreign dating agency is busy with the selection of foreign grooms in their country and invites them to the so-called “tour for brides” (Romance tour, Foreign affair, etc.) for a certain fee, of course. And a local partner agency sends an invitation to the girls from its clients’ base.

Although, Russian women, eager to marry a foreigner, can be found on thematic forums, social networks, dating sites as well. If the planned number of participants cannot be recruited or refusals are received, the agency can resort to advertising in the media, through the Internet, even distribute leaflets at the entrance to the subway. Of course, we are talking only about large cities such Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, etc. For single women it is a real chance to meet their Mr. Right from abroad. Most of these women seek to create a family, not just have a short affair. So, the idea of arranged dates is not that bad, isn’t it?

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