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Russian Mail Order Wives: What’s it Like to Be Married to a Russian Woman?

Do you know how wonderful it is to be the husband of a Russian mail order bride? Getting into the alluring sets of Russian girls, not a single man won’t think about other girls anymore. International online dating is one of the most favoured and trending tools for getting the best wife. Real Russian brides are famous all over the world as the best mothers, keepers of the heart, they are the best in everything – from taking care of their family to developing their careers. Russian girls are really worthy of love, romance, mail order marriages, and serious relationships. They know how to do everything to find harmony and comfort in family life with their chosen one. Meet Russian brides with ease after reading this article!

✨ AppearanceModel figure, sexy style
CharacterKind, gentle, caring
Top priorities in life1-st place – family, 2-nd – career and self-development
Relationship Expectationsstrong union, the possibility of marriage
Ideal husband for themLoyal, wise, generous, family-oriented

Are you interested in finding the Russian mail order brides online with the help of best dating sites or offline and be happy? Mail order bride marriages are now on the pick of popularity now. As a dating expert, I strongly recommend that you take a closer considering the option of beautiful Russian mail order brides. Find out all about marriage with Russian women later in the article. Now more and more single men from European countries and women from Eastern Europe are choosing international dating online as an alternative to meeting in real life. In this way, you can start choosing gorgeous Russian brides today.

Catalog of best Russian brides
Catalog of best Russian brides on

Why is it worth marrying a Russian woman? Is it possible to buy Russian wife? What awaits you after marriage with Russian mail order brides? What is the best way to find mail order Russian brides and is it free? Stay with me, I will guide you into the world of dating, meeting Russian brides online, and answer any questions you may have.

Best Slavic Brides: A Review of a Russian Girl as Your Future Wife

All men dream of marrying someone who will share the following statement: foreign women is a support in a man’s life, accepting his life values. Real Russian brides are just like that, they are also beautiful and self-sufficient, ready to take care, love and respect. With Russian mail order brides you will have great sex and delicious food – well, how could it be otherwise. And in the future, a good mother of your children. Let’s look what Russian brides legal are like wives?

❣️ Russian women are wise

What is the ideal wife from Eastern Europe look like? Of course, a Russian wife must be wise, this is the main advantage of Russian females. A woman is the rear of a man in his life struggle. Pretty Russian brides remain calm and steadfast even on the worst days. This is how local girls attract the stronger sex. And if at the moment when a man spiritually breaks down under life’s troubles, Russian wives always remain wise and strong. Reading books and erudition is a precedence for Russian mail order brides.

Russian brides like wives

❣️ They are charmful and well-groomed

Appearance creates the first impression of a person. All Slavic girls, Ukrainian mail order brides and mail order Russian brides dress beautifully and regularly take care of themselves, it always arouses interest in Russian guys and also foreign men in real life or on the photos on mail order brides sites. A man has a comparison in his subconscious: she takes care of himself, which means he will take care of his family, about the house. In addition, for a daughter, a beautiful mother is an example of attractive, well-groomed woman, and for a son, the image of his future wife.

❣️ Great Housewives

Since ancient times, international brides have been the keeper of the hearth. Hot Russian women know how to make their husbands and children always want to return home. A lot changes, but an economic wife who knows how to cook is valued at all times. An ideal woman who does not know how to cook ceases to be such in the eyes of a man. The culinary talents of Russian women are highly valued by men.

❣️ Optimistic and positive

These are very important qualities of a Russian wife, because soon she will become your best friend, and you will spend a lot of time together. It will be comfortable, fun and interesting for you to talk or chat on mail order bride sites with a Russian wife. Russian mail brides real know how to make you laugh, and her presence is always pleasant for you. It is very important that you can often laugh together with Russian ladies, this is one of the foundations of a relationship.

❣️ Russian mail order brides are faithful

Fidelity is the main quality of an ideal Russian woman. This means that Russian mail order brides have values and principles that will not allow them to blindly follow the emotions of any other man. Russian ladies believe that a partner should be the only one for life. They value their man and are ready to devote their lives only to him.

Traditional Russian Wedding: Discover the World of Getting Married

Once having chosen a Russian girl, a man begins to think about a more serious development of relations with her. One of the most important stages in the history of every couple is marriage. How does a traditional Russian wedding go?

1️⃣ Engagement

This rite is the official proclamation of the union of lovers. It is after it that the guy and the girl become the groom and bride. Nowadays, engagement has acquired a more romantic connotation, modern young people do not come up with any original and diverse ways to make their chosen ones happy. But there is a general scenario, it is as follows: the groom presents the bride with a ring, and she, in turn, must consent to marriage. This event was and is considered a holiday, so it is followed by a party.

2️⃣ Bachelorette and stag parties

The history of this tradition in Russian culture is very interesting and completely different from the modern performance. Previously, on these holidays, the newlyweds were escorted on their last journey, read all sorts of instructions to them and taught them the future life. But now bachelor and bachelorette parties are parties, the purpose of which is to break away before marriage as if it were the last time.

Traditional Russian wedding

3️⃣ Registration of marriage

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds with their motorcade go to register their relationship at the registry office. There they sign, exchange rings and fix the relationship with a kiss. After registration, couples often travel to picturesque places in the city and arrange photo shoots.

4️⃣ Feast

It is impossible to imagine a Russian wedding without a grand banquet for two days. After a trip around the city, the young people are met with a loaf, which, according to custom, they immediately try: first the groom, and then the bride. And whoever bites off the largest piece will be the leader in the family. After that, the newlyweds sit in the center of the table and everyone begins to try various dishes and have fun according to the toastmaster scenario. At this time, young people with wedding guests follow Russian traditions and show them publicly, for example, stealing the bride, removing the veil, the bride’s bouquet, etc.

5️⃣ First wedding night

After the end of the first day, the newlyweds go to their chambers, where they must count all the money donated to them, and later spend the night together.

6️⃣ Honeymoon

And finally, for dessert, the newlyweds usually go on a honeymoon: go to any country or enjoy the sea and each other.

On the example of these traditions, you can see that the Russian wedding is quite colorful and is in no way inferior to the ceremonies of other countries. But what to use from this, and what to neglect, is, of course, up to you and your bride to decide.

It is worth noting that some couples in big cities hold a wedding in a modern style, moving away from tradition. Personally, I get the impression that by “modern wedding” most newlyweds mean a wedding in their own special style or in a special place. For example, they quietly and comfortably celebrate the event with the closest people in a chic reatoran. And then they fly away on a trip to warm countries for a month, or arrange another gift for themselves.

TOP 3 Popular Cities Where You Can Meet Russian Brides

Single Western men are divided into those who prefer to look for and meet meet Russian women online through dating websites and offline. Dating in real life, although it makes it possible to get to know Russian girls directly and not be afraid that they might be a fake, it also takes more time, money and effort than dating on mail order bride sites. All you need to do to meet Russian ladies offline is to go where they live, to their home country. I will tell you about three popular Russian cities where you can meet worthy Russian girls like an alternative to online dating through the mail order brides service.

meet real Russian brides online


When answering the question of which places of Slavic countries are worth visiting to meet Russian women and find the best one, Moscow should be singled out for sure. First of all, it is the capital of a huge state, which every citizen should visit. The city is saturated with history and at the same time is the most modern in the country: mansions preserved from the times of Tsarist Russia and skyscrapers, wide streets and small courtyards, many monuments and museums. The population of city is 12,655,050 people. I’m sure you’ll definitely meet the one among millions of foreign brides there.

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not only the northern capital, but also a city of Russia, which is worth visiting in spring or summer – at this time, Saint Petersburg flourishes, and the climate becomes more forgiving for going on dates with Russian girls. It is saturated with the history of ancient Russia, there are many palaces that once belonged to the nobility. The city on Neva is famous for its Russian culture. It has many bridges, rivers and canals, and best foreign brides. There are many shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes where you can go on dates with local Russian females.

charming Russian wives


Complements the TOP Russian cities worth visiting – Arkhangelsk. This is one of the most beautiful northern cities with beautiful Russian girls – a little more than three dozen kilometers separate it from the White Sea. Traveling to this sea brings impressions – the cold, harsh and stormy, often ice-covered White Sea impresses with its power and strength. The main thing that a trip to Arkhangelsk can give a tourist is the magnificence of the nature of the north and old traditions. And of course, in this city, many gorgeous beautiful Russian brides live who are in search of relationships.

Online Dating As an Alternative to Offline Meeting Russian Lady

In my experience of connecting single hearts, online dating is more effective and accessible for both men and women. This has many advantages:

save of time

low Russian brides cost

comfortable environment

large selection of Russian ladies

More and more young people are paying their respects to international marriage agencies, mostly, it is online dating. The Russian lady search algorithm is simple – choose a suitable site – register – view user profiles – communicate. Modern dating websites do their best to make it possible for single men and Russian ladies to find a partner in a short time. Various online dating services of such love-making sites surprise with their versatility and efficiency of disclosuring Russian mail order brides. Thanks to this, you can see your interlocutor in real time, send photos/videos, exchange contacts, and, finally, buy a Russian wife.

Is International Dating Online Free?

The search for true love and a serious relationship with young women always requires investment – whether it’s a trip to another country or using a professional international dating sites. Often, all legitimate Russian bride sites have free registration and profile creation. If you want to achieve results in finding the perfect Russian lady and developing a relationship with her, you will need to pay. Usually, all users (men and Russian mail order brides) are invited to purchase a subscription on Russian bride sites, the price of which includes communication and the use of various site functions that make communication with Russian women for marriage exciting and interesting.

cost of Russian bride

Are Mail Order Bride Services Legal?

All high-quality dating sites have a security system, anti-scam, they check all new men and Russian women for marriage upon registration. Also, you will be served by a professional support system 24/7, who do everything to make your connection with Russian lady efficient and safe on online dating site. I trust only some dating sites where you could find Russian bride such as, for example, Victoriyaclub, Loveinchat, and Tenderbride. These Russian dating sites have been proven over the years and many of my clients have found their beautiful Russian brides thanks to them.

Visit of Your Future Russian Wife to America: All Requirements and Features

For a Russian bride who wants to visit the United States for the purpose of a romantic trip – there are some requirements. That is, if you want your chosen one to come to visit you, you should take into account some points. Such as for example – a visitor visa K1. It is obligatory for Russian bride in this way.

What is a K1 visa and what is it for?

This is the so-called visa for Russian women for marriage (bridal visa), it serves so that the newlyweds can be acquainted more closer, stay together for a certain period of time and possibly decide on the law of their relationship. Such a visa is given to the Russian brides real for 90 days, at the time of her registration, the couple must declare that they are going to marry. During this period of time, the Russian bride and groom must decide whether they will marry or whether the bride leaves the country.

It is worth considering that in order to obtain such a bridal visa, it is necessary that the American man has US citizenship, only green card will be not enough. Also, both partners must provide evidence that the couple kept in touch and saw each other in person at least a few times over the previous two years.

To apply for a K1 visa, men and Russian women for marriage will need to collect a small package of documents. This process takes a little time, as such visas for Russian bride are usually processed faster. Of course, this is not free and will require some costs. The minimum payment for such a visa is $265.

5 Secrets of a Successful Marriage With a Russian Bride

All Western men want their marriage to be successful with their Russian brides. Agree, it’s wonderful when, after marriage, idyll and harmony reign in your relationship. This requires some effort.

❤️ Share household chores with Russian wives

Mail order brides from Russia love and appreciate the support of a man. This help is very important for Russian wives. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, Russian women for marriage are sure that the household should be run by two people. This is a joint work, it is only necessary to agree on who is responsible for which part. Help each other, and everyday problems will not bother you.

❤️ Manage your overall budget

You should have a shared budget with Russian wives, since you are now a family with foreign bride. This will help you make plans for the future: go on vacation in the summer or buy a car with which to travel. It will also teach you how to negotiate and compromise in relationships with Russian mail order bride.

marriage with Russian bride tips

❤️ Talk more often

Yes, it may seem banal, but trust is the main factor in relationship and it is the key to a happy common life with a Russian wife. Do not forget to ask your Russian girl how her day went, share your secrets, discuss plans for the future, and admit if something is bothering you. There must be complete mutual understanding and trust between you and Russian wives.

❤️ Solve quarrels ASAP

Do not leave disputes with your Russian mail order wife unresolved and do not bring matters to a quarrel. If something does not suit you, discuss it calmly and find a solution that would suit both of you. Do not accumulate resentment, and if you still quarreled, rather put up. For example, prepare something tasty for your Russian bride or put a cute note in her bag.

❤️ Maintain romance in relationships

After a hard week of work, all you want is to wrap yourself up together with your Russian bride under a blanket and watch your favorite series. Of course, sometimes this can be afforded, but it should not become a habit.

Arrange romantic dinners for Russian mail order bride, go on trips on weekends (not necessarily far, at least to the nearest cities – everyone needs a change of scenery). Feel free to thank each other and give compliments: Russian girls love to know that their men love and appreciate them.

Myth VS Reality – True Story From Man Found Love On Dating Site

happy man with Russian bride

Jack and Maria

In my 24 I began to think that I want to have long – term relationship with the possibility of marriage. I worked as an IT developer in a successful company, and I didn’t have time to look for love at all. I worked all the time and barely found time for household chores. But my heart was open to sincere feelings.

In addition to all the mentality of women in my country, I was not particularly attracted, I always wanted to try a relationship with a girl from Eastern European countries (Russian or Ukrainian women). Then I started looking for Slavic women on the Russian dating service – In a short period of time, I started Russian dating and met Maria. Soon, we have a successful love story and we have been married for almost 3 years. She is the best Russian mail order bride and wife I know. She does everything to make our family happy, and there was always coziness and comfort in the house. After marriage, we began to appreciate each other even more, romance does not stop in our relationship. Maria does not forget about herself, she always looks luxurious, but at the same time, she copes with her duties as a wife perfectly. I help her with everything, and we always find a balance in our couple.


So, I hope you no longer have any doubts about whether it is worth taking a Russian mail order bride as a wife. As a love psychologist, I strongly recommend that you try dating Russian women and consider them as bride candidates. Local women have a mentality and temperament that is not inherent in any other nation. I am sure that with such a Russian woman you will definitely be happy together!


Are there still Russian mail order wives?
Yes, sure. There are many dating sites where you can get acquainted and even meet in real life through the services of the site with the Russian mail order wife. This is an effective way to find a wife and get married.
Where can I meet Russian woman online?
As a dating expert, I have identified the top three sites to search for Russian woman online –,, Most of my clients found their wives there.
Are mail order spouses legit?
The way to find a Russian wife online has long been legal and has many advantages for single people. The main thing is to choose a good proven dating site.
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