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Russian Dating Scams: Be Aware to Make Your Lovemaking Safe

The modern world of online dating, although it offers an effective opportunity to find love, still has its risks. According to statistics, online dating scammers managed to steal about $250 million. Most of the abusers and those who want to benefit from scams are located in Nigeria and West Africa. But Slavic and European countries are also included in the list of fraud on the Internet. Russia is no exception, mostly Russian scammers are targeting single men from the West. Hiding behind the profiles of cute girls, they lure money, make Russian scams on dating sites,  or blackmail guys.

Russian gay dating scams

You are in luck, as I have vast experience in the online dating industry, and I will tell you how to choose a reliable site where you can meet your love. Read this guide to be aware of the signs that you are dealing with a scammer. Recognize the most popular types of online Russian dating scams on matchmaking platforms, and be safe to fall into love nets and not scammers. 

Russian Dating Sites Scams: 7 Signs to Recognize a Cheater

Russia is a fairly large country with millions of people living in it, and some of them are aimed at dating internet Russian scams. Chatting with a partner on a dating site is exciting and intriguing at one time, and strange and wary at another. After all, you can never be sure that a real person is sitting on the other side of the screen, whose photo you see on the site. Decided to start chatting on a dating site? Be on alert and consider these signs so as not to become a victim of fraud.

1. Strange profile design

The profile of bots and scammers is often just a couple of photos that look like they were taken from photo stocks. The description is very short and devoid of specifics, and the geolocation indicates some distant country, although you were looking for acquaintances near you. This is one of the signs of Russian dating site scams.

2. Offers to switch to other messengers

If the interlocutor persistently offers to chat outside the site on social networks and instant messengers, this is also a reason to be wary and think about Russian girls dating scams. Such a move allows scammers to get more information about you and, at the same time, bypass the security measures that a good dating site has. Remember that social networking with strangers is fraught with problems, including online blackmail.

3. Lack of video chat

As a rule, scammers avoid not only face-to-face meetings, but also phone calls, voice messages, and video chats. If you still get a video call, and the interlocutor allegedly has a broken camera, this is an alarming sign of dating Russian women scams.

4. Refusing to meet in real life

You had already agreed on a meeting, but then something happened to the girl, and the date fell through. Or she lives very far away and will never be able to see you. Another option – you can not agree on the time and place of the meeting. The scammers do not plan to date, so they will refuse and invent excuses to avoid them. This is also a sign that you may be a victim of Russian dating scams online.

signs of Russian dating scam

5. Strange manner of communication

Pay attention to spelling purity and stylistic beauty of speech in messages. Now, of course, few people can boast of one hundred percent literacy, but it’s not even about it. If the phrases seem strangely constructed, your interlocutor may use an online translator or, even worse, you are communicating with a bot.

6. Unusual behavior

Fraudsters are characterized by dramatic changes in communication. First, they crumble in pleasantries and tremble with admiration for you, and then suddenly a force majeure happens in their life, and then you receive persistent requests to lend.

7. Requests to transfer money

Any financial questions in a conversation on a dating app are a sure sign that you are facing a scammer. You may be asked to transfer money for treatment to family members or herself, for a trip to you, to pay for a package that is supposedly already on its way to you, or even offer to invest in a business – there are many options.

Another way of Russian dating agency scams is that they do not extort money from you directly, but they ask you to open a bank account or send a gift certificate, etc. In this case, you do not risk your finances, but you become a link in a dubious chain.

Russian Dating Service Scams: 5 Most Popular Types to Know

There is only one way to prevent a dating scam, and that is to be identified in this area. Pay attention to these most common scams on the Internet. Remember – it is always better to take your time and analyze the situation, rather than falling into love, and losing your head.

1️⃣ “Send me your photos”

You communicate with the girl, and everything goes great. At some point, the interlocutor tries to transfer communication to instant messengers. Passion burns in you, so you move on, and there the chat flares up with unprecedented force. She asks to send photos and actively sends them back. It all ends when you send your intimate photos. And then you get this message:

“Hi, we saved all correspondence with your “bride”. Here is a link to your social media page. If you don’t transfer 1000$ to our wallet, all your friends will see what you sent her.”

❗️Remember: If you are offered to continue hot communication in messengers, don’t do it! This is one of the tricks of dating site Russian scams.

2️⃣ Malicious link

It is one of the simpler Russian dating service scams, for which real people are not even needed – bots will do just fine. For example, you met and communicate, and the girl sends you a link to an application, game, or website. When you click on it, you either enter your data or, without knowing it, download malware. This is a version of phishing in the field of online dating.

❗️Remember: Never follow unfamiliar links so as not to endanger yourself!

3️⃣ Frank conversations

With this fraudulent scheme, potential “fans” living in another country come into contact with the victim. They are added as friends on several social networks. After a period of active courtship, the scammer invites the victim to talk on the webcam. The scammer’s camera “accidentally” is broken, while he showers the victim with compliments and, combining flattery with persistence, convinces the victim to partially undress or perform other frank actions. After that, the scammer says that he made a video recording of the conversation and threatens that he will share it with mutual friends on social networks or publish it on the Internet. The only way to avoid this is to pay.

❗️Remember: never chat with your webcam partner if they refuse to turn on the video!

4️⃣ Photo fraud

In this case, the scammer tries by all means to lure the victim’s contact details and personal information. They want to do it with intimate photos. For example, a girl asks you for the data she needs and in return offers to send her sexy photos. Only now they may be fakes because even a man can sit on the other side of the screen. This is one of the very popular types of Russian blacklist dating scam.

❗️Remember: in no case do not send your data to either the correspondence partners or the administration of the dating site!

5️⃣ “My phone is broken”

This is a very good scheme that scammers use to swindle money. For example, you talk for a long time with a cute Russian “bride” and you seem to start to like her. But then suddenly you receive an SMS that her smartphone is broken and you will no longer be able to communicate with her. And she has no other gadgets. Then desperate men are ready to do anything just not to lose communication with a beautiful lady. But in the end, they become victims of fraud.

❗️Remember: Do not transfer money to a girl until you have met her in real life and have established a close relationship.

Russian Dating Scams Blacklist: Follow These Rules to Avoid Unpleasure Consequences

In order not to fall for the hook of a scammer, you just need to follow the most basic security rules. Dating online is simple and effective, the main thing is to be attentive and careful. I have prepared for you some recommendations that will make your online communication with brides safe.

5 Rules to Avoid Dating Scam

Make your profile private. When registering, do not provide personal information such as phone number, where you are, bank accounts, etc.

Do not send explicit photos/videos to a stranger. You understand that everything that you send to the interlocutor can be used against you. Therefore, any intimate photos or SMS in the future may be the cause of blackmail.

Chat only on a dating site. Do not switch to other messengers. Fraudsters may deliberately try to lure you to other chat sites, as this will allow them to get to know you more and neglect security rules.

Get to know your interlocutor properly. Ask the girl with whom you communicate a lot of questions about her, if she tries to evade answers or you notice a discrepancy in her stories about herself, then most likely you are communicating with a fake.

Do not be fooled by the touching tricks of girls. Many men who were imbued with the false stories of women and requests to donate money for treatment or food became victims of scammers.

Russian Online Dating Scams: Choosing Reliable Service Without Fraud

Are Russian dating sites scams? No, of course not all. Perhaps choosing a reliable site is the key to creating safe dating without Russian internet dating scams. It is worth carefully considering different platforms and taking into account the key factors that a professional dating site should contain. Let’s figure out together how to choose a site and what to look for.

Explore the platform interface. You do not have to register on a dating site, some sites allow you to use some features without registering. Look at the design of the site, you need it to be pleasant for you because you will spend a lot of time looking for love. Also, the website should be user-friendly.

Read the reviews of the dating site. This helps a lot to figure out whether it is worth starting communication with brides on a particular platform. Often, you need to make the right decision based on reviews of other people, because they leave their honest opinion.

Pay attention to the services of the online platform. A good dating site should have many features that would allow you to effectively and efficiently communicate with girls.

How to choose dating site?

Consider the target audience of the site. By going to the online dating platform, you can see who its users are. Start the most basic search for a bride and, for example, go to the profile of one of them. Make sure there is her photo and information about yourself.

The age of the site is important. Usually, dating platforms that have been in operation for many years have improved security systems and offer the highest quality and most effective dating tools.


Online scams are pretty common in the online dating industry. The victims of thieves are naive and unrecognized users in this area. However, knowing all the rules and recommendations on how to avoid scams on the Internet, you can safely start dating safely and find your love.

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