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The dream of the Prince Charming lives in a heart of every girl. In our time, millionaires have become much more attractive than princes, and traditional matchmakers have given way to Internet sites. However, virtual huntress should be vigilant: not all “electronic matchmakers” can help you to find a millionaire or simply a wealthy man.

On the web there are lots of dating sites but only a few of them can boast of a true “star” base. Ordinary dating sites, on the contrary, are full of scam messages or just inadequate virtual characters. In this variety of web resources, a relatively small group can be singled out. Some sites are extremely sensitive to the creation of databases of potential grooms (and sometimes wives, too).

That’s why if you really aim at meeting a rich man, you should choose among Top Millionaire Dating Sites, as they really have prosperous clients. The problem is that the vast majority of dating sites with rich foreigners do not advertise their customer base. This is done to protect interests of the male customers as they also need security. The amount of personal fortune here is almost the main line in the questionnaire of each user hoping to meet of a beautiful girl.

The rules of the site Millionaire’s Club say that only a person who can confirm his income can join the site. And this is a place where to meet a millionaire match is really possible. The database of girls is available only to members of the community. Usually, to make a potential client imagine what kind of people post their profiles on the site, resources provide everyone with access to “the test page”, where there are some thanks from satisfied users or selected profiles of people who have already found a second half.

“Millionaires club” helps extremely busy businessmen to find a lady for a future happy life. There are similar sites where with a certain dose of good fortune you can find yourself a wealthy life partner. But it is necessary to consider such resources very carefully. We have prepared for your consideration a list of wealthy dating sites.

  1. Millionarie Match


Even site visitors, which is aimed at the search for spouses, are not immune from hunters for hot affairs or just scams. However, finding a decent match there is possible. Although the list of millionaires registered for Millionaire Match is only available to registered users with questionnaires, there are rumors that among other well-known and rich people, the services of the site were used by actor Charlie Sheen.

However, his only marriage lasted six months, and he has a reputation as a great fan of only casual encounters. So, one of the basic millionaire dating website with rich foreigners is Under its wing there are separately developing projects to meet single celebrities, models or just successful people who want to find a life partner via the Internet. In “Millionaire Match” you can come across a match of any nationality and even from any region of the country you like.

To do this, the site has a convenient search engine with the help of which you can specify your requests. Another promoted site where you can meet a rich man,, was designed mostly for the American audience. But what Russian girl does not dream of marrying a rich American? The name of the site speaks for itself. However, there are millionaires of both sexes in its resource base. Rich women can be single too!



It is impossible not to mention the dating sites “with the same interests”. This is also a proper place where you have good chances to meet a millionaire. Take a look at the page Here lonely and wealthy Jews are looking for girlfriends. To clarify the audience of the sites and is not necessary. As we have already said, the main problem of sites where you can hunt for millionaires is that it is unclear who is hunting whom.

In this case, you should not rush into the arms of the first-met Arab sheik. It would be better if your chosen one came to your country for a personal acquaintance. In general, all “serous” dating sites assure that they carefully check the data of each client. But it should be not taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are cheaters or even perverts who hunt for pretty ladies.

  1. Elite Singles

elitesingles offers a great variety of services including private messaging, phone notification, and advanced search options. The site claims that more than 80 per cent of clients have a university degree. You can communicate with like-minded educated people.

There are enough rich and successful clients in their database, so getting acquainted with rich foreigners and, as a result, have a rich date is quite possible. The management of the website aims at joining the wealthy elite and providing high-quality service for them. The site has very convenient interface as well as a good-designed app.

  1. Connectrich


This one belongs to top millionaire dating sites in this market segment. They aim at providing good services for all users who are wealthy people from all over the world. Website offers free registration but all services are available for a certain fee. Though, users can choose the type of membership they want to have – free, paid or premium membership.

Premium users can send on-site e-mail and instant messenger to connect with someone they like. The interface of the site is rather simple but it is easy to operate. The FAQ section is well-organized and contains all necessary information on the dating issues.

  1. MillionarieMate


The site was launched back in 2001, and has been successful as a rich men dating site ever since. has an interesting site policy. Some services are free of charge while most of them are available for premium users. Free users have access to the site blog and also can send winks or e-greetings. Of course, the set of options is different for those two categories of users, but still free users can stay in touch with their favorites. The main drawback is the lack of video chatting.

  1. Connectwealthy


The site can boast having modern interface. is one of the newest rich dating sites in the love and dating segment. Whatever your aim is to find a life partner or have a hot affair, you have come to the right place. Standard membership is totally free, the charges are offered to the gold users. You can join it as a free member and then update your status to a golden one.

Free users can create their detailed profile with high-quality photos, send flirts to other users, read blog and even post comments under profiles of the other users. One of the most interesting features of the site is the ability to consult a specialist about your dating issues.

  1. LookingForWealthyMen


The name of the site says for itself. It is a place where beautiful single ladies can find their millionaire match. The site has a modern search engine that helps rich men to find their matches from all over the world. The interface is easy to operate. Premium members get their own Personal Account Manager who gives support in the search.

This manager provides assistance to the clients by answering all questions, helping with the profile editing and so on. Girls can join the site for free regardless their financial position. This site is focused on men. There is also a blog and forum where you can talk with like-minded people in search of their true love.

But of course, it is not enough to know the place where to find a rich man. There are lots of girls and the competition is really tough. So, if you want to win a heat of the millionaire, you must understand this kind of men and their psychology. Do you really think that junior office workers and company owners think and behave in the same way? Definitely, not!

How rich people behave themselves when communicating

It is well-known that success in life can only be achieved with self-discipline and self-confidence.

So, rich people, especially the ones called “a self-made man” have a certain manner of communication:

  • In communication, millionaires make decisions quickly because constantly doubting people are rarely successful.
  • Rich people do not throw money and promises, but if something was said, be sure that they will do it.
  • They are annoyed by the lack of principles, but they are able to listen to your arguments and change their minds.
  • Such a guy will not pressure you or force you to do something that you do not want. Strong people are careful with the weak, and a woman, even strong one, will always be weaker than a strong man, at least physically.
  • They rarely suspect people of bad intentions or lies. But if a millionaire finds out that you lied, it can be the end of your acquaintance. Most likely you won’t be given a second chance.

As it has been said above, there is no site with an absolute protection from cheaters and scammers. For this reason you must be careful when talking to your new acquaintance.  Analyze properly the behavior of your new admirer. It is also important to remember a few necessary things. Successful people have managed to achieve their goals in life because they did not walk a tidy path.

They value what is effective and can’t stand wasting time for stupid games. So, don’t try to play games, you will definitely lose. Sincerity, decency, lack of false modesty, work for the benefit of others (charity, social assistance) are the attractive qualities to a rich man. Fears, pretense and the desire to use the future husband are unacceptable for successful men. The main thing for a millionaire is his self-esteem that means strong personal boundaries.

The ability not to violate the dignity of other people and not to create problems for them, coupled with the skills of maintaining self-esteem and peace of mind will be very attractive for such a man. But tantrums and inability to cope with their own emotions will have the opposite effect. So, follow the tips mentioned above and good luck to you in the search for a true love! We wish your millionaire dating experience be a successful one!

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