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Online Dating in Russia. Official Statistics, Analytics & Trends

If you are trying to find the easiest way to meet a girl the concept of online dating is perfect. Thanks to technological development we get an opportunity to reach out to different people and create connections. One of the most popular activities online is Russian dating as there is a large number of beautiful Slavic women that are looking for international relationships.

Russian Online Dating

According to data, there are 7.1m dating services users in 2020. The field revenue is over $80m. And that are numbers that we get in the context of the worldwide pandemic.

Russian Dating services stats

Online dating has become significantly more popular in more recent years, following the rise of technology and the Internet all over the world and our growing reliance on technology to navigate our daily lives. Online dating has become less stigmatized, and a popular tool used to meet people, especially in Russia.

Many people are wondering, why Russian dating is so popular? One of the main reasons for Russian dating to remain one of the most occupied niches online is the value of family and loyalty for most Slavic women.

Girls from Russia, Ukraine, and other Slavic countries prefer to participate in serious relationships only and you should have that in mind, especially if your goal online is casual communication with a bit of fun, as on Russian dating sites there are mostly women with serious intentions. 

Another curious feature of Russian online dating is that Russian dating websites are full of ladies in the early twenties. The thing is that Russian girls tend to get married quite early as they find it one of the most important life goals to achieve, so they don’t waste their time and join an online dating community to find a decent western man.

As you can see from diagram in the year 2019 a share of 66.7% of users is 25-34 years old, which means you have a great chance to meet a lovely, young, attractive Russian girl.

Russian Dating sites users by age

If you want to try Russian online dating you should bear in mind that Slavic dating culture is way too different compared to the Western one. As you may know, the Tinder app is among the trendiest world’s applications for online datings, which most of the western people use to have fun, whereas Russian girls use this app to find a life partner.

Still, Tinder isn’t that popular in Russia so we wouldn’t recommend you use it for Russian dating but find a more specific platform that designed particularly for dating in Russia. 

One of the hottest trends in online dating in Russia are dating sites. According to the data, the number of users in Russian online dating is expected to amount to 8.7m by 2024. So as you can see, niche development is quite fast, that is because of the high demand for international relationships.

Russian dating sites users amount

Leading Russian Dating Site

VictoriyaClub - russian dating site

To become a participant in this niche and achieve your goal using the most effective tools, we recommend using proven sources and websites, such as the VictoriyaClub website. There are several aspects of this online dating website’s success.

The first thing that makes the VictoriyaClub website head and shoulders above other Russian dating sites is its functional capacity. There is a super-precise search tool that features tons of criteria for the most accurate results that help you to save lots of time and effort by reaching out to the most appropriate candidates only. 

Another reason to use the VictoriyaClub website for Russian dating is a wide range of communication tools. You get access to the video chat feature, talk chat, direct messages. You can send a gift or even arrange a meeting in real-life using the assistance of the VictoriyaClub team.

Speaking of assistance, all the popular and reputable online dating sites feature 24/7 support.

Unlike mobile dating apps support, these guys provide more than regular technical support but also can help to set up a meeting and even help to understand some of the cultural aspects about Slavic women and Russian dating in general. 

Other Russian Dating Options

russian girl

If you are not really into a serious relationship but still want to enjoy casual communication with Russian girls that use popular dating apps. Among the best dating apps in Russia, you can find the Galaxy app, LovePlanet, and the ParkFace. 

No matter what service you use for Russian online dating the most important thing to keep in mind that Russian and other Slavic women require a special approach.

In addition to examining official statistics and trends in online dating, sink into the Slavic culture specificities, since your awareness of Russian girls’ values and preferences is the key to a successful Russian online dating.

How to Date a Russian Woman

man and girl

Dating a Russian girl suggests following a certain dating attitude. You may say love has no rules something like that, however, as you have already discovered, ladies in Russia are different from all the western girls, so you should consider following our tips when targeting Russian Girls.

One of the hottest trends in Russian dating is to make the first move. These girls expect a potential partner to be chivalry so it is better for you to provide any Russian girl with such treatment. Do not consider her “no” as a rejection, just keep in mind that Russian girls enjoy attention man fighting for them.  

To wrap this up, we want to stress out that Russian dating is not for those who prefer long-distance relationships. Women in Russia are looking for fast-developing relationships that will lead them to the happy end, what the marriage is for most of them. 

Here is also top 5 reasons to marry a Russian woman.

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