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Bulgarian Brides: Why to Choose and How to Find Pretty Singles 

Bulgaria is not a popular place to look for a soulmate. As a dating coach, I can tell you that this opinion is wrong. It is a country where you will find thousands of beautiful, mind-blowing women who are ready to form a strong alliance with Western men. 

So that my words do not sound like empty promises, I have prepared an extensive guide about who Bulgarian brides online are and how to win their hearts. So, follow it, and then the relationship in the family will not spoil after a couple of years of living together and not turn into a dry routine from which you turn and want to run away.

Go on a romantic journey with an overview of the best qualities of Bulgarian brides and the places where you can meet these charming girls. 

What statistics say

Average brides age27 y.o.
Popular cities with perfect ladiesSofia, Plovdiv, Varna
Best dating siteVictoriyaсlub.com
Divorce rate18%
Marriage success rate82%
Is it legal?Yes!
Average cost$1000–$3500

Bulgarians are girls endowed with exotic beauty, family-oriented, and ready to be the best for their Western man. That is why the number of girls who submit their candidacy to marriage agencies is only increasing with each Goth. Statistics show that at the age of 25, these girls are ready to become loving wives and caring mothers. 

Thousands of single Americans have already been able to appreciate their passionate bodies, spectacular facial features, wonderful sense of humor, and selfless care and love. 

Here are some more striking statistical facts about these girls:

  • Bulgarians get married at 25-29. This age rank is consistent with U.S. statistics.
  • Because of the 2021 pandemic, the number of Bulgarian brides has dropped by almost 50%. While 70 Bulgarians were formally married to Americans in 2019, the number in 2021 was only 35 happy couples. 
  • The divorce rate averages 18%. Only 1 in 10 girls filed for divorce in 2021 and had a child from a second marriage. 

Finding the right candidate is not always easy, but I assure you that Bulgarian brides are worth the time. 

Top Reasons for the Great Popularity of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides 

Of course, if you have found your true and lasting love in Bulgaria, you wonder what these girls look like. It is difficult for me to single out something that will show how amazing they are. But I have tried to do it as best I can and reveal some features of their looks that I think will sweep you off your feet when you first meet them.

I’ll state right away: none of them look like the average girl, and they’re all completely different. But if you find yourself in a crowd of these beauties, you will still notice at least one feature of the looks I am talking about.

The Best Things About Their Appearance

The appearance of Bulgarian girls is quite peculiar. But by no means I don`t want to say that they are not beautiful. There is a zest in their appearance, they are unique, I’m not afraid of that word. Many Western men genuinely admire them and want to win their hearts. 

Height and build 

More often than not you will not find tall girls on the streets of Bulgaria. The average height is a little more than one and a half meters. 

They have a very fragile and graceful physique, thin wrists, narrow shoulders, and perfect ankles. Their lean and petite figure persists even into old age. Girls are practically not prone to fullness while adoring fast food and all kinds of sweets.

I’m not sure that the main feature by which the Bulgarian brides are chosen is their magnificent breasts. But I assure you, breast augmentation surgery in Bulgaria is really very popular. So it is not surprising that you will find among them a beauty with a lush bust. If such a feature is important to you, then you are on the right path in your search for a bride. 

Another feature that catches the eye is the short legs. Girls have already learned how to visually increase them thanks to high heels. However, many men do not consider short legs a disadvantage, and properly chosen clothes only emphasize this feature.

Hair and Face

As for the face, it definitely has something to surprise you. The gorgeous hair of Bulgarian women is long, silky, and thick. Most often girls prefer to wear curls, which develop in the wind, giving them extra charm and glamour. The strands are dark or dark brown. Since the girls are watching their appearance and often visit hairdressers, then you can easily find among them blondes. But there are no redheads among Bulgarians. 

There are many girls with brown, gray, and green eyes in Bulgaria. But to find beauty with light eyes will be very difficult. The same rarity will be the Bulgarian with skin as light as sour cream. They do not use tanning products. Because of the climate, girls tan easily and this tan lasts a very long time. So they are all swarthy with round faces, massive chins, and sharp cheekbones. Nowadays, this type of appearance is in fashion, so this is another reason to think about how to still meet these extraordinary girls.

Bulgarian Bride
Key Features

Why Foreign Men Love The Inner World of Bulgarian Girls for Marriage? 

If you like the looks of the Bulgarians, it’s time to get to know their most notable character traits. After all, it is important to understand what you can expect from these girls in a relationship. Here are some things that will characterize their inner world and character better than ever: 

Hard-working and not afraid of work

These girls love to cook delicious food and know how to create home comfort. But for all their love for this business, they do not forget about work. They do not set a goal to devote themselves to the household. For these women, it is significant to strike a happy medium. It is important to combine family and work. Therefore, many get an education and try to realize themselves in some sphere. 

Sociable and friendly girls

Becoming the center of attention at a party will not be difficult for her. Bulgarian girls just love to talk and easily find common ground in any company, during any conversation. When you talk to her, you will feel attention, respect, and a desire to speak only to you. 

Not in a hurry to get married

Perhaps someone will take this as a disadvantage, but I am sure that it is one of the best qualities one can have. There is even a certain rule in Bulgaria that says it is the woman who chooses her future husband, not the other way around. Girls do not want to get married at 20 and believe that the best age for this is between 27 and 30 years old. By this time, a girl can get a good education, find a job, and have a good life experience, which will help her communicate with her man. They believe that this way, their family will be strong and respect for each family member will be maintained for years to come. 

Kind and sincere

Another very good trait of their character is kindness and sincerity. Sometimes you will be surprised at how easy it is with these girls, how subtly they can feel their partner, to know what to say to him in a difficult moment. These girls never judge others, try to see only the best in people, and are positive about everything that happens to them. 

Best Bulgarian Women Mail Order Brides You Can Find

Bulgaria is a sunny country, and the girls are just as bright and resplendent. Men from the U.S. and European countries do not cease to be interested in these ladies. They are very popular. Perhaps seeing a few profiles of Bulgarian brides as an example will ignite inside you even more interest in these charming creatures.

meet Bulgarian lady

Gabi, 23

Bulgarian girl

Izabella, 22

Bulgarian wife

Willow, 31

Bulgarian Brides for Sale: What is The Best Way to Buy Mail Order Women

There are only two ways to meet Bulgarian brides marriage that you can pick up. Online dating is very popular, but offline dating also has its advantages. I will dwell on each option to clarify the situation. 

Offline dating with Bulgarian women

Offline dating is a good opportunity to meet a person and see how he or she really is. It gives you an opportunity to understand how comfortable you are together and to assess the person’s character, behavior, and manner of conversation. 

dating in real life

You can hear the voice, talk to each other, and understand if the partner is suitable for you and if you are ready for another meeting. You don’t need to make something up about yourself, you can be natural, and romantic; pay attention to your partner and even compliments sound completely different when you meet in person. 

Bulgaria is a country where you can meet beautiful girls at every turn. Here are a few of the most common options that are sure to work.

City Center

Start your little tour of finding Bulgarian girls to marry by visiting the most common squares in the city. In Sofia, it’s Batenberg Square, in Plovdiv stroll through Central Square, and in Varna run into Independence Square. The main advantage of these places is that there are many people, namely pretty Bulgarians. Show some initiative, pretend to be a tourist, and ask one girl you like to tell you something about the place. 

By the Sea 

Fly to Bulgaria at the height of the beach season. In summer, all the beaches are crowded, because girls from all over the country come here to sunbathe and bask in the scorching sand under the rays of the sun. Swim in the Black Sea and be sure to have an affair with a beautiful stranger. 

Bars and Restaurants

No matter the size of the city, you’ll find a small bar or cozy restaurant at every turn. Look around and there’s bound to be a single girl in the crowd. Buy her a cocktail and invite her for a walk through the narrow streets to get to know you better. 

Online Dating & Its Pros

The main advantage of online dating is the large selection of candidates. Now thousands of sites offer the opportunity to choose a bride from thousands of kilometers away. You can look through hundreds of profiles and choose the girl who will meet your expectations and tastes. You can chat simultaneously with several girls and not worry about being accused of cheating.  

 Online Dating & Its Pros

Online dating is an effective way that does not require an investment of money. Sure, you can splurge on buying a paid subscription to get the most out of your dating site. But even these costs are not comparable to what you would spend if you flew to Bulgaria. 

You may learn more information about a person than you can during a normal conversation. And before you contact a woman, you should always go over her profile, hair color, habits, personality, and what she expects from dating on the site. This will save you a lot of time. If you see something you’re not satisfied with, you move on to the next profile. 

Of course, the choice between these two options depends on your individual preferences and goals. If your main goal is to find out more information about a person before you meet her in real life, then online is the best option. If you are only attracted to a face-to-face meeting – then offline dating is exactly what you were looking for. 

Bulgarian Bride: What She Expects From You

I won’t surprise you now. Every girl dreams of a prince on a white horse who will show his care, respect, and love. In this case, Bulgarian brides are no exception. I don’t want your meeting to be stressful for you because I understand that just knowing their character is not enough to make it yours. Foreigner buying Bulgarian brides should consider such tips: 

  • Be aware of the fact that Bulgarian girls never show up on time for dates. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have a few minutes to spare because of this habit of theirs. Never be late, and be ready to meet her at the entrance of the restaurant and seat her at a table. 
  • Show interest and respect for her family. Show that you are interested in who does what and where they work. Ask questions about her childhood and about people close to her. This way, you show that you are a good listener, that you are an attentive and caring partner who can always give her attention. 
  • Respect her opinion. Never make a choice for her, even if it’s just a coffee choice. Give her time to think and pick what she really likes. 
  • Don’t drink a lot of alcohol. A couple of glasses of wine will be enough. The main thing to remember is that Bulgarian brides free have an aversion to men who don’t know when to stop drinking alcohol.

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: A Successful End to Online Dating

The touching stories of online dating that end in marriage are always shining examples of how dreams come true. I want to tell a couple of powerful stories from my experience as a dating coach. These relationships started slowly, but the outcome is amazing.

David and Camila

marriage with Bulgarian girl

I remember our first correspondence with my wife. What captivated me then was how open and friendly the mature Bulgarian brides were. My wife-to-be had problems with the English language, it was not perfect, and we communicated through an interpreter. But even that didn’t stop me from understanding what a sincere and reliable person Bulgarian mail order bride is. We have been married for three years. We moved to the US last year. She was raised to be a wonderful person, a caring and loving wife. I am sure she will be a wonderful mom.

Charlie and Gaby

happy couple

I had never heard of older Bulgarian brides and Bulgarian brides agency services before I met my wife. A friend of mine advised me to sign up with a dating service after my second failed marriage. I am glad I listened to him at the time. I have known my wife for over 5 years, and we have been married for almost 4 years. Believe me, I know what I’m saying, these girls are great. I feel so comfortable with her, she understands me and supports me. I want to live my whole life with her and be a reliable support and backbone for her.

No wonder there are such romantic stories. Bulgarian mail order bride is in demand by men. You will be lucky if she pays attention to you and wants to communicate. You won’t regret it if you decide to write to her, because by becoming your wife she will:

  • Support you in all situations. Even if you find yourself in a very difficult situation, she will always support you and help you with advice. These girls are very smart and wise. In any crisis moment, she will be on your side.
  • Bulgarian brides are very loyal. They will do everything possible to save the marriage. Even if you have arguments or passing infatuations, Bulgarian Brides will solve the problem and not ruin your relationship. 
  • She always shares your interests. Bulgarian girls have their own opinions, but that doesn’t stop them from supporting you. They will be on the same page as you, thinking like you, and anticipating your actions. She will always take care of her appearance so as not to disappoint you and give you only positive emotions.

Expert Opinion on Bulgarian Male Order Brides

To conclude my guide to who Bulgarian brides are, I want to say the following. These girls are made for Western men. They don’t stop looking for a partner just to follow them, registering on dating sites expecting to find their man. So they can live a happy life with him. They are ready to selflessly love, respect, and care for their partner. So that they will never be lonely and unhappy again.


Can I buy bride in Bulgaria?
Yes, you can come to one of the resort towns to find the right bride for you, or you can use the services of dating sites.
Can foreigners marry in Bulgaria?
Registration of marriage in Bulgaria between foreign citizens and Bulgarians is possible. You will need to have permission to stay in the country, not be married to another person, and to give informed consent to the marriage.
Which countries sell brides?
Now girls from almost every country in the world are registering on dating sites and becoming mail-order brides. On the sites, you can use the filter to find girls from the country you like.
What is the tradition of the Bulgarian wedding?
Weddings in Bulgaria are modern, but there are some interesting facts. For example, during the engagement, the bride, and groom exchange special rings, which must be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.
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