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Recently, an increasing number of Russian girls are making attempts to find a husband abroad. Why are they not satisfied with their native men? Why are girls ready to give up literally everything and go to live in another country with a different mentality? Each has her own reasons for this, and today, we will look at the most common ones.

Lack of suitors

Do not think that Russian women are too picky and make excessive demands on men. It turns out that there are simply not enough suitors. Statistics say that there are nine guys for every ten girls. However, not every tenth woman out of thirty can find a permanent partner. So it turns out that candidates are either already married, or can offer nothing to a woman. No one would blame women for not wanting to connect their lives with alcoholics, drug addicts, and losers. Therefore, they have to look for suitors outside the country.

Foreign men know how to care

Romance is clearly not the strongest point of Russian men. But foreigners know how to look beautiful. A lot of compliments, flowers for no reason, and regular gifts await you in a relationship with a foreign man. In most cases, Russian grooms can show such care and attention only at the initial stage of the relationship. As only they get married, then everything plunges into a routine. And on their birthday and March 8, they often receive pans. Therefore, single Russian women looking for men.

Different mentality

Foreign suitors take care of themselves. In Russia, the word “metrosexual” is considered offensive. Rusian men are not ashamed of wrong clothes, and they can go to work unshaven (this is not a stylish well-groomed beard). That is why Russian men do not miss the opportunity to criticize women who do not spare money for beauty salons. But at the same time, Russian men want to have real beauties with a perfect body next to them.

Foreigners heard Karl Lagerfeld, who said that beauty does not require sacrifices, but money. Therefore, they are willing to spend money on their women so that they always have a fresh manicure, well-groomed hair, and a luxurious wardrobe.

High quality of life

Unfortunately, the economy of Russia experiences not the best times. Men cannot earn as much as demanding woman needs. Therefore, the fair sex also has to worry about their daily bread. But many Russian women abroad either do not work at all or are engaged in something pleasant and exciting.

The mentality of Russian brides

Over the past few years, the mentality of women has changed dramatically. Sometime in 1995-2000, many were ready to leave the country without any particular analysis. All these quick marriages with Americans often ended in nothing good. However, women have become pickier now. And it seems that they are interested in Americans and Europeans in the same way,

About the knowledge of a foreign language

For the most part, Russian women know only Russian language. Accordingly, it is quite challenging to acquaint them with foreigners. For one cross-project, the profiles of women who indicated that they know English were used. In fact, it turned out that the right half of them did not know it either. In most cases, some foreigners purposefully want to get to know a Russian woman so much that they are ready to translate messages in Google translate.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​strongly depends on the place of residence. In large cities, women speak more foreign languages because of working needs. There are still significant problems with languages in small cities. This confuses many men, but if a woman does not speak the language, it does not mean that she is more stupid. The French themselves are weak in foreign languages, but this does not prevent anyone from marrying them. For example, Slavic women very quickly learn French. Six months is enough to start communicating at a basic level, and a year is enough to keep up the conversation

The preferences of Russian women

The most popular foreigners among Russian women are French, Germans, and Americans. Some dating websites have a flexible system settings panel for different regions, including restrictions on communication between countries. For example, you cannot write to Russian users for free from Arab countries. This is done because users behave quite aggressively, so they just cut them off with the money. For example, the Turks have the most solvent audience. They are very willing to pay in order to communicate with Russian women.

There is also the issue of sympathy and type compatibility. For example, if an Egyptian, a German and a Hindu writes to a Russian woman at the same time, then she will most likely answer the Hindu.

It should also be understood that the French do not look for housewives because this is not in their culture. They are reasonably democratic people, and they can cook or do housework themselves. They want to meet pretty Russian women looking for men, and she should sincerely want to start a family. Now many women are financially interested in marriage, so they are looking for the best party in marriage for themselves and do not hide it.

Of course, it’s not so easy to leave your country, relatives, and friends and move to another state. But won’t you be ready for this if you find true love on the Internet? Russian brides are literally exotic for foreigners. And Russian ladies are attracted by their beauty, femininity, and soft character. Therefore, you should try your luck. You have every chance to find love and to maximize your life.

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