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What Do Russian Women Think About American Men?

Nowadays more and more Russian woman look for American Husband. Let us look closer to its reasons and find out what Russian girls think about American men.

What Russian girls think about American men

Russian girls believe that the great American dream is not a myth and not an invention of writers. This is a very real concept. Own home, good car, reliable financial position and robust and friendly family is a dream of every American. When the potential American groom writes accurately about such ideas, every Russian woman believes him. A Russian woman is sure that Americans can enjoy the money that they have. They love good cars and go to restaurants.

Lunch at a restaurant is commonplace for the average American. Residents of the United States appreciate the excellent service and like to relax, take quality visits to water parks, Disneyland, circus, concerts, baseball games, etc. The USA is a big country with a wide variety of landscapes. There is a considerable amount of travelers. Traveling in the USA is convenient and pleasant. They know about the American system of motels, universal gas stations, where you can not only fill the car but also eat, sleep, wash and buy everything that is required on the road.

Russian are sure that Americans are very serious about getting married. They are not in a hurry to marry, because they understand that they must support their wife and children themselves. No one comes to mind to count on the help of parents. Americans are great romantics and believe in love. If an American writes that he dreams of family evenings in front of the TV with his beloved wife, then this is true. Russian girls know that for many Americans, such a pastime is desirable and common. It is understandable — a lot of work.

what Russian girls think about American men

A loving wife is just needed for quiet family happiness. Women also know that Americans love children very much. In many families, there are two, three, or even four children. Fathers in the United States do not believe that raising children should lie only on the shoulders of their mother. They know how to feed the child, to take his business or entertainment. Many American fathers simply seem to be ideal parents against the background of some men from another part of the world. Russian girls think that Americans are friendly and smiling.

This is a sign of good education and a particular good nature in a person’s character. Sometimes you will smile even when it is not appropriate in our opinion. Americans are taught from childhood to be assertive, to work hard, to achieve goals. American children from childhood learn to make decisions. But they are required to take responsibility for their choices. This is the idea of ​​the American way of life. Everyone builds his own life, learns from childhood to be independent.

Imparted from the cradle, personal independence frees people from family, class, social “shackles”, which is extremely important for such a multi-ethnic society. Russian girls think that they are very simple. This is evident in the way they refer to each other. Even if there is a big age difference between the interlocutors, they will still not call each other officially. Jealousy in American society is not welcome. Both men and women regard suspicion on the part of the stalls as a desire to control. They think that trust in each other is elevated to a cult. And in general in matters of sincerity, Americans are very assertive, they like to find out complicated and even delicate questions.

The spirit of competition

Russian woman knows that all American men love to compete, overcome obstacles and themselves and multiply their achievements. This is a very useful feature because often their success is measured in such a pleasant equivalent as money. The beauty is that Americans leave the money calmly, not counting every penny spent by his wife, which cannot be said about some other nations.


Despite the films that the West is actively showing to Russian women, Americans are not used to hanging around the city without any work and hanging around the neck of an elderly mother. These people are fairly organized, anxious about their work, save their time, trying to maximize spending free minutes with the family, and in busy hours they are immersed in the working process. We can say that Americans live on schedule and like to stick to it clearly.

Healthy lifestyle

The rise in the number of cases of obesity in the American nation has reached a critical point, which led most Americans to reconsider their view of food and pastime. Many Americans do not smoke and certainly will not tolerate this from their Slavic wife. Love for McDonald’s is no longer necessary because Russian women can easily interest a man in a slow cooker, fish in an oven, and steamed vegetables. Russian girl will eliminate cholesterol from the diet, but she will not forget to sometimes indulge her loved one with homemade sandwiches or pizza.

Fear of emancipated women

This is precisely the reason why American men are increasingly visiting dating sites in search of cute Russian or Ukrainian women. And these women know that all men of America appreciate the family above all else and are ready to assume the maximum responsibility for the organization of life and comfort. Therefore, an American will want to see a loving wife nearby, a good housewife and a caring mother of his children, while reacting negatively to the desire to go to work on a par with him, launching a family.

The ability to care

Yes, women know that Americans, unlike the French, will not give her a candy-bouquet period, a tale of love, which will end after the signing of the marriage certificate. These men are ready to pamper their wives all their lives: they bring breakfast to bed, prepare a specialty for them or regularly bring them to various receptions or just to a restaurant. At the same time, the Americans, unlike Russian men, visiting a fashionable place together does not mean a promise of a “hot” continuation in his room.

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