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7 Rules of Dating with Russian Girls

Specific rules of communication are the same for girls of any nationality – in the end, it’s instead a matter of gender, rather than national principles. However, Slav women require an individual approach to themselves, without which it is impossible to count on a successful relationship. For those who have decided to fall in love with Russian beauty, we have gathered seven working dating rules, thanks to which relations will develop in the right direction.

Do not “run” after a woman

When a woman has ten fans, and nine of them crawl and run after her – it quickly becomes tiresome. And if among the grey crowd of loyal faceless figures there is a man who stands out to be holding himself proudly, then she will fall in love in you. There should be no dependence. Otherwise, the woman will lose interest in you, or, even worse, she will start manipulating.

Even if a woman is accustomed to dominating the character at work and home, this suggests that she, moreover, lacks a man with whom she can finally feel like a little girl in strong male hands.Do not show your increased interest. Otherwise, you will merge with the mass. Stand aside, show dominance at meetings, and value yourself. Such tactics work much better with Russian beauty.

Make compliments

You need to be careful with this. When she has a new hairstyle, make-up or clothes, then you should meet it with a light compliment. She will definitely appreciate it. After all, she does all this precisely in order to be noticed. If you do not notice it, then someone else will see it. However, never make a compliment for a tick, a real Slav woman will feel it quickly.

A compliment must come from the heart. This is easy to do because you can always find something that you like and choose this as a goal of compliment. Like any other girl, the Slav woman is somewhat anxious about compliments. But throwing a daily “you look good” is not a ride. Showing your true admiration will be essential. Fortunately, it will be straightforward with Russian girls.

Learn to listen

No need to think about what to talk with women; they naturally love to do it, so it is just enough to hear. Keep up the conversation with additional questions so that she reveals the topic and talks more and more. The more you listen, the more interesting the interlocutor will seem. Here is a paradox of human communication.

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The problem with many people is that they do not know how to keep the conversation right. Learn not only to listen but also to hear what the girl of Slavic roots tells you. Sensitivity is in her blood. If she feels that you are not attentive, she will become upset.

Besides, during communication, a woman begins to trust you more and reveals her inner feelings. And she can do it only with a grateful and attentive listener.And of course, with the Russian girl, nothing shines for those who are not interesting people. Take care of continuous development. The mind does not tolerate laziness. Learn new things, go to the exhibition, and achieve winning goals.

Communicate actively

The next part of casual dating rules is activeness. Meeting with you should be like a holiday for a girl. A holiday is rare, and it is eagerly awaited, it passes quickly and is remembered for a long time. Do not delay your love date until the moment when both get bored — the same with talk and walks. Finish communication at the moment when you have already enjoyed the best emotional moment, and it seems to you that things will continue to be the same. Do it carefully and tactfully.

Let her look forward to staying with impatience. Try to make your new passion look forward to every date. Russian girls are curious like cats, and this can and should be played. Do not delay the walk until the moment when it becomes tiresome to both of you. Do not call her on dates too often. Three times a week at the initial stage will be enough. This can also be applied for online dating rules.


The next thing in our list of dating rules for men is generosity. This item does not mean that you should flood the girl with gifts from morning to evening. But to show that you are not indifferent to it will be a good help for developing relations. Find gifts that she is guaranteed to enjoy, do not be stingy and do not save time by purchasing an expensive, but tasteless bauble. In fact, to make the perfect gift, you need the sincerity of your own feelings for her.

A man must be a man

A man should not complain about his life, dean, boss or friends. Drain your problems and failures to your friends at the moment you drink a beer. Or it’s even better to forget it and get rid of it. A man must show that there were problems and he quickly solved them. Show that you are not a talker, and words follow deeds. And show her that you are not afraid of responsibility.

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Forget the habit of complaining about problems. Slavic beauties do not really appreciate those who always blame their failures on others. Moreover, it is simply contraindicated for them to demonstrate weakness: be confident and courageous. All problems should be said only in the past tense.

Clear target

At the moment of the beginning of communication, you need to determine for yourself what you want – to be friends, build relationships or just sex. Therefore, if you want a relationship, turn on romance right away and go to a process relationship. Lies will not pass. You are either genuinely in love, or you are trying to demonstrate the visibility of feelings in order to achieve the only important goal. In the first case, there is every chance to get to the last base, in the second case you waste your time.

It will not work with Russian girls. You do not need to strive to establish a common life in the shortest possible time, even if you really like the girl. Russian beauty is unlikely to lead the dubious pleasure of paradise hut. Naturally, these modern dating rules should be taken in view of your style of communication and take from them what is suitable for you.

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