Russian Stereotypes That Are Actually True

A foreigner who is going on a trip to Russia, most likely, has already heard a lot about the people of this Eurasian country. Obviously, not all individuals comply with generalizations identified with their local nation or city of life, yet on the off chance that we talk commonly about Russians, a portion of this is extremely valid. In this article, we will tell you about the true stereotypes about Russia.

Russian people love vodka

For a foreigner, all Russians can drink vodka like water, and most Russians always have a bottle somewhere hidden in their stock. And this is regardless of whether they are often attached to this bottle or not. At any event organized by the Russians, there will always be vodka, and, of course, everyone will be invited!

But it is not true that the Russians are offended if you do not want to drink wi them. They will be just surprised. This is completely nothing and the custom of hospitality to skip a glass or two. And, of course, the fact that Russian people love vodka does not mean at all that everyone in Russia is alcoholics!

Russia is full of corruption

Many people abroad say that Russia is a very corrupt country, and both its government and the people themselves. Although, of course, this is true in some ways. However, one cannot say that Russia surpasses other countries in the level of bribes.

russian corruption

However, if you are stopped by a policeman on the subway and you do not have a passport with you, or even in case of a traffic violation, you will be asked to issue either an official fine (and in some cases imprisonment) or pay directly on the spot.

Russians are too serious

As per outsiders, Russians are excessively genuine, in any event in broad daylight. In Russia, it is viewed as rude to express powerful feelings with outsiders, and if you are excessively loud, they will, at any rate, observe you peculiarly. Obviously, things are very extraordinary in little neighborly companies, yet this is another story.

Russian individuals don’t endure the alleged “Smalltalk” or trade of cordialities and quickly talk about the primary concern. Just youthful (Americanized) individuals, going by one another in the city, can trade the inquiry “how are you?” But as a rule, this inquiry is for individual discussions and requires a genuine answer.

Russian superstitions

Russians have many superstitions. Here are some examples of such habits:

  • knock three times
  • sit for a minute before the trip
  • break something from the dishes for good luck

Most Russians do not believe that it works, but for some reason, these rituals are still sacredly observed. Other well-known Russian superstitions, seemingly wildness to foreigners is that you can’t greet and say goodbye on the threshold; an even number of flowers are supposed to bring funerals, and an odd number for holidays; you can not whistle indoors, sit at a table or on stones, and you can not congratulate in advance on the holidays.

Russian luxury clubs

It is true that many Russian clubs, especially in Moscow, are designed for very rich people. These are clubs with a very strict face control and an exorbitant entry price. Although it is possible to find accessible clubs in Russia, it is likely that you will still encounter high admission fees. You may not even get inside if you do not pass through the dress code. Nevertheless, the exclusive clubs of Russia offer a higher class of entertainment, so for a foreigner who has come to Russia for the first time, we advise to go exploring some of the best clubs in the world.

Russia has a specific gender role

Although many abroad believe that the distribution of gender roles in Russia is outdated compared to other world powers, Russians are not so different in everyday life from Americans or Europeans. Many people perceive Russian romance in no other way than the fact that men should behave like knights and bring money into the house, while women should maintain a home. In fact, these are just stereotypes when it comes to employment and everyday life.

Russian women are very beautiful

It is true, there are really a lot of beautiful women, but still, it is impossible to say so about absolutely all Russian women, just as one cannot say that in the United States all cities are the most beautiful. Russian ladies give a ton of consideration to their appearance, and they frequently show up in light outfits, fur garments with stunning jewelry and impeccable cosmetics and hair.

top russian actresses

On the off chance that an outsider, going in Russia, still chooses to appreciate the nightlife of this nation, he will experience many Russian delights. In any case, having addressed them, he will rapidly comprehend that Russian ladies are extremely delightful.

Russian people smoke too much

Despite the fact that the Russian government is starting to acquaint rather extreme measures with smoking, attempting to put a conclusion to this problem of the nation, Russia still has one of the most astounding rates of tobacco on the planet. This does not imply that passive smoking is practically inescapable on Russian lanes; however, remember that a horde of smokers will be at the passageway to most clubs and bars.

For a non-smoker going around Russia, going out with exuberant clubs can be an absolute bad dream because of tobacco smoke. Nevertheless, Russia is a huge country, so it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a cloud of smoke for a long time. In addition, many young Russian people are extremely concerned about their health and do not smoke at all.

Russians are hardworking

It came to their culture from the past. The work was glorious and honored among the peasants and artisans, scribes and merchants, warriors and monks. The peasants worked in the fields of the landowner and the personal economy. Their efforts contributed to the development of production and the improvement of tools and equipment. This is widely reflected in the literature.

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