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Polish Brides: Top Reasons to Choose, Dating Tips, and Pricing

Have you ever had an idea why some guys today flock to Poland to find their soulmate? What makes them look for Polish brides online and offline? Love outside their own country is special and worth praising. Western men sincerely appreciate and understand typical mail-order brides, and experience their body and soul beauty. 

I am a dating coach with 5+ years of expertise, and I want to share practical advice that could help you find love and happiness with Polish ladies.

Statistical Data

Average brides age23 y.o
Popular cities with perfect ladiesWarsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź, Wrocław,
Best dating sitesVictoriyaсlub.comLoveinchat.com
Divorce rate25%
Marriage success rate79%
Is it legal?Yes!
Average cost$400–$3,900

Why is Polish Mail Order Bride Worth Dating

Polish brides to order are very popular among Western men. I’m here to tell you a little secret about why these women are unique and an interesting option for marriage these days. They have significant characteristics and physical features, and I recommend you begin with them. Check out this information to make the right choices.


Polish girls attract the attention of men from different parts of the world, but Western men are most interested in mature Polish brides and can`t resist their beauty. Discover their captivating outer world with me. 

✔️ Polish ladies are exceptionally beautiful. The first thing you’ll notice is their resemblance to Germans. Their facial features are stunningly gorgeous, exotic, and charming. Young girls pay a lot of attention to their manicures, experimenting with color, design, and length of nails. 

✔️ Most girls have slender bodies and trim figures. But you should know that modern Poles are fans of the “body positive” movement. They gave up grueling workouts at the gym, eat whatever they like, and dress in comfortable clothing that perfectly emphasizes every detail, revealing the girls` character and personality. Some girls can walk around the supermarket in their pajamas, showing off their looseness, sexuality, and the curves of their waists.

✔️ Every Polish girl has her own pearl of beauty. I want to draw your attention to the fact that usually Polish women look a little older than girls of the same age in other countries. This is another highlight of these girls. Their posture immediately catches the eye. They have a bewitching gait, their shoulders are straightened, their backs are straight, and their waist is visible, which attracts the glances of men passing by.

Polish beauties

Character traits

Do you think the appearance of these lovely ladies is the only reason why you should get to know them? I will surprise you. Just look at the character traits that make them stand out from the rest. Here are some crucial character traits:

✔️ Polish brides are quite charismatic and self-confident. If you have been to Poland and talked with these beauties, then you understand what is at stake. Their level of self-confidence skyrockets. 80% of girls consider themselves overly attractive and sexy. In conversation, they do not hesitate to use such phrases as jestem mіoda, przybojowa, ubie podruїe, and ambitna. So do not be surprised if your soulmate tells you on the first date that she is hot, not insecure, and will achieve her goal at any cost.

✔️ Many brides from Poland are also really talented. On the street, it is easy to meet a girl with a musical instrument hurrying to a rehearsal. Their interests are so different and diverse. Isn’t it awesome to have a wife who sings in a choir, dances, or plays the guitar?

✔️ Polish women have lots of self-esteem. Their self-confidence and lack of complexity always distinguish girls in the crowd and among people of other nationalities.

✔️ Poles have religious qualities. It means you can always meet a modestly dressed girl on the street, who is heading to church. They honor traditions and family holidays, so you will always feel care and family warmth. Poles respect the importance of love, family values, and mutual understanding between partners. These ladies do not violate the boundaries between partners and appreciate the roles of men and women.

✔️ Polish girls are sincere and bribe the attention of men with their behavior. They smile a lot and are very friendly. Give a gift to a Polish woman, and you will hear words of gratitude and admiration from her all evening. But at the same time, mature Polish brides will never allow themselves insults in relation to their male interlocutor, if they have known each other not so long ago. 

Where to Meet Polish Brides: Mail Order Websites or Real Meeting?

You may meet your love in various ways online using social networks, Instagram, Facebook, and dating sites or offline by traveling to Poland, visiting the most common cities for dating Polish brides (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź, Wrocław). I suggest you compare online and offline options and choose the method that is easier, faster, and more affordable.

Offline Dating

The pandemic is receding, and we are returning to normal life, where there is a place for offline dating. Cafés, restaurants, cinemas, and other public places are open in Poland, so you should not give up the idea of meeting in real life. However, be prepared for the fact that you will be refused: after all, a person may not be interested in getting to know you.

To get to know someone, you should attend various events in Poland, especially in big cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław, and Poznan, you will find hundreds of places to meet travel lovers, comedy shows, music concerts, and outdoor walks.


It is the capital and largest city in Poland. If you are looking for a Polish bride, then this is the city where you can meet hundreds of attractive English-speaking Polish single girls on the streets and in cafés. There are some great places to look at in this city. For example, Stare Miasto, walking along its streets, you seem to find yourself in the Middle Ages. This is a popular place among locals and Polish heartthrobs. Don’t forget to visit Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy), which is also the central square of Warsaw and its hallmark. It is notable for the fact that in its center there is a column of Sigismund, and the entire eastern part of the square is occupied by the Royal Castle, which gave it its name.


It is another charming Polish city that has a lot to offer Western men. This is the educational center of Poland. Just think how many attractive and hot Polish students you can meet near university campuses. You can also visit the Muga and Thai Thai restaurants, Ice Bar, Hola Hola Bar, and the Rock Garaz pub –  you can drink and meet local girls, and of course, plunge into Poznan’s vibrant nightlife.

Look for opportunities, visit different places, and don’t be afraid to chat with native Polish speakers. If you can’t find a soul mate or a new friend right away, don’t despair – it may take some time, or move to an online option.

Online Dating

Online dating is very popular in Poland. Just google “darmowe randki” and you will find many online dating options.

Dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, or Bumble are also popular in Poland. A lot of people download them in the hope of finding a friend, companion, or marriage partner. These apps are good because they show free girls near you, you can sort them according to your preferences (selecting age, gender, and other qualities) and character traits.

Dating on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook has become increasingly popular in recent years. To successfully find a suitable Polish bride, you need to use the search and set filters (age, city of residence, etc.). Facebook offers its users hundreds of affinity groups and community pages, on Instagram you will find accounts for English speakers in Poland. There you can find out not only the latest news but also new friends.

Polish dating sites with free registration and hundreds of profiles of gorgeous Polish brides dating. You don’t need to spend too much time and money—the whole process is very straightforward. And if you sign up for a paid subscription, then the functionality of such sites and the possibilities for dating will increase and amaze you. Among popular websites are Victoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com, etc.

What is Better: Offline Dating or Polish Bride Websites?

Well, what is better: meetings and dating in real life or online correspondence that can turn into real love and passion? This is one of the main issues that bother single people when looking for a soul mate. Okay, the answer is very simple. It all depends on your preference, but I’ve put together a few pros and cons here to make it easier for you to make your choice.

Polish Bride Cost: How Much to Pay?

The price you will pay for online Polish brides dating is not a secret. Understanding the financial aspects will help you think through your dating strategy in the right way. Your costs will depend on the type of online or offline dating. I am going to demonstrate to you 2 types of costs if you want to find wonderful Polish women.

Online Cost

Talking about online Polish brides marriage, you should include the following costs:

Dating site services. Dating sites most often offer two payment options for their services. When buying a membership, you may be offered options from basic to premium. The cost of services is available to any user because you can choose a tariff plan according to your pocket. On average, a one-month subscription will range from $10 to $50.

The second way to chat with Polish girls is to buy credits on a dating site. Such loans cost from 1 to 5 dollars depending on the activity (chat, video messages, audio correspondence). 

Communication tools. Communication with Polish mail-order brides should not be boring. To diversify it, some dating sites offer to use paid features: video chat, sending audio messages, etc. The average check for a man who uses all possible tools will be about $50-$70 dollars per month.

Sending gifts. This tool is common on dating sites, it is not required, but thanks to this you can attract the girl’s attention and win her heart. Dating sites offer all sorts of gift options, from a couple-dollar teddy bear to the latest iPhone.

Additional expenses. Some dating sites offer such options as access to contact information and private photos of Polish girls. All of these services require an additional fee that you must include in your costs.

Offline Cost

Best Tips to Win Beautiful Polish Brides

There is nothing to worry about the way how to impress Polish mail brides and make them feel special to you. Act adequately and respectfully to create a special connection. Follow these tips to show your charisma and win her heart.

Be decisive. Don’t wait for the girl to text you first, and take the initiative. Take the first step towards your dream. Start a conversation, tell her about yourself, invite her to the cinema or for a walk if you are in Poland.

Don’t be afraid to open up. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself and be sincere. A single Polish woman will appreciate your sincerity and desire to win her trust. Be honest with her, don’t exaggerate or embellish.

Be gallant. Girls love gentlemen with good manners. Do you want to conquer the Polish girl? Don’t forget compliments. The girl will be pleased to see such signs of attention. In addition, by demonstrating manners, you will emphasize the seriousness of your intentions.

If these tips are not enough for you, you can always take the advice of experienced experts. Just watch the video of my colleagues.


What Do Sexy Polish Brides Look for: Men who Sincerely Appreciate and Love them, or Financial Gain?

Polish women are sympathetic, and caring, they are great wives and friends. Most of them register on dating sites in search of a special man who will love, appreciate, and support them. If you are wondering what is more important for these girls – love or money, just take a look at these profiles of charming Polish brides.

Name: Helena

Age: 24 y.o

City: Warsaw

My desire: “Here I would like to meet new people, for friendship and relationships or just for a pleasant conversation. For me, the age or status of a man is not important, first of all, it is important for me that it is easy for me to be with a man.”

Name: Inna

Age: 30 y.o

City: WarsawMy desire: “I am looking for a brave, kind, loyal man. The one who understands that life can be different, and he is always ready for the unexpected. It would be foolish to look for ideals, so I need a person who first of all respects himself, does not lie and does not play games, manipulating others.”

Name: Paulinka

Age: 25 y.o

City: Bydgoszcz

My desire: “Most of all, I love the tradition, when the father leads the bride to the future husband and to the altar.

I hope one man from this site will really be this man beside the altar, who will be ready to be with me in joy and sorrow, who will be experienced, smart, and protective, supportive and kind, loving and passionate, knowing how to show affection, when we are alone, and true partnership, when we are in public.”

What Qualities Do Polish Mail Order Brides Look for in Men?

As an expert in human psychology and a dating coach, I would like to draw your attention to the most important things that attract busty Polish brides to Western men. Of course, mail order bride polish will be pleased with compliments, gifts, and your attention. But those who see you as a future husband want you to show these qualities:

My Expert Opinion

Do not be afraid to show your interest in a girl of a different nationality. Love is a bright and unforgettable feeling that can break out between you and a Polish girl. Getting her attention and winning her heart is not as difficult as it seems. 

Learn more about the girl, show your interest, and be gallant, and sincere. Demonstrate your feelings, humor, spontaneity, and generosity, but do not be too intrusive. Trust me, if you try to find your soulmate on a dating site and don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to meet a Polish bride online, you will feel her care, love, and devotion.


Are Polish mail order brides real?
Yes, you can find real girls who want to meet their true love or at least a friend. There are so many options to do that by using dating sites` tools.
Where can I find Polish bride for marriage?
You may meet your love in various ways online using social networks, Instagram, Facebook, dating sites or offline by traveling to Poland, visiting the most common cities for dating Polish brides (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź, Wrocław). Polish dating sites with free registration and hundreds of profiles of gorgeous girls are so popular among Western men. The most popular websites are Victoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com.
What is Polish mail bride cost?
Of course, any man who wants to have a relationship with a Polish bride needs to know about the cost. All this depends on the way you choose – online or offline dating. The average price of online dating could vary from $100 to $1500.
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