What types of Russian visas are now given to foreigners?

If you admire Russian culture and history or maybe you dream about meeting with a Russian beauty-girl, you should add this country to your travel list. Naturally, you have to think about your visit in advance. Here comes the question of obtaining a visa.

The list of countries with that Russia has simplified visa relations, includes only a few dozens of states. Citizens of the other countries, not included in this list, need a visa to cross the border of the Russian Federation. It is a special document that allows you to travel freely across the border, and legally stay within the country. The validity of such permits depends on their category and status.
There are the following types of Russian visas issued to foreigners if they want to visit Russia:

  • Diplomatic
  • Service visa
  • Private
  • Business
  • Tourist
  • Study visa
  • Work visa
  • Humanitarian (visit with a cultural mission, sport, science, religion, etc.)
  • Asylum seeker (visa for people seeking a political asylum in Russia)
  • Transit visa
  • Temporary resident visa

How can I get a visa to Russia?

The process of obtaining visas of different types is similar in different countries, but there are also differences. In order to get a visa to Russia, you need to submit to the Embassy of Russia a package of documents and to fill in an application form, as well as to pay the visa fee. You can check the list of documents online, choose an appointment date and fill in the form.

What type of visa do I need?

In this article we are going to tell you about the most popular types of visa for foreigners. They are the following:

  • Tourist visa ( It is a type of a regular visa)

Ordinary tourist visa gives you the right to stay for a short period of time in Russia, in order to visit the sights of the country. Period of validity of the visa is from 1 to 30 days, depending on your plans during your stay. This is the best option if you want to see the sights of the country or to visit a friend or relatives.  Remember that this type of visa can be extended only in case of your illness.

Most often, the Embassy issues a single-entry tourist visa. This means that you can enter and leave Russia only one time.

  • Business visa  (One more type of regular visa)

An ordinary business visa permits you to stay in Russia for the purpose of doing business, participating in events as a foreign specialist, solving any kind of business problem or taking part in conferences or seminars. Business visa is a multi-entry visa. That means that you can come and go many times, but you will be allowed to stay in the country for longer than 90 days every half year.

  • Transit visa

Transit visa is issued for foreign citizens in cases if they plan to cross the territory Russia, going to another country. The duration of stay cannot exceed 10 days.

This visa is needed ONLY in case of a transit stay in the territory of Russia. This means that you do not need a transit visa if you do no leave the airport during your transfer. But it is required if you arrive at one airport in Moscow and you need to transfer to another airport in Moscow or maybe you need to stay within the country for a couple of days, waiting for your flight to the place of destination.

  • Private Visa

An ordinary private visa gives you the right to enter the territory of Russia in order to visit friends or family living in Russia. Also you can be a guest of foreign officials who are currently in Russia. This type of visa can be issued in special cases, such as the death of a relative in Russia. The duration of stay is up to 90 days. But we do not recommend it because it takes a long time to get. In addition, it requires a personal visit of the immigration officer to a citizen of Russia, who is a receiving party.

If you want visit relatives or travel around the country, we advise you to apply for an ordinary tourist visa instead of a private one. It’s easier, faster and cheaper.

  • Working visa for foreigners

If you want to work in Russia, you need a work visa. With this visa, you can get a position in any company. There are no restrictions, but you have to get an invitation from the employer before the trip. The validity of a work visa can be from one to three years. It is a multi-entry visa. But in case of leaving the company that was issued an invitation, the visa is cancelled.

  • Student visa

An ordinary student visa gives you the right to stay in Russia for a long time in order to study at a Russian University or other accredited educational establishment. Keep in mind that this visa is valid for only one year. But every year it must be extended for 1 more year at the local immigration office until you finish your study.

As you see, the type of a visa depends on the purpose of your visit. We recommend you to be very careful with your documents and never trust your passport to a second party. If you want to use the services of the legal agencies that help with visas and immigration process, you should choose only high-reputed ones. Don’t be a victim of a cheater. And remember, in case of any problems or danger to your life and health, you must immediately contact the Embassy or Consulate of your country on the territory of Russia.

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