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Is She Using Me? Recognize That She Is Not The One For You

”Is she using me?” is a common question many men ask themselves. It is known that the worst dream of any man is to be in a relationship with a girl who uses him for her own purposes. Not all girls are so selfish, but sometimes a guy cannot understand what kind of girl he actually has a relationship with, and what her goals are for him. Often women use men for money. Scientific studies show that men with high incomes and good jobs are 3.5 times more likely to be attracted to women. Find out now in our article how to understand whether she is using you or it just seemed to you.

”Does she really love me or is she using me?” If you have such a question, most likely you do not have enough emotional feedback from your partner, and this relationship becomes “empty”. At such a moment, the only thought a man has is whether it is really worth continuing to meet this girl. We suggest you go through the ”is she using me for attention quiz” later in our article.

Top 12 Signs That She’s Definitely Using You

How do you know if a girl is just using you? Here are the most popular signs to help you understand that she is using you and decide whether to continue this relationship. Is she using me quiz:

1. She is not interested in talking to you

Until you say that you have tickets for the most anticipated concert this month, she will not show interest in what you say. This includes how your day is going, what you want for dinner, back pain, etc. ”Is she just using me?” The girl only pretends to care about you, because she is simply obliged to do so so that you do not end the relationship with her. Is she just using me for sex? This option is also possible, many girls use men for sex.

2. She only calls you at night

Is she using me for sex? In this case, she uses you for her sexual purposes. If you notice that calls occur more often at night, and not during the day, then something is clearly wrong with her. Do not follow her lead, convince her that you are not satisfied with such a relationship built on profit. In addition, you must refuse her the next time she calls again in the evening. Tell her you’re busy. If she starts to get nervous, then she is sexually unsatisfied. In this case, the thought: “she is using me for sex” could come to the man’s mind. 

3. She doesn’t talk to you about anything other than complaining about her problems

Is she using me for emotional support? When a girl comes to you and constantly complains about her work or friends, there is something fishy about it. Most likely, she came to you not to have a good time, but to be listened to. Is she using me to get over her ex? In this case, a woman could use you to give her emotional support. Maybe she just has no one else to talk with.

4. She keeps you at a distance

Is she using me for a green card? By keeping you at a distance, the girl shows that you are not good enough and that she only needs you sexually and financially. It is a cold behavior that is one of the red flags in relationships. It’s nice for her to have you as her partner, but you’re still not the person she would love. Is she using me to fill a void? She does not take you seriously and dates you out of boredom if her attitude towards you is cold. Sounds pretty harsh, but the truth is sometimes unpleasant. Consider breaking up a relationship. You will definitely find a girl who will appreciate you, but not benefit from you. An effective way to find your love is a dating site, where you can chat with several girls at once without leaving your home! Try now!

5. She is not interested in your loved ones

She is using me for attention… You should be with someone who really wants to be with you and wants to know everything about you and your relatives and friends (within the normal range), without pursuing selfish goals. Thus, if she likes to spend time only with you without your friends and family, then she needs you only for the sake of the company. She’s bored and she knows she can use you.

6. She gets upset when you don’t provide her with comfort

Is she using me for money? If, for example, she shows discontent every time you fail to provide her with material comfort (a ride in a car, or dinner at a restaurant), most likely she is using you. She only dates you because you can offer her something material, such a woman doesn’t need your love. In this case, nothing needs to be done to make the relationship more complete and harmonious. You just need to build happy relationships with another girl who will love you sincerely.

7. She only comes to you when she needs something

Is she just using me for attention? Does a girl only remember you when she needs something? For example, take to the airport, dismantle the closet, fix the computer. If her requests are more like orders and do not involve refusal, then, you are in her service zone. In words, she may say that you are dating, but in reality, she simply uses you as free labor.

8. She arranges a provocation of jealousy

Is she using him to make me jealous? If a girl is flirting with other guys, constantly texting someone on messenger, and comes home with bouquets from other men, then you may have a question: “Does she like me or is she using me?” There are two explanations for such behavior: either she doesn’t care about you at all, or she deliberately provokes you into jealousy. Women often resort to the second option to demonstrate their relevance and encourage a guy to invest more in her.

Consider the reverse. Is she using me to make someone jealous? Perhaps she is using you to make her ex jealous, in which case you may also notice her strange behavior and communication with another man except you.

9. She always chooses only expensive leisure

Is she just using me for my money? If all dates are accompanied by your material costs, this should be strange. Perhaps the girl just wants to have a good time and eat delicious food at your expense, but she isn’t interested in you like in a man. Offer her leisure for which you do not have to pay. If the girl does not agree or expresses annoyance, you have a serious reason to think about her decency and end the relationship.

10. She is indifferent to your problems

If you pour out your soul to her, and she indifferently picks up her phone, you are not interested for her. To all your attempts to get sympathy, she has one answer: “You’re a man, so don’t whine.” She would treat you with understanding and participation if she really loved you. In your case, it means that some other reasons keep her close to you: material gain, fear of loneliness, or habit.

11. She doesn’t want to introduce you to her family and friends

The more a person sympathizes with you, the faster they seek to introduce you to a circle of their close people. Is she using me emotionally? If you have been dating for quite some time, and the girl is in no hurry to introduce you to her surroundings, this is a reason to be wary. Is she using me for attention? Perhaps for her, you are only a temporary option, and she communicates with you out of boredom.

12. She keeps talking about her ex

You probably noticed that when a girl really likes the man, all emotions, thoughts, and conversations revolve around him. It is very difficult to get distracted and switch attention to something else. Is she using me to make her boyfriend jealous? If in a conversation a girl often mentions her ex-man, no matter in a positive or negative way, then feelings for him are still strong. Most likely, she is using you as a tool to make her ex-man jealous of her. In this way, she is trying to return the past relationships.

Final Word

We described the signs that a girl is using you above, but each sign taken separately may not mean anything. However, their totality already gives a real picture. Being used is a very unpleasant prospect. The sooner you recognize a liar in your chosen one, the less damage she can do to you.

Is she using me? Carefully observe the behavior of your girlfriend, and track the alarm bells. Don’t tolerate a bad attitude, leave immediately. Sooner or later you will meet a kind and decent girl who will definitely reciprocate.

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