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What Is The Purpose Of Dating?

The Internet has long been a full-fledged alternative to real communication, and it is not surprising that more and more dating sites have recently appeared. Now it is not only specialized dating sites, originally designed for such a purpose, but almost any Internet resources that support the web 2.0 system. For example, many information sites are now equipped with a comment commenting system. Visitors comment on the materials, evaluate them, and in the process of commenting they communicate and get to know each other. After that, some people start dating. So, let’s look closer to the main purposes of the internet and real dating.

Purpose of dating

There are three the most popular purposes of dating:

  • Serious relationship
  • Friendship
  • Intimacy

 Serious relationship

A serious relationship is considered the most worthy goal. A publicly announced application for “seriousness” gives a person additional weight in the eyes of those who are considering his candidacy. This consideration is well known to lovers of light relationships so that they can lie. However, many people are really looking for serious intentions on the Internet, wanting to build relationships with a long-term perspective to get married and create a happy family.

Nowadays, more and more families or just strong relationships are formed thanks to virtual acquaintances (for example, in the USA already almost 30%). Of course, some people are skeptical of such acquaintances, because you never know who is on the other side of the screen. But, as a rule, it is very easy to find out what your interlocutor has on his mind and why he registered on a dating site. In addition to the desire to build a serious relationship, people have the following goals:

Friendship, communicating, entertainment

A person wants to find a companion or a pleasant virtual company, or a like-minded partner in online entertainment (for example, in online games). Friendship, communication and just loving relationships are easily established on dating sites of “general” orientation. These dating sites were not created for any particular purpose; therefore, on any of them, you can find many people, each of which is looking for something different.

Love and romantic relationships

Each dating seeker, as a rule, considers a supreme goal to find love and a soul mate. However, two people will not love each other just because both have set a goal to find love and for this came to a particular dating site. You can meet love absolutely everywhere and absolutely suddenly (or you can never meet at all).

It is enough just to bring oneself to a romantic mood, to meet a companion who is tuned in the same way and to give each other the pleasure of communicating in the appropriate way. Such a goal is usually peculiar to people who, in principle, want to have some kind of relationship, but have not yet thought about their format. Most often, the case translates into a natural, non-binding flirt.

Marriage and family creation

People most often show marriage intentions over the age of 30. They are firmly determined to start a family. Frivolous acquaintances do not interest them because this is a past stage. The case, however, does not concern international dating for the purpose of marriage.

Intimal relationship

The number of people pursuing such a goal is large enough, respectively, and there are a great many dating sites for sex, which are never empty. But on the usual dating site, lovers of carnal pleasures do not let others get bored. Many women are disappointed in dating sites, faced with the constant harassment of “concerned”, and the mail of men is overwhelmed with immodest offers from priestesses of love.

3 purposes of dating

You should not be annoyed about this. Harassment is better to ignore, and if you have the opportunity to complain to the administration – then do it. But the main thing is to calmly look for opportunities to realize your life tasks and plans for the future.

Professional interests

If you are interested in meeting people who share your professional interests, then it is better to register on special forums devoted to the topic in which you are interested. Finding the most official specialized forum is easy.

Similar hobbies

Similarly, find a way to meet people united by common hobbies. Forums and groups in social networks bring together fans of this or that club, fans of music or movie stars, motorists, owners of dogs and cats, and many other people who are inspired by a common idea.

Fraudulent goals

A virtual society, like a real one, cannot do without people who have the goal to profit themselves illegally at the expense of others. Dating with fraudulent purposes is not something new and belonging exclusively to the Internet. Some people fear to date sites precisely because of the fear of fraudsters. It is in vain because with the same probability you can be deceived in real life. You should know and remember about scammers on dating sites, but you shouldn’t put your fears into a cult.

Fictitious marriage

Fictitious is a marriage that is registered between people who do not intend to start a family but are pursuing certain moral or material benefits. A fake marriage is fairly widespread, and according to statistics, every fifth registered marriage is considered to be fake. Fictitious marriages are often concluded to obtain registration at the place of residence or citizenship.

The cost of such a marriage can reach several thousand dollars. At the same time, the price of concluding fictitious marital relations with citizens from foreign countries is much higher. Another common reason for which fictitious marriages are concluded is the desire of citizens to increase the available living space or to get new housing on preferential terms or under special state programs.

How to find a partner? Of course, it is not advertised in the open press or various marriage agencies. However, there are quite a few ads on the Internet offering dating for entering into a fictitious marriage with an indication of the conditions and cost.

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