Places to go in St Petersburg Russia

The cultural capital of Russia St. Petersburg is famous for its beauty and attractions. Among the sights of St. Petersburg are many architectural and cultural treasures, historical monuments and religious shrines. Each of them has its own fascinating life story and self-contained character. In addition, their exquisite appearance should be noted, which is not repeated anywhere else in the world. St. Petersburg is compared to such cities in the world as Paris, Venice, and Rome. It is worth noting that the historic center of the city is under the protection of UNESCO. In this article, we will talk about where to go in St. Petersburg to study the tourist potential of the city as much as possible.

Where to stay in St. Petersburg Russia?

Hotel “Moscow”

Some of the rooms of this hotel have a view of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge. Therefore, settling in this hotel during the white nights, you can see from a height a unique spectacle of bridges. In addition, it is probably the only hotel in the city where the Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo metro station is located. You need only 15-20 minutes to get to the historical attractions of the city. Also, in addition to the water area of ​​the Neva, the architectural the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is visible from the windows.

Hotel “Kamerdyner”

The hotel promises to maintain the privacy of guests if for some reason they travel incognito. But even if it is not so important to you, you still should visit this hotel. There are a few rooms, but they are all cozy and well-equipped. Each has a television with satellite channels, telephone, refrigerator, free safe, underfloor heating, air conditioning, and shower. Both in the lobby and the rooms you can use wireless Internet. Breakfast is included in the price, and if necessary, the staff can help you to book tickets, take a taxi, or organize a city tour.

Where to go in St Petersburg Russia?


It is a whole museum complex consisting of five buildings along the Palace Embankment. The creation of the museum began with a small Hermitage (translated from French as “a corner of solitude”), in which Catherine II started to collect different works of art. By the way, the collection was opened to the public in 1852.

However, earlier it was the official residence of the kings until 1904. It was called “Project Rastrelli,” and made in baroque style. After the revolution, all the rooms were combined into one museum. Today, the collection has about three million works of art since the Stone Age. The area of ​​the museum is more than 33 thousand square meters. It will take several years to explore all the halls.

Summer Garden

The Summer Garden is the favorite place of Peter I. He settled in under the strict guidance of the emperor. A summer palace for the king began to be built there in 1710. Although it does not look like a palace at all. There were low ceilings, only two kitchens, and fourteen rooms. Peter came there in 1712 and lived there every summer until his death. He believed that the Winter Palace is needed only to demonstrate the wealth of the country during the reception of foreign delegations.

Now the Summer Garden is the pearl of the parks of St. Petersburg. It is part of the Russian Museum. Adjusted paths, fountains, and sculptures are a kind of small Peterhof, but only in the very center of the city.

Where to eat in St Petersburg Russia?

Karaoke-restaurant “DoZari”

This restaurant is located on a three-floor landing stage at the Birzhevoy Bridge. There are picturesque views of the water area of ​​the Neva, the bridges of St. Petersburg, and the Vasilyevsky Island. A terrace is open in summer, and the institution is equipped with two moorings.

A rack for alcohol is also worth noticing. Anyone can rent a cell in it and, having received personal keys from it, store their own alcohol in it.

Restaurant “Library”

The twentieth house on Nevsky Prospect used to belong to the temple of the Dutch Reformed Church, and there was even an organ. But the building was nationalized in 1926. Now three floors of the historical premises are occupied by several restaurants of different formats. The restaurant itself is located on the second floor. There is also a bookstore and a kids club.

The institution continually hosts workshops and meetings with interesting speakers. There is New Zealand chef Scott Denning, who previously worked in London restaurants with Michelin stars.

Where to party in St Petersburg Russia?

Bar “Probirochnaya”

This bar is like the lair of a mad alchemist. There you will not find the usual kitchen utensils. Smoking flasks and luminous tubes are the primary containers for unusual cocktails and shots. There are no traditional names of drinks as well. All drinks are named in accordance with the elements of the periodic table.

Where to shop in St Petersburg Russia?

House of Leningrad trade

This place once was a cheap hotel where the composer Glinka and the writer Saltykov-Shchedrin stayed. Now it is an expensive luxury store, a branch of the Moscow Central Department Store, with a minimum price tag for well-known brands from 500 dollars.

Mertens House

It received the name of the merchant Mertens, who traded fur products there. Since 1944, the House of Models worked in this building. In 2008, a women’s, men’s and children’s clothing store of French production Zara opened. The price tag is democratic.

Where to buy souvenirs in St Petersburg Russia?

Shopping center “Gallery”

In this shopping center, located a few meters from the Moscow railway station, are more than three hundred stores of various price categories, a lot of entertainment, and more than thirty restaurants and cafes. On the fifth floor, there is a panoramic restaurant “Large kitchen” with a terrace, a viewing platform, and an open kitchen. Besides, there are a lot of places to buy souvenirs.

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