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How to Win the Heart of a Russian Woman?

There is no need to conduct a survey to find out what the girls expect from a man. Ask any lady how to win a woman, and she will give you a representative list of the most attractive qualities for the majority of the fair sex:

  • pleasant appearance
  • ability to keep the conversation going
  • desire to earn money
  • politeness and gallantry
  • good sense of humour
  • patience for women’s whims
  • tireless in bed

We all strive for the ideal, and fall in love with faulty people, with all the pluses and minuses. Therefore, it is not possible to take the generally accepted demands of girls too seriously, but it is quite possible to learn something from them. We have summarized all of them and made a general conclusion about how to win the heart of a Russian girl.

How to win the heart of a Russian girl

Mutual care

Mutual care is the basis of a healthy relationship. Russian women adore when they are treated like a treasure. Such behavior on the part of a man significantly raises the chance for success of further development of relations. A girl who is treated in this way will be reciprocated in 90% of cases. And you will feel like a real gentleman, a master of the situation and a kind benefactor. Your lady’s grateful eyes will say a lot.

Never be rude

Suppose you are not a prince on a white horse, but you just must show respect, restrain aggression and not be rude. It is one of the most essential requirements for men, which must be strictly followed.

Do not be lazy

Lazy men do not have much success with Russian women. Many young people dream of marrying an oligarch. But in reality, they are looking for at least those men on whom they can rely on difficult situations.

Think for yourself how many worries an average Russian woman takes on her shoulders:

  • coziness in the house
  • cooking
  • child and husband care
  • job

Therefore, ladies and choose hard-working guys with the desire to go up the hill. These are the key points that Russian girls pay attention to when choosing a partner. Of course, there is love at first sight, when ladies lose their heads from a handsome man. But relationships based on momentary sympathy are unlikely to last long. Therefore, you need to develop in the right directions, and you will be successful with any girl.

How to win the heart of a Russian woman

How to start working on yourself

Many guys imagine girls as flighty creatures with an almost complete lack of logic. Of course, there are such individuals, but most Russian girls just want to find love, tenderness and the notorious “wall”, behind which she can hide from the real problems. You need to work on yourself, and the question of how to charm a Russian woman naturally will not arise. Each man has the qualities of a defender and sensual macho, so you need to learn to pull them out. If you just can not find a soul mate or a relationship ends even without having time to start, pay attention to the following aspects:

Personal care

No matter how sexy handsome you are, ignoring the rules of personal hygiene will turn any woman away from you. Three-day stubble may look arbitrarily sexy, but practice shows that feeling it on the delicate female skin is akin to the thorns of a cactus. Do not throw away the deodorant and shower gel, donated by colleagues on February 23, use them for their intended purpose, and you will be happy.

The ability to say compliments

Every Russian girl wants to feel like a queen in the company of a close man. It is so pleasant to feel the admiring glance, accompanied by gracious words addressed to you. It is essential to be able to celebrate the features of a lady in a conversation. If she changed her hairstyle or picked up a new shade of lipstick, a man needs to confirm these changes with a compliment verbally. Firstly, it will emphasize that you are attentive to the passion, and secondly, it will relax the girl and give her confidence in her irresistible.

Intellectual development

It is not necessary to be a rocket scientist to achieve a Russian woman. But it will not be unusual to communicate with an absolutely illiterate man. Yes, even fool girls prefer that the guy was smart and could pull them up in the field of erudition. Therefore, try to keep abreast of current news, latest innovations and read at least sometimes classical literature. Such activities will help you not only in communication with girls but also in life in general.

The ability to overcome life difficulties

The daily bustle and unstable situation in the country have a significant impact on the emotional sphere of both boys and girls. How to win the heart of a Russian woman? Give her confidence in the future and say that everything will be fine more often. After all, it is essential for ladies to lean on a strong-spirited man. If you can not calm a Russian woman in an awkward moment and support her in time, it will be difficult for her to get along with you. Learn how to find solutions in difficult life situations and psychologically smooth out troubles, and Russian girls will definitely appreciate this.

High-quality humor

Unfunny jokes can disappoint a girl, even if you are a handsome man. The ability to laugh is not given to everyone. Therefore, if you feel that this area is your weak point, observe for humorous statements. Some guys can easily fall in love with a woman with one successful joke. Watch the performances of fashionable comedians, subscribe to the online newsletter of the funny public posts you like and draw inspiration from there.

Carefully introduce jokes into communication with the woman and watch her reaction. If you develop these qualities in yourself, then undoubtedly many Russian girls will like it. Do not think how to subjugate a woman; look for ways to interest her. The ability to show yourself from a favorable angle will help in any field, but it is especially important to present yourself correctly when you want to get a Russian girl.

Many guys have a pleasant appearance and outstanding intelligence but do not know how to subdue a woman. And some at first glance, nondescript men can get the heat of any sultry beauty. These guys know the secrets of seduction.

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